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# Deemed Decree implies

# ‘In the matter of Kidnapping and Rape, the evidence given by prosecutrix being, illiterate and rustic young woman, some contradictions and omission are natural as her recollection, memory, observance and narration of chain of events’. It was held by the Supreme Court in

# Which one of the following is not actionable claim?

# On Proclamation of Emergency under Article 352, the President has power to suspend the Fundamental Rights except the rights secured by

# The concept of Austin’s Sovereignty is influenced by the ideologies of which of the following person?

# The State is the synthesis of family and civil society. It is the unity of the universal principle of family and the particular principle of civil society. The above philosophy is of

# Which of the following theories relating to legal rights has been propounded by Ihering?

# Which one of the following is not a mode of acquisition of possession?

# ‘Custom is to society what law is to the State’. It has been said by

# Which of-the following is not a Specialized Agency of the United Nations?

# The powers and functions of United Nations are divided among how many principal organs?

# The real power of appointment of the UN Secretary General lies with

# Who was the Indian candidate for the post of Secretary General of the United Nations?

# International law also develops through State practices. It is known as

# Rule of State Succession was first incorporated from the Roman law by

# ‘To preserve one’s life is generally speaking a duly, but it may be the highest duty to sacrifice it.’ This observation was made in Queen v. Dudley and Stephens by

# Which one of the following is not an illustration of criminal force?

# Which of the following is an offence against body, property, and reputation and feelings under Indian Penal Code 1860? The offence of

# Assault in order to outrage the modesty of a woman is punishable

# ‘Law is not universal in nature, like language, it varies with people and ages. This proposition follows from the theory of

# ‘Judges not only discover law but also they made law.’ This view is supported by

# Dealing with the sources of law who amongst the following was said that, ‘The Courts fuel life into the. dead words of statute’?

# The period of limitation within which defendants shall submit his written statement is

# Judgement under Section 2(9) of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 means

# Section 115 of the Civil Procedure Code provides provision for the following:

# ‘No right of action is conferred on a transfer in possession under an unregistered contract of sale.’ Which Section of Transfer of Property Act 1882 contains this Principle?

# The amendment of the Transfer of Property Act 1882, in the year 2002 amended the provision of

# Which property cannot be transferred?

# The power of Judicial Review in India is possessed by

# Rajya Sabha can withhold Money Bill for a period of

# Reservation of seats in educational institutions in favour of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes is governed by

# ‘Loya Jirga’ is the term used for Tribal Council which will have a decisive role in farming new Constitution of which country?

# Which country became independent in the year 2002 after 450 years of Portuguese rule, followed by a quarter-century of Indoensian occupation?

# Terrorist, ‘Bali Bombings’ in which 202 people were killed and several injured were done in which country?

# The rule enunciated by Section 65 of Indian Contract Act, 1872 is applicable to agreements which are discovered void by

# A contract of life-insurance, the performance of which depends upon a future event, fails under the category of

# Which of the following statements regarding consideration is not correct?

# Which one of the following is not an organ ol the United Nations?

# Who can request the International Court of Justice to give an advisory opinion on any legal question?

# Which of the following State has rejoined UNESCO on October 01, 2003 after 19 years absence?

# Which of the following is nol a Specialised Agency of the United Nations?

# The Sixth Conference of World Trade Organisation was held in December 2005 at

# When was an Indian Airlines plane on its flight from Ksthmandu to Delhi, hijacked and token to Khandhar by terrorists?

# The European Union now includes total number of members:

# Manila Declaration 2012 is related to

# Civil Procedure Code 1908 is not applicable to which of the following namely

# Which one of the following is Directive Principle of State Policy?

# Which one of the following is correct statement? in deciding the question as to the disqualification of a Member o* Parliament, the President shall act

# Under Section 14 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. which of the following facts becomes relevant, namely

