Maharashtra Judicial Service Exam MPSC JMFC CJJD 2014 Question Paper

Maharashtra MPSC JMFC CJJD Judge Magistrate Exam 2014 Previous Question Paper Test Series Mock Test Syllabus & Study Material
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These are questions from the Maharashtra MPSC Judicial Service JMFC / CJJD 2014 preliminary exam previous question paper.

The JMFC – Judicial Magistrate First Class / CJJD – Civil Judge Junior Division exam is conducted almost every year by the Maharashtra Public Service Commission; under the aegis of the Bombay High Court.

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1. In an offence of criminal breach of trust by public servant, the period of limitation for taking cognizance can be condoned by

2. Stolen property seized by police can be returned by

3. If a convicted person is sentenced again, general rule is that both the sentences will run

4. If the Court of JMFC has imposed sentence of fine of Rs. 75 only, an appeal may lie with the permission of

5. If a woman sentenced to death is found pregnant, the execution of the sentence can be postponed by

6. Offence under Section 498 A of IPC is compoundable

7. After the transfer of Magistrate, trial of an offence under Section 138 of NI Act,

8. Prior to issuance of summons to accused

9. Police can investigate non-cognizable offence

10. Cognizable offence means

11. In a money decree

12. If the suit is dismissed due to default of the plaintiff and if there is subsequent suit between same parties, then decision in the first suit

13. In a money suit, the Court can award

14. When the Court which passes the decree, transfers it to another Court, it is called as

15. Issue is required to be framed for

16. Defendant has got right to begin as and when

17. Decree for restitution of decree may be executed by

18. Commissioner may be appointed for

19. Subsistence allowance is an amount which

20. Filing of an appeal

21. Wife can be compelled to disclose communication with her husband

22. ‘A’, found in possession of stolen car after the theft, Court may presume that

23. When sword used for murder is produced in the Court, it is

24. If a girl is begotten during seven months and after dissolution of marriage wife remains unmarried, it is a conclusive proof that

25. Registered Will may be proved by examining

26. Primary evidence means

27. Hearsay evidence is

28. ‘A’ saw ‘B’ running away alongwith blood stained knife is

29. Raju sues Kiran for Rs. 38,000 entry in books of accounts of Raju amounts to

30. Court may presume abetment of suicide, if married woman commits suicide within

31. The following property can be transferred

32. Haju transfers land to Pravin on a condition that Pravin shall marry with the consent of Usha and Pramila. Pravin is deemed to fulfil the condition when

33. ‘A’ lets ‘B’ land at rent to t 500 and then transfers the land to ‘C’. ‘B’ not having notice of transfer, in good faith pays the rent to ‘A’. Then

34. Specific performance suit is pending between purchaser Shridhar and vendor Gunesh. Gunesh sold the property to Rajesh. This transaction is hit by the principle of

35. Kaushik agreed to repay and transferred mortgaged land in favour of Vinayak. Vinayak assures to reconvey land in case Kaushik repays the entire amount to Vinayak. This mortgage is called as

36. The right of the mortgagor who repays entire amount after the principal money has become due is called as right of

37. Difference between charge and mortgage is that

38. Lease of immovable property for manufacturing purposes is determinable by giving notice of

39. Pankaj gave his flat to Mukund and Mukund gave his flat to Pankaj it is called as

40. The transfer of movable property is governed by which provisions of Transfer of Property Act ?

41. Temporary injunction is granted

42. If the suit for specific performance is dismissed then

43. After the trial of suit for specific performance has started

44. A, not the owner of car, agrees to sell the same to B. B fails to pay the amount. Suit for specific performance of the agreement will be governed by

45. What is the period of limitation for filing suit for recovery of possession of immovable property if there is dispossession not as per law ?

