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This is not the complete question paper. This post contains the question headers from the AILET LLM entrance question paper from AILET 2015, which included the AILET PG 2015 Test conducted by NLU Delhi. The complete question paper + the official answer key and 100 practice mock tests based on the latest syllabus are available for registered users of practice packs.

# Distribution of various things to various persons in proportion to their personal dignity. Which doctrine is reflected by the statement?

# According to Hobbes, the ultimate objective of law and sovereign power is to

# Who has written the book titled of “The Vocation of Our Age for Legislation and Jurisprudence”?

# Who among the following is the chief exponent of the English historical school of law?

# Match the following works with their authors.
List 1:
A. Charles Darwin
B. Karl Marx
C. Rudolph von hiring
D. John Austin

List 2:
(i) The communist manifesto
(ii) The province of Jurisprudence
(iii) Origin of Species
(iv) Las as a Means to an End

# Every legal system comprises of series of norms in order of rank with supposition that there is a great norm which give legal validity to other norms in hierarchy. The norm was termed by Kelson.

# Match the names of the jurists with as their opinions of jurisprudence.
List 1:
A. The study and systematic arrangement of the general principles
B. Layers Extra version
C. Science of the first principles of the civil law
D. The Scientific synthesis of the essential principles of the law

List 2:
i. Julius Stone
ii. Keeton
iii. Allen
iv. Salmond

# The term ‘Dominium’ means

# Stammer’s opinion of law reflects its

# The term ‘Eunomics’ used by Lon Fuller, he defines as

# Finnis has established relation of natural law with other subjects. Such list contains subjects.

# Who is the supporter of ‘social contract theory’?

# Defence against external aggression is a

# Who among the following supports the theory that Judges make the law?

# Which is not the safeguard against the delegated legislation?

# Relationship between law and morals can be established as

# Law provides Indemnity is a perfect example of

# ‘International law is the vanishing point of jurisprudence.’ Statement made by

# According to Salmond, a perfect duty is one

# Power of making treaty is conferred upon

# The writ of mandamus would be issued when there is failure to

# India borrowed the idea of incorporating fundamental right in the Constitution from :

# Money Bill can be introduced in

# What can be the maximum interval between the two sessions of each House of parliament?

# Which of the following states has separate constitution

# India is Republic because

# Rescission of contract means

# On accepting a proposal, it becomes a

# Caveat Emptor means

# When goods are put on display with a price tag attached to them it is said to be

# According to the law of contract, considerations and objects are unlawful

# For the enforcement of any of the Fundamental Rights

# The power of the president of India to issue an ordinance is a

# The clemency of capital punishment may be granted by

# Hussainara Khatoon V. state of Bihar was the case where supreme court
A. directed release of all under trials who were in jail for periods longer than maximum term of imprisonment for which they could be sentenced if convicted of the offence charged
B. exhorted the state governments to establish more criminal courts to ensure speedy trial of under trials

# Organization of village panchayats is contained in

# National Capital Territory of Delhi has been constituted by

# Section 32 B in IPC which was added by Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013. refers to

# Who will inquest the suicidal death of woman within seven years of marriage?

# Which of the following is Montesquieu work?

# Concern of volksgeist was propounded by

# Who have the theory of sovereignty for the first time in a proper sense?

# An evidence obtained by improper or unlawful means is

# in relation to First Information Report, which of the following statements is not correct?

# Where a case relates to two or more offences of which at least one is cognizable and others non-cognizable

# Actus reus means

# A, an officer of a court of justice was ordered to arrest Y by the court. He arrests Z after due inquiry believing Z to be Y

# A in his madness, attempts to kill B. B hits A with an iron road seriously injuring him

# A instigates B to murder C. B stabbed C but C recovers from the wound.

# A self-styled expert in family planning gave B some chemical after the consumption of which the child in the womb of B died in the womb.

# Z takes away a gold chain of his wife which was given by her father as stridhan, without her consent, and pledges it to raise money for domestic use. Z is

# Goods under sale of goods includes

# Goods are said to be in deliverable state when they are in such state that

# According to Indian Contract Act, in which of the following situation an agreement in restraint of trade is valid?

# The plaintiff, a one-eyed man, employed by the defendants, was working in conditions involving some risk of eye injury but the likelihood of injury was not sufficient of call upon the defendants to provide goggles as to a normal two-eyed workman. The plaintiff was injured in the eye while working. The defendants are

# Law of torts have developed mainly through

# Two strangers took lift in a jeep. A bolt fixing the right front wheel to the axle gave way toppling the jeep. Two strangers were thrown out and one of them died of injuries and the other sustained injuries.

# The doctrine ‘rest ipsa loquitur’ does not apply

# Sampling is based on

# identify odd thing out

# Directive principles are

# Find the odd one out

# Which of the following writs is issued by an appropriate judicial forum in order to free a person who is illegally detained?

