GNDU LLM Entrance Previous Question Paper 2020

This is the complete question paper from the Guru Nanak Dev University – GNDU LLM Entrance exam from 2020. The question paper has 50 multiple choice questions, The subjective part was probably dropped in 2020 due to the pandemic situation.

Students preparing for the GNDU LLM entrance should solve this previous question paper to get an idea about the type of questions that they can expect in the upcoming 2024 & 2025 entrance exams.

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A person is said to have participate in a crime when he ______
– All of the choices are correct
– sets some third agency to work with a view to commission of the crime
– Helps the offender after commission of crime to evade the process of law
– Himself commits a crime or shares in the commission of the crime

A dependant’s claim for maintenance shall not be charge on the estate of the deceased unless it has been created by ______
– Will of the deceased only
– None of the options
– Decree of a court only
– Will of the deceased or Decree of a court

‘Last Come first go’ rule has been applicable in the case of ______:
– Lockout
– Transfer of Undertaking
– Retrenchment
– Closure

What is the meaning of the maxim Salus Populi Suprema Lex?
– No one is above the law
– The welfare of the people is the Supreme law
– Public is Supreme
– Everyone is bound to obey the law

The inter-state council under Article 263 can be appointed by ______:
– President
– Prime Minister
– Chief Minister of both or all the States involved
– Governor of both or all the States involved

Which of the following apparent correlatives contradicts Hohfeld’s scheme of ‘jural relations’ ?
– Privilege and No Right
– Immunity and Disability
– Right and Duty
– Power and Liability

In which of the following situations is slander actionable per se in India?
– An imputation that the wrestler is a womanizer.
– An imputation that a certain person is a habitual smuggler.
– An imputation that a certain female player is of unchaste character.
– An imputation that a certain person is a liar.

Who said that Jurisprudence was the first Social Science to be born?
– Wurzel
– Blackstone
– Morris
– Savigny

In which of the following cases, the apex court discussed the development of Precautionary Principle?
– A.P. Pollution Control Board v. M.V. Nayadu
– Oleum Gas Leak Case
– Taj Trapezium Case (1996)
– Rural Litigation and Environment Kendra v. State of U.P.

On which date & place ______ the Earth Summit was held?
– 21st June, 1992 at Rio,
– 27th June, 1992 at Rio,
– 17 th June, 1997 at London,
– 17 th June, 2017 at Paris,

Which of the following is also known as ‘Forest Conservation Case’?
– Environmental Awareness Forum v State of J & K, 1999 (1) SCC 210
– Tata Engineering & Locomotive Co. Ltd. v. State of Bihar 2000 (5) SCC 346
– M.C. Mehta v Union of India 1992 (1) SCC 358
– T.N. Godavarman Thiramulk Pad v Union of India 1997 (2) SCC 267

It is presumed that legislation does not intend to create ______
– Hardship
– All of the options are correct
– Absurdity
– Inconvenience

Which Article of the Indian Constitution deals with the legislative powers of the Governor?
– Article 123
– Article 213
– Article 312
– Article 231

United Nations came into force ______
– in the year 1943
– in the year 1946
– in the year 1944
– in the year 1945

Individual is as much a subject of International Law as a State. It was so held in ______?
– Nicaragua case
– Tag v Rogers
– Paquete Habana Case
– The Lawless case

The rule regarding remoteness of damages has been laid down in ______
– Ashby v White
– Re Polemis Case
– Overseas Tankship (U.K.) Ltd. v S.S. Edison
– Bombay High Court Bombay Environmental Action … v. The State Of Maharashtra

Role of doctrine of Ultra vires in Company Law is ______
– Winding up
– Demerger of Unviable Company by orders of Majority
– To confine corporate actions within limits and boundaries
– Restructuring of Unviable Company by orders of Minority

In which of the following cases the jurisprudential basis of the principle to award compensation for violation of Human Rights has been laid down by the apex court?
– Chandrima das v Chairman Railway Board
– Nilabati Behera v State of Orissa
– Visakha v. State of Rajasthan
– Kasturi Lal v Union of India

The case of Markandey Katju v. Lok Sabha, (2017) 2 SCC 384 is related to:
– Functioning of Lok Sabha
– Freedom of Speech and Parliamentary privileges
– Election of Speaker of Lok Sabha
– Power of the Parliament to make law

Who said that there is only one source of International Law viz. Common consent ______?
– Starke
– Bentham
– Oppenheim
– Grotius

Which Chapter of IPC deals with General Exceptions to Criminal liability?
– Chapter VI
– Chapter V
– Chapter III
– Chapter IV

International Law is the body of legal rules which applies between sovereign states and such other entities as have been granted international personalities. It was said by ______?
– Schwazenberger
– Grotius
– Whiteman
– Starke

Retributive theory of punishment is based on vengeance against the offender
– Incorrect, because it says that the purpose of punishment must serve as preventive measure in commission of crime
– Incorrect, because it says that the purpose of punishment is to make purification of the offender
– Correct, because it says that the purpose of punishment is to take eye for eye and tooth for tooth
– Incorrect, because it says that the purpose of punishment is to deter the offender from committing the offence in future

