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# All his efforts ended in fiasco.

# The meeting was postponed ________

# inter alja

# de facto

# Fill in the blanks with exactly suitable alternative: Our money ran ________ .

# Fill in the blank with appropriate preposition out of the options given below: Money worries and overwork led _______ illness.

# The boy was attacked by a _____ or wolves.

# Point out the correct sentence out of the alternatives given below:

# Both were silent for a while; at last one of them broke the ice.

# The boy was brought to book for his misconduct.

# All his dealings are fair and square.

# The correct spelling of Comite is

# Choose from the given alternatives to determine the correct part of speech of the word underlined: ‘Here is the entry form, and here are some notes to help you’.

# The riot was control within 24 hours.

# He is looking into the scripts.

# She was the cynosure of all eyes.

# The hand that the cradle rules the world

# The dye is ______ .

# Choose the right meaning of the given idiomatic phrase: No hard and fast rule can be laid down in this connection.

# Find out the example of the future perfect tense:

# Find out the word unmatched in meaning:

# The word nearest in meaning to the word ‘Drenched’ is

# By adding, which of the following prefixes to the word ‘Material can one give its antonym?

# The correct spelling of Renaesance

# He insisted ______ seeing the documents.

# Can I look up a word ____ your dictionary?

# Fill in the blanks: If your system is running slowly, try logging and then logging _____ again.

# Choose one-word substitute for the set of words underlined: She was gradually recovering from illness in a local Nursing Home.

# Find out the correct sentence:

# Put in the appropriate verb: The fireworks ______ off with such a noise that we were nearly deafened.

# IN GUN is coded as HVO, what will IBU stand for?

# The contract can be discharged by impossibility of performance specified in 1872 1872 1872 1872

# The general principle of the law of evidence is that it is the judge who will decide the admissibility of evidence. When the judge is in the doubt as to admissibility of a particular piece of evidence?

# For instituting a suit against the Government or against a Public Officer in official capacity, the notice period under Section 80 of CIC is

# Under Cr.P.C. the original jurisdiction to take cognizance of an offence is vested in

# Right to Information Act was passed by the Indian Parliament in

# Contingent contract is defined in 1872 1872

# ______ days are the time prescribed in case of appeals under Civil Procedure Code and Criminal Procedure Code.

# A fires a bullet into a bush, where unknown to him ‘V is doing some work and bullet kills ‘Y’. ‘A’ is not guilty of murder of ‘V because ‘A’ had not fired intentionally at ‘Y’.

# A, B and C as sureties for D. enter into three several bonds, each in a different penalty, namely, A is the penalty of Rs. 10,000, B is that of Rs. 20,000 and C in that of Rs. 40,000 conditioned for D’s duly accounting to E. D makes default to the extent

# The period of limitation For a suit related to torts mentioned in the Schedule of the Act is

# Conspiracy to wage war against Government of India has been dealt with under section of the Indian Penal Code.

# Bailment is defined in 1872 1872 1872 1872

# Which facts under the Evidence Act need not be proved?

# The first attempt to introduce a uniform law of limitation applicable alike Jo courts established by royal charter and other courts was made by the which came into operation in 1862.

# Vigilantibus non dormientibus jura subveniunt’ means –

# An agent cannot claim remuneration for his misconduct under 1872 1872 1872 1872

# Sujit ranks seventeenth in a class of thirty- one. What is his rank from the last?

# The Indian Penal Code was formulated by the British during which period

# C, advances to B, his tenant Rs. 2,000 on the guarantee of A. C has also a further security for Rs. 2,000 by a mortgage of B’s furniture. C cancels the mortgage. B becomes insolvent and C sues A on his guarantees.

# In the following four numbers, three are same in a certain way while the rest one is different. Find out the different one.

# Assault in order to outrage the modesty of a woman is punishable under Section of the Indian Penal Code.

# Second Backward Classes Commission in India was headed by

# The maxim ‘Res Ipsa Loquitur’ means –

# Below is given a statement followed by two assumptions. Decide which of the assumptions-is implicit in the statement. Statement: The pert is mightier than this word. Assumptions: I. The pen is made of strong metal than the sword. II. The power

# The Chernobyl nuclear disaster took place in

# Tort involves

# Place of institution of suit in respect of immovable property, situated within the jurisdiction of different courts, has been provided

# State and Revolution’ was written by

# The causing of death of child in the mother’s womb is not homicide under

# The Chiplto Movement was a

# In every plaint, under Section 26 of C.P.C. facts should be proved by

# Some part of the law of torts have been codified by statutes relating to particular branches of the law and one of the statutes is

# If the average of a, b is 15, the average of b, c is 12 and the average of a, c is 13, then the value of b is

# Cuban Missile crisis took place in

# Section 127 Cr.P.C. provides for

# ‘There are many acts which though harmful are not wrongful and give no right of action to him who suffers their effects.’ It is said by