# Which Article of the Constitution gives Governor Power to grant pardon in certain cases?

# As per Article 274 of Constitution, whose prior recommendation is required to Bills affecting taxation in which states are interested

# A man ran to a lake stating that he would jump in it but he was caught before he could reach it. He is guilty of

# In which of the following way the right of stoppage in transit cannot be exercised be the unpaid seller?

# Quit India movement was declared by the Indian National Congress in Mumbai Session of AICC on

# The Preamble of our Constitution proclaims that “We, the people of India, have established”

# The term of President of India is for

# Give correct response

# Rajya Sabha has a term of

# Representatives of Union Territories in Lok Sabha are chosen by

# parliament consists of

# In case of Concurrent List both Union and state legislatures may make laws, but in case of conflict

# Who is the first law officer of the Government of India

# When case is related to Promissory Estoppel?

# Plaintiff, a bullion merchant, was arrested by the police on a charge of purchasing stolen goods. Gold and silver ornaments were seized from the plaintiff and kept in the police station custody; the duty constable appropriated the gold ornaments and escaped to a foreign country. The plaintiff after being acquitted brought an action against theState for compensation In this case compensation is

# The plaintiff, a lady visitor to a restaurant, was injured by the ceiling fan which fell on her. The reason for the falling of fan was a latent defect in the metal of the suspension rod of the fan. In an action against the defendant, he is

# Assertion (A): A person can claim damages, if he has sustained any loss monetary or otherwise
Reason (R): Where there is infringement of a legal right, law will allow compensation.

# Assertion (A): He who keeps ferocious animals keeps it at his peril.
Reason (R): It is not wrongful to keep a ferocious animal, the wrong is in allowing it to escape from the keeper’s control with the result that it does damage.

# During rainy season there is water logging in many areas of city. The dirty water remains for months because of faulty drainage. The water causes hard -ships and diseases. Which one of the following correctly describes the reason for the disposal of the case?

# In which case the strict maxim of law that ‘No can be indemnified unless he has actually been damnified’ has been liberalised on the basis of equity?

# The defendants published in their newspaper a photograph of one Mr. C’ and Miss. ‘X together with the words “Mr. ‘C’ the race-horse owner, and Miss. ‘X’, whose engagement has been announced” The information on which the defendants based their statement was derived from Mr. C. In fact, Mr. ‘C and Mrs. ‘C were not living together Mrs. C use the defendants for defamation, the innuendo being that Mr. ‘C was not her husband but lived with her in immoral cohabitation. The defendants would be

# Every injury imports damage though it does no; cost the party one farthing. For a damage is not merely pecuniary, but an injury imports damage, when a man is thereby hindered of his right. As in an action for slanderous words, though a man does not lose a penny by reason of speaking them yet he shall have an action. A man shall have an action against another for riding over his ground, though it does him no damage, for it is an invasion of his property, and the other has no right to come there. This opinion was expressed by

# ‘A’ a qualified voter was denied his right to vote by the Returning Officer. Thus candidate for whom A vote was nevertheless elected. An action in tort against the Returning Officer

# Defamation is divided into libel and slander under

# Tort is a violation of

# In which of the following cases it was observed that if an act is otherwise lawful it does not become unlawful merely because the same has been done with an evil motive?

# A lady died at the time of the birth of her child An unqualified midwife attended her to on her own request at the time of the delivery. Her husband brought an action for damages in this case.

# The propounder of pigeon hole theory is

# A railway company was authorized by law to run railway trains on a track. The sparks from the engine set fire to the adjoining property belonging to the plaintiff. Which one of the following defenses will be most appropriate for the defendant to raise in a action for nuisance by the plaintiff?

# Trespass to goods is

# A, a lorry driver, was permitted by his employer to stop during long journey to obtain refreshment. One day, while walking towards a cafe (having drawn up the lorry by the roadside), the driver was involved in a collision with the plaintiff, a pedestrian. The plaintiff got injured

# Z sued A, B, C, and D for damages for making defamatory statements and he was awarded a decree of Rs. 30,000/- He executed the decree against A alone and could recover a sum of only Rs. 10,000/-

# Last opportunity rule is

# Remoteness of damages is determined by

# Deepak V. State of Haryana (2015) is the case relating to

# Jaat community is not entitled to be included as backward community in OBCs has been held by the Supreme Court in the case of

# A division bench of a High Court consists of

This post contains the question headers from the AILET LLM entrance question paper from AILET 2015, which included the AILET PG 2015 Test conducted by NLU Delhi. The complete question paper + the official answer key and 100 practice mock tests based on the latest syllabus are available for registered users of our practice packs.

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