# ‘Some shared morality is essential to the existence of any society’ is the observation of

# Even a ‘student’ may be treated as an expert under Section 45 of she Indian Evidence Act. 1872. It was laid down by the Supreme Court in

# Rescission of the Contract means

# What is the position of a contract when it is being caused by mistake of law?

# Who said that, ‘Public Policy is a unruly horse’?

# Under Section 182 of the Contract Act 1372, National Textile Corporation Ltd. is

# In case of general offer, there is no need !o communicate the acceptance if not required by the proposer. This has been held in

# In which of the following cases the Supreme Court held that Section 125 Criminal Procedure Code was applicable to all irrespective of their religion?

# The power to grant anticipatory bail under Section 438 Code of Criminal Procedure vest with

# Which one of the following Sections of Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 deals with High Courts’ power of revision?

# ‘The Judges of Family Court cannot be considered for elevation as High court Judges.’ Supreme Court held it in which of the following case?

# The Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Amendment) Bill 2011 is related to which State?

# What is the name of the Bill which has been passed by both the Houses of Parliament with regard to cable television?

# Under Code of Civil Procedure 1908, an appeal may be filed by way of

# Which of the following provision is related with set off under Code of Civil Procedure?

# In U.N. Human Rights Council is a

# International Criminal Court consists of

# ‘Law is uncertain and certainly of law is a legal myth’. This is the statement of

# The U.N.’s latest climate talks held in Durban, South Africa, which renewed Kyoto Protocol 1997, concluded on

# Which one of the following is not the pre¬ requisite of presumption as to dowry-death under Section 113B of Indian Evidence Act?

# One of the most important principles of the law of evidence is that ^’evidence is to be weighed and not to be counted.’ This has been incorporated under which Section of Indian Evidence Act, 1872 mainly under

# According to whom, ‘The matter of jurisprudence is positive law, law simply and strictly so called or law set by political superior to political interiors’?

# The principal jurist of the philosophical school was

# Which one of the following is not a kind of agricultural lease?

# ‘Every sale accompanied by agreement for re-conveyance of property would not constitute mortgage by conditional sale.’ This statement is related to which Section of Transfer of Property Act?

# Who of the following author is said as father of English jurisprudence, namely

# Reasonable time for the performance of a contract is a question of

# The Indian Constitution is dedicated to

# Which Constitutional Amendment introduced the anti-defection provision of the Constitution?.

# Which one of the following does nol come within the territorial jurisdiction of Punjab and Haryana high Court?

# An agreement in restraint of trade under Section 27 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 is

# ‘A’ proposes by letter to sell a house to ‘B’ at a certain price. The communication of proposal is complete when

# A and B enter into contract due to mistake that a particular debt is time-barred. Contract is

# A contract ot telephone becomes complete at the place where acceptance is heard.’ In which case it has been held?

# A wagering agreement depends on ents

# Which one of the following is not essential for a contract?

# ‘Continuing Guarantee’ has been defined

# The interpretation clause of the Indian Contract Act 1872 has been provided in

# An agreement to do an act impossible in itself is

# ‘A’ promises to obtain for ‘B’ an employment in the public service and ‘B’ promises to pay Rs. 1000 to ‘A’. The agreement is

# State the correct answer. If object of an agreement is forbidden by law, the agreement is

# The word ‘illegal’ is applicable to everything which

# What is not necessary to constitute an offence of criminal conspiracy?

# ‘A’ knowing that her husband ‘B1 has committed murder, knowingly conceals in order to screen him from legal punishment, ‘A’ is liable for

# Which section of Indian Penal Code deals with Dowry death?

# ‘A’ and ‘B’ plan to murder ‘C’, the next day. They are guilty of

# Which offence does not require a minim urn number of five person?

# Which one of the following is a continuing offence?

# Under Section 362 of Indian Penal Code the offence of abduction may be committed with

# ‘A’ a police officer without warrant apprehends ‘Z’ who has committed murder, ‘A’ has committed the offence of

# ‘In every statue mens-rea is to be implied unless the contrary is shown.’ This view was expressed in

# ‘A’ in India instigates ‘B’ a foreigner in Pakistan to commit a murder in Pakistan, ‘B’ commits murder. In this case

# Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

# ‘A’ commits theft on property in ‘B’ possession and while committing theft he has a loaded pistol under his garment kept for the purpose of hurting ‘B’ in case ‘B’ resists. The offence committed by ‘A’ is defined under which section of the Indian Penal Code?