# Robert Mugabe was the first Prime Minister of

# Under Order VI, Rule 17 at any stage of proceedings the Court can at low to alter or amend pleading to

# A successful teacher is he who

# The Berlin Wall had been built in

# Section 511 the Indian Penal Code does not apply in case of

# In order to hold a man guilty in an action for negligence the injury sustained is likely to follow from the event which must be such as a reasonable man would contemplate as held in the case of

# Cash in lieu of surety bond can be permitted vide

# The longest river in the world is

# If any period of limitation, is to be excluded from the prescribed period of limitation, the party necessary has to satisfy and of appropriate provisions in Sections ____ to _____ of the Limitation Act, 1963.

# The constitution defines and determines the relation between

# Mein Kampf was authored by

# The word ‘due process of law’ indicates

# The principle of ‘Res ipsa loquitur7 was followed by the Supreme Court in the case of 2006 SC 2652

# Sapinda relationship’ has been defined under 1955

# Guruchand Thakur’s name is associated with

# The extent to which the right of private defence of body causing death can be exercised is laid down under Section ____ of the IPC.

# The present Section 5 of the Limitation Acl applies to all applications other than those under any of the provision of ____ „ of Civil Procedure Code, 1308, it the applicant satisfies the court that he had sufficient cause for not preferring the appeal or

# According to Article 13(3) of the Constitution of India, Law includes

# Trespass to goods is an infringement of the

# World Cup Cricket was first played in England in

# Bar to entertain a petition for divorce is contained in

# The measure of damages for causing death under the Fatal Accidents Act has been explained by the House of Lords in several cases and the principles laid down by the House of Lords have been applied by our Apex Court in the case of

# Law is a jealous mistress’…. this often quoted in phrase is attributed to …

# What is the real cause of the students to be busy in unfair means in the examinations?

# The maxim ‘Lex non cogit ad imossibilia’ means –

# A civil wrong committed except where the words are also blasphemous, seditious, obscene or amount to a contempt of Court is called

# Where a Hindu who has a wife living adopts a child, the said wife is called

# Promotion of hatred among classes is an offence under section ____ of the Indian Penal Code.

# India, that is Bharat, shall be

# An act of interference with the property of another may be justified by the consent of that other is defence falling under

# The maxim ‘actus legis nemini facit injuriam’ means –

# Harbouring or concealing an offender with intention of screening him from legal punishment is an offence under Section _______ of the lPC.

# The guiding principle of Article 14 is that all persons and things similarly circumstanced shall be treated alike both in respect of privileges conferred and liabilities imposed’, was held in

# The Limitation Act, 1963 repealed the Indian Limitation Act of .

# The principle laid down in the case of Donoghue v, Stevenson has been applied by the House of Lords in the case of

# Under Section 32 of CPC, to compel the attendance of a person to whom a summon has been issued under Section 30 of CPC, the Court is empowered to

# ‘The State shell provide free and compulsory !’ education to all children of the age of six to fourteen years in such manner as the state may, by law, determine’, provides in

# The Hindu Succession Act as amended in September, 2005 empowered the daughter of a coparcener rights in coparcenary property like son under of the Act.

# Grave and sudden provocation is

# By the constitution (42nd Amendment) Act, 1976, 39A

# Justice must not only be done but also appear to be done, and may 1 add must be paid for being done’. – Who is the author of this statement?

# The expenses for the service of summons to the defendant have to be borne under Order V, Rule 9(3) of CPC, by

# For the application of Section 14 of Hindu Succession Act, 1956, the acquisition of the property by a female Hindu must be

# Under Article of the Constitution of India the Supreme Court of India may make rules. Fill in the blanks from the following:

# The Limitation Act, 1963 contains 32 Sections and entries in the schedule.

# The Court can reject the plaint under Order VII, Rule 11(e) of CPC, if it is not filed in

# Section 34 of the IPC

# According to Article 254 of the Constitution of India, Repugnancy between two statutes may thus be ascertained on the following three principles: (i) Whether there is a direct conflict, (ii) Whether Parliament intended to lay down an exhaustive code in re

# In case of John Vallamattone v. Union of India, AIR 2003 SC 2902, the Supreme Court held that Section 118 of the Indian Succession Act is violative of the Article

# A prayer for extension of time beyond the period of 90 days for filing the written statement

# The Supreme Court of India shall be a court of record and shall have all the powers of such a court including the power to punish for contempt of itself; provides under

# Objection on the ground of ‘lack of territorial jurisdiction of the criminal court’ can betaken

# The first President of the U.S.A. was

# Which is the correct proposition of Law of Evidence?

# _____of the Constitution of India provides that subject to the other provisions of the part XIII, trade Commerce and Intercourse throughout the territory of India shall be free. Fill in the blank from the following:

