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# The term ‘epicentre’ is concerned with

# Which one is not a port on the east cost?

# The Indian Military Academy is located at

# Which is the National Flower of India?

# What is ‘Watergate’?

# Shakuntala was written by

# GIR National Park is in

# The H.O. of the International Court of Justice is at

# Which of the following countries does not have the power of Veto in Security Council?

# Which athlete holding an Olympic record, belonging to a Commonwealth country, refused participation in CWG Games 2010 (Delhi) and apologized for same:

# Who has recently been re-elected as the new President of Germany?

# Indira Gandhi Prize for peace, Disarmament and Development for 2007 has been conferred on July 25, 2009 to

# What is the expanded form of AW ACS?

# Recently India’s celebrated artist M.F. Hussain has got the nationality of

# Where in world was the world tallest skyscraper, towering 818 meters, opened in January, 2010?

# Which of the following teams clashed in the Semi-finals in the Soccer World Cup, 2010?

# Name the Prime Minister of U.K. who recently visited India

# A bill presented in Parliament becomes an Act after

# Oyarchy as a form of government at the provincial level was introduced by the

# Economic justice as one of the objectives of the Indian Constitution has been provided in the

# The President of India can declare Emergency if there is

# The Prime Minister is responsible to the

# Which Article of the Constitution provide the Parliament the power to amend the Constitution?

# The first draft of the Constitution was published in

# The used to be a Fundamental Right but is now a legal right only

# In the recent proposed amendment in Cr.P.C. the police may arrest a person

# Addition or alteration of charge has been provided

# An act which would otherwise be crime may in some cases be excused if the person accused of it shows that all except

# Cognizance of offence under Section 498A of IPC can be taken by a Court

# If the investigation is not completed within 90 days or 60 days as the case may be, and the accused is in custody, on the expiry of said period the accused is entitled to be

# A caveat shall not remain in force after the expiry of

# A decision is a suit may operate as res-judicata against persons not expressly named as parties to the suit by virtue of explanation

# A person is an indigent person within the meaning of Order 33, Rule of CPC, if he is not possessed of –

# Clerical or arithmetical mistakes in judgments, orders etc. can be corrected under

# On account of mis-joinder or non-joinder of parties, under Order I, Rule 9 of CPC, the suit

# Application for execution of a decree is to be made

# Goods are said to be in a ‘deliverable state’ where

# A contract of sale of goods can be

# A disputed handwriting can be proved

# Who was the first Indian Woman to be crowned Miss Universe?

# A dying declaration to be admissible

# A will is required to be proved by calling at least one attesting witness

# After re-examination of a witness, the adverse party has a

# In criminal trials, the onus is on the accused to prove that his case falls in

# Indian Evidence Act was drafted by

# Leading questions can be asked during

# The name of the Union given in the Constitution is

# Oral evidence is not admissible to clarify the language used in a document when the language is

# What is the number of Judges {including Chief Justices) in the Supreme Court of India as provided in the Constitution of India?

# Presumption under Section 112 of the Evidence Act is raised

# Secondary evidence of a document means

# Under Hindu Law the ground for divorce is

# Who is the Union Law Minister of India?

# The Supreme Court in a significant judgment held !hat the Guru Granth Sahib is

# Which of the following soccer player is associated with the term ‘Hand of God’

# The Judges of the Supreme Court take an oath conducted by

# What is the minimum age required for voting in India?

# Sarkaria Commission was set up to

# Standard of proof in

# The doctrine of estoppel is a

# To an answer to a court question, the adverse party

# A tirm can be held liable for the wrongful act of a partner where the act has been ratified by the partners, provided

# A partner can retire by notice of his intention to retire, where

# A partner has no implied authroity

# A partnership firm is required to be registered under

# An agreement in restraint of trade in a partnership under Section 11 of the Indian Partnership Act is

# In a partnership at will

# X’ on receiving grave and sudden provocation from ‘Z’ intentionally causes the death of ‘V, who is ‘Z’ brother: ‘X’ has committed the offence of:

# Which one of the following is sufficient to prove the offence of sedition?

# When a criminal act is done by several persons, in furtherance of a common intention of all, each of such persons is liable:

# Which one of the following correctly defines the term ‘unlawful assembly’?

# Including a person with dishonest intention to part with his property by putting him in fear of physical injury amounts to an offence of:

# Which one of the following statements is correct?

# ‘A’ with intention to kill her husband, purchased some poison-powder from a chemist who by mistake, dispensed plain sugar instead. She put the powder in a cup of tea and served it to her husband who drank it but did not die. Which one of the following stat ‘her husband is clear from the totality of acts

# The defendant promises to marry the plaintiff on the death of his father. During the life time of the father, the defendant marries another woman. The plaintiff in this case:

# An agreement which is enforceable by law at the option of one or more of the parties thereto, but not at the option of the other, is a:

# The contract sequence in the formation of a contract is:

# Which one of the following is a contingent contract? pay off the: lender when the borrower will be in funds

# Which one of the following contract is void? ‘A’ goes mad ‘A’ fails fill and his physician advises ‘A’ to take rest in bed for one month

# An offer is:

# The inadequacy of consideration will be taken into account by a court of law:

# A deed of adoption requires

# Acknowledgement made by a person other than a person under liability is good if

# Limitation for filing an appeal commences from

# The period of limitation for preferring an ‘appeal to the High Court from an order of sentence, other than the sentence of death, is

# Section 511, IPC is not related to the offence for which the punishment is:

# Oral evidence under Section 60 of Evidence Act may be

# Give the correct response:

# An adoption of a boy, whose mother, the adopting father could not have legally married, is not recognised by law, but is still considered valid

# Under Section 13-B of the East Punjab Urban Restriction Act, 1949, the tenant is required to seek leave to defend within 15 days of service of notice upon him. He applies for leave to defend after 20 days

# Statutory tenant is a person who

# On which of the following grounds, a tenant cannot be evicted

# In a simple mortgage, possession of the mortgaged property

# In an agreement for transfer of property

# A lease of an immovable property can be

# A valid lease can be determined by

# Pingalwara Trust was founded by

# City of Amritsar was founded by

# Whe’re was the Anglo Sikh Treaty signed between Maharaja Ranjit Singh arid the Britishers?

# A Muslim woman entitled to obtain a decree for the dissolution of her marriage on the ground that

# Under the Muslim Women {Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, the option to be governed by the provision of Section 125 Cr.PC, may be given by the parties

# For a defence of intoxication, to escape criminal liability, the intoxication For a defence of intoxication, to escape criminal liability, the intoxication

# For the application of Section 34 IPC, there must be at least

# A retired confession

# In which the following, the right of private defence does not extend to cause death of the offender?

# A confession to be inadmissible under Section 25 of Evidence Act

# What can be the maximum gap between the two sessions of Parliaments?

# Which of the following writs literally means you may have the body’?

# Which of the following Union Territories has a Legislature

Judicial Service (Judge) Exam - Online Practice Pack - Mock Tests & Previous Papers

We are shortly launching our Online Practice Packs for various State Judicial (Judge) Exams.

We will notify you as soon as we release the Practice Packs. Enter your name & email in the form below.

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