# The principle of proximity of crime under criminal law is irrelevant, while deciding the liability for the offence of

# Theft is an offence against

# A married man commits the offence of adultery if he has sexual intercourse with a

# ‘A’ puts jewels into a box belonging to ‘B’ with the intention that they may be found in that box, with the result that ‘B’ may be convicted for the offence of theft. ‘A’ has committed the offence under

# X’ drives very fast through a crowded road to catch a flight, knowing that his act in alt probability may cause death. ‘Y’ is killed by his vehicle- ‘X’ is guilty of

# Which section of Indian Penal Code deals with voluntary intoxication?

# When was the RIO Declaration on Environment and Development made?

# The International Labour Organization (ILO) on December 10, 2011 released a report on the employment scenario in

# Copenhagen Accord on climate change is

# Under which Sect ion of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 the term ‘offence’ has been defined?

# The Parliament of which country signed on CTBT on 6th December, 2011 ?

# Under which provision of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908, the Collector may be appointed as receiver?

# A receiver is an

# Which one of the following cases related to dying declaration?

# To what facts of the following, the rules of relevancy have been discussed under Section 8 of the Indian Evidence Act?

# Which of the following statement is incorrect under Transfer of Property Act?

# Which of the following is not an essential element of gift?

# For the lease of immovable property, the tenure for more than one year or year to year:

# The word ‘secular’ used in the Preamble of the Constitution of India means

# Twelfth Schedule was added to the Constitution by

# The 44th Constitutional Amendment 1978 was

# In Re Berubari and Exchange of Enclaves the Supreme Court held that

# How many types of writ can the Supreme Court issue for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights?

# State Executive power is vested with

# ‘Prime Minister’ itself is a separate class.’ This was laid down in

# Who can constitute the State Administrative Tribunal under the Administrative Tribunal Act, 1985?

# Under which Article of the UN Charter the Security Council has the power to use force against a State?

# The judgement of International Court of Justice is to be signed by

# Which one of the following is not a case relating to doctrine of precedent?

# Which one of the following schools of legal thought held the view that, ‘Law is found not made, it is self existent.’?

# In which of the following cases the Supreme Court over-ruled its own precedent for, the first time?

# ‘Law is what the judges declares’. The statement relates to which of the following thinkers?

# Who described jurisprudence as ‘Lawyer’s Extroversion’?

# The Law means

# ‘Movement of progressive societies have hitherto been from status to contract.’ Who said so?

# Legal Right is an Interest

# On which date the Statute of the International Criminal Court’ has come into force?

# Where the UNESCO’s headquarter is situated?

# Recently which one of the following State has been recognised by 112 countries around the world?

# United States President Obama signs on which date the ‘Massive S 662 billion Defence Spending Bill called the Defence Authorisation Bill’?

# S.C.O. Summit 2006 was held in which country?

# Which tribunal/court has put Lubanga of Kango on trial?

# Under which provisions of Civil Procedure Code temporary injunctions are granted?

# Who can file a suit under Section 91 of Civil Procedure Code for public nuisance?

# The duration of existence of a Caveat filed under Code of Civil Procedure 1908 is

Judicial Service (Judge) Exam - Online Practice Pack - Mock Tests & Previous Papers

We are shortly launching our Online Practice Packs for various State Judicial (Judge) Exams.

We will notify you as soon as we release the Practice Packs. Enter your name & email in the form below.

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