Which maxim means ‘he who does an act through another is deemed in law to do it himself’?
– Res Ipsa Loquitor
– Qui Facit Per Alium Facit Per Se
– Nemo Judex In Causa Sua
– Locus Standi

Dual Form of Government/Dyarchy was a result of ______?
– Government of India Act, 1935
– The Regulating Act of 1773
– Government of India Act, 1909
– Government of India Act, 1919

Under Muslim Law, marriage is a ______
– Contract
– Sacrament
– Holy Union
– Ritual

Which one of the following was described by Dr.Ambedkar as the ‘heart and soul’ of the constitution?
– Right against exploitation
– Right to freedom of India
– Right to Constitutional remedies
– Right to equality

‘Hicklin test’ relates to ______
– Test of legitimacy
– Test of majority
– Test of Paternity
– Test of obscenity

General Offers which are open for the world at large can be accepted by ______:
– Any reader of the advertisement
– Any person who complies with the conditions of the offer
– Any particular person
– None of the options

Is commercial advertisements covered in freedom of speech and expression?
– No
– Depends upon restrictions available at the prevalent time
– Depends upon the advertisement
– Yes

According to which school ‘law is a product of social life and is not created by arbitrary will of individual but by slow unavoidable advancement of human development’?
– Analytical school
– realistic school
– Sociological school
– Historical school

In which case it was held that there is no reason to compel non-smokers to be helpless (passive) victims of air pollution?
– Murli Deora v. Union of India
– Church of God (Full Gospel) in India v. KKR majestic Colony Welfare Association
– M.C. Mehta v. Union of India
– Shiromani Gurdwara Parbhandhak Committee v. Gurleen

A petition for divorce by mutual consent ______
– Is presented to the court by husband alone
– Is presented to the court jointly by husband and wife
– Is presented to the court by wife alone
– Court orders ex aequo et bono partem

Between 1834-38, the first draft of Indian Penal Code was made. ______ was not a member
– Lord McCauley
– Sir Barnes Peacock
– Millet
– Sir John Mcleod

The Obiter dicta of a High Court is binding on ______:
– Not binding but only has persuasive value
– has persuasive value even on the Supreme Court
– Binding on all High courts in India
– Binding only on the other similar Benches of same High Court

‘Jurisprudence is nothing but the lawyers extraversion’ who said this?
– Austin
– Holland
– Bentham
– Stone

‘A’ contracts to pay to ‘B’ an amount of Rs. Twenty Lac. If the house of ‘B’ is burnt by misfortune. This is a ______
– Contingent contract
– Invalid contract
– Illegal contract
– Contract of Guarantee

According to Gray, Jurisprudence is ______
– Scientific synthesis of all essential principles of law.
– A particular method study, not of law of one country, but of the general notion of law itself.
– Science of Law, the statement and systematic arrangement of the rules followed by the courts and the principles involved in those rules.
– A Science which endeavours to ascertain the fundamental principles of which law is the expression.

‘International Law is vanishing point of Jurisprudence’. Who held the view ______?
– Oppenheim
– Starke
– Holland
– Grotius

Irretrievable Breakdown Theory of Marriage is inserted in which section of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955?
– Sec. 13 (A)
– Sec. 13 (B)
– Sec. 13 (1A)
– Sec. 13 (1B)

A lunatic, who is occasionally of sound mind ______
– May enter into the contract during the period when he enjoys soundness of mind by obtaining a certificate from Doctor or court
– Is competent to contract
– Is incompetent to contract
– May enter into the contract during the period when he enjoys soundness of mind

In cases of assault causing reasonable apprehension of death or of grievous hurt, the right of private defence extends voluntarily to ______
– causing death
– causing any harm other than death
– causing grievous hurt
– causing hurt

The element of Malice ______
– Is essential in defamation and malicious prosecution alone
– Is essential in Torts
– Is not essential in any tort
– Is essential in torts of defamation, malicious prosecution, damage to property etc.

Who wrote Anarchy, State and Utopia?
– Nozick
– Rawls
– Fuller
– Dworkin

Without the previous permission of the court, the natural guardian shall not ______
– Lease any part of such property for a term exceeding five years
– Transfer, by sale, gift or exchange, the immoveable property of the minor
– Mortgage or charge the immoveable property of the minor
– All of the options are correct

Which one of the following amendment accorded precedence to Directive principles to Fundamental Rights?
– 24th Amendment
– 24th Amendment
– 39th Amendment
– 42nd Amendment

Contracts of adherence are also known as ______
– Standard Form Contracts
– Contracts through Invitation to Offer
– Frustration of Contracts
– General Contracts

Due to earthquake an insured died (the traditional terms of Insurance only covered). The Insurance Company can take the defence of ______
– Inevitable accident
– Volenti non fit Injuria
– Act of God
– Statutory Authority

Who has been the last Governor-General of India?
– Lord Wavell
– Warren Hastings
– C. Rajagopalachari
– Lord MountBaten

A book, pamphlet, paper, writing, drawing, painting, representation, figure or any other object shall be deemed to be ______ if it is lascivious, appealing to the prurient interest and tends to deprave and corrupt persons who are likely to read, see or hear
– Battery
– Obscene
– Defamation
– Assault

Note : This question paper, along with the official key, is included as a practicable mock test in our online prep series. You can also try the free demo mock tests for practice.

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