# A marriage of a Muslim with a woman prohibited by reason of affinity shall be

# A plaint can be rejected

# The film Jurassic Park (1993) was directed by

# Establishment of Administrative Tribunals is relates to which Article

# Special procedure is provided under Section 164 CrPC for recording of

# Arundhati Roy won the Booker Prize for her book

# ‘Dower’ ranks as

# The question is whether A was the father of B. The statement by A that B was his son is

# Article 309 enables the legislature to legislate

# In a suit, the list of witnesses has to be tiled by the parties

# The maxim ‘actio personalis moritur cum persona’ means –

# Sea of Poppies’is written by

# Section 197 Cr.P.C. affords protection to

# Under Article 330 seats shall be reserved in the House of the people for

# The fourth World Conference on Women (1995) was held at

# The correct position of Law of Evidence is

# Pleading must be signed

# Temporary provisions with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir provides under

# Right to property in India is

# Amendment in pleading shall be effective

# Tuhr means

# Joinder of charges is permissible under

# The Alma-Ata Declaration of ‘Health for All by 2000 resulted from the International Conference on Primary Health Care held in

# Special provision with respect to the State of Goa was inserted by the constitution

# A sues B for Rs. 1,000, which, A alleges, is borrowed by B. A shows entire in his book of a/c showing B to be indebted to prove the debt. This entry is

# An ex-parte decree can be set aside

# Fundamental Duties of citizens of India are found in the following Article of the Constitution:

# The Supreme Court of India held that to the extent Article 323A and 323B exclude the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court under Article 32 and High Courts under Article 226 are unconstitutional; was held in 1997 1951

# In which of the following cases character is not relevant under Law of Evidence?

# Mushaa, under Mohmmedan law means

# Commonwealth was formed with

# Interogatories shall be answered as provided under Order XI, Rule 8 of CPC

# Article 14, 19 and 21 has no watertight compartments rather they are closely connected and except enjoyment of one other cannot be fulfilled; was held in

# Pratichi Trust was set up by

# Joint trial of several persons is permissible under

# Which one of the following is not a secondary document?

# Objections to interrogatories under Order XI, Rule 6 of CPC can be made if it is

# Bosnia had been a part of

# Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is not financially, functionally or administratively dominated by Government nor it is under control of Government, therefore, not a State; was held by the Supreme Court of India in

# The Law of Limitation only bars remedy, but does not extinguish the ____ .

# U.S. Presidential elections are held every

# The Court has the power to summon a person, who is not called by any party, as a witness

# Telephone tapping would infringe of the Constitution of India unless it is permitted under procedure established by law. The court issued guidelines for the exercise of power of interception of Telegrams under Section 5(2) of the Indian Telegraphs Act,

# Nobel Peace Prize for 2910 was awarded to

# The period of limitations mentioned in Schedule of the Act for a suit relating to accounts, contracts, declarations, decrees, suits relating to movable property, etc. is ___ .

# Under of the Constitution of India 3 Gram Sabha may exercise such powers and perform such functions at the village level as the legislature oi a State may, by law, provide. Fill in the blank from the following:

# Order passed under Section 451 Cr.P.C is

# Provision for interest in CPC has been made

# Fukushima Nuclear Plant is in

# Limitation period for filing complaint to Consumer Forum is ____ .

# When the agreement is caused by coercion, fraud or misrepresentation the agreement is

# Legitimacy of a child born during the continuance of a valid marriage or within 280 days after its dissolution, mother remaining unmarried under Section 112 of the Evidence Act, is

# Zimbabwe was previously known as

# Conditions imposed by a Magistrate while releasing an accused in a non-bailable offence case can be set aside on modified

# Money under a decree can be paid

# An agreement made without consideration is

# The Kyoto Protocol of 1997 was in relation to

# The period prescribed of limitations mentioned in Schedule of the Act for suits related to mortgaged property is .

# A person cannot be relieved from contract which he knows to be unlawful contract

# Application for execution of a decree is to be made

# 16th SAARC Summit (April, 2010) was held in

# In which of the following cases, in a proceeding of rape when the question is whether it was without the consent of the women alleged to have been raped and she states in her evidence that she had no consent, the Court shall not presume that she did not c

# Parties may refer their disputes to an independent third party, instate of regular courts, under the provisions of ____ .

# In execution of a decree for the maintenance, salary of a person can be attached to the extent of

# The consideration is to move al a future date is called

Judicial Service (Judge) Exam - Online Practice Pack - Mock Tests & Previous Papers

We are shortly launching our Online Practice Packs for various State Judicial (Judge) Exams.

We will notify you as soon as we release the Practice Packs. Enter your name & email in the form below.

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