46. For construction of public hospital

47. In a suit for specific performance of contract

48. Specific performance against transferor with notice of earlier transaction pending suit

49. Suit for specific performance to construct theatre

50. For the business of the firm, partner is

51. Landlord cannot claim possession of business premises

52. No decree of eviction on the ground of arrears of rent can be passed, if the tenant pays or tenders in court arrears

53. Provisions of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act are not applicable to premises belonging to

54. Monthly rent/yearly rent is recovered as per

55. Tenant can undergo tenantable repairs by giving landlord

56. If the landlord cuts the water without just cause, he is liable for punishment for

57. If the decree is passed by Court of Small Causes Bombay, appeal lies with

58. If business premises are given on licence basis, jurisdiction lies with

59. Landlord cannot increase the rent

60. An appeal against the decision of appellate decree in eviction decrees lies with

61. In an ordinary course, suit is deemed to be instituted

62. Period of limitation for filing cross objection is prescribed under

63. For computing the period of limitation for preferring an appeal, the following periods are not excluded

64. The period of limitation for filing suit can be condoned by

65. Once the period of limitation has started to run, it can be stopped due to

66. If borrower acknowledges the liability before expiry of period of limitation of suit it amounts to

67. Period of limitation for filing suit for recovery of possession on the basis of previous possession is

68. Period of limitation for filing an execution application for decree for mandatory injunction is

69. Period of limitation for filing criminal revision is

70. Period of limitation for filing writ petition in High Court is

71. Inserting Section 228 A (disclosure of identity of rape victim) in IPC is in conformity with the provisions of

72. In a criminal trial, when the accused gives evidence on oath, it is in violation of

73. Powers conferred on Supreme Court as per clause 1 and 2 to Article-32 can be bestowed on the court of civil judge junior division by

74. Denying free legal aid is

75. Election of President is by way of

76. Original jurisdiction of Supreme Court includes

77. Normal duration of the Legislative Assembly is

78. Judge of High Court is appointed by

79. Emergency may be proclaimed by

80. Appointment of a district judge is made by the Governor in consultation with

81. Raju says that – Pravin is an honest man, he never steals t-shirts from mall, intending to cause to believe that Pravin always steals from the mall. What offence Raju has committed ?

82. ‘A’ had a sexual intercourse with ‘B’ (who is a wife of ‘C’ a male) without consent of ‘C’ but with the consent of’B’, what offence ‘A’ had committed ?

83. A and B are joint owners of bullock-cart, B takes the bullock-cart out of possession of A. What offence B has committed ?

84. While committing theft, A, B, C, D and E have committed murder of Z. Which offence have they committed ?

85. If there is severe body pain for continuous 15 days to ‘R’ due to beating by ‘P’ with a stick, under which Section an offence under IPC, ‘P’ has committed ?

86. ‘A’, owner of a Dairy, adulterates milk and sells to general public, which offence is committed by ‘A’ ?

87. If e police officer commits rape of a female accused in his custody and journalist publishes the name of the rape victim, whether the journalist has committed any offence

88. If judgement debtor knows that there is a decree for possession against him and he resists the bailiff in executing the decree, whether the judgement debtor has committed any offence

89. When two persons are fighting in a room, what offence have both committed ?

90. The principle of vicarious liability is not applicable in a criminal trial

91. Raju agrees to pay Rs. 66,333 to Bhushan and Bhushan agrees to sell furniture of teak wood and brown sugar. Then

92. Famous coconut oil manufacturing company agrees to sell 5000 litres of coconut oil. Such an agreement is

93. Mohan owes an amount to Meenakshi. Mohan authorises to sell the land belonging to him and authorises her to appropriate her dues from the sale proceeds.

94. Mandar borrows Rs. 17,000 from Suresh and gives a bond for Rs. 34,000 payable in 4 instalments of Rs. 8,500 each. There is stipulation that in case of default of payment of any instalment, whole amount shall become payable. Such an agreement is

95. Kanta sells tyres to Pankaj and tyres were despatched for delivery. Kanta came to know that Pankaj is declared insolvent by HonTble High Court. Kanta has not received payment. Kanta told the transporter not to give delivery.

96. Stipulation as to payment

97. When Prafulla refuses to take delivery of Maruti car from Prashant Automobiles and car got burnt. Then

98. Saheli Garment Exporter Firm is an unregistered firm having its office at Srinagar, State of J and K filed a suit for recovery of unpaid price. Such a suit is

99. Licence to manufacture car granted in the name of Partnership Firm is cancelled. Dissolution of the firm is called as

100. The following contracts can be specifically enforced

Judicial Service (Judge) Exam - Online Practice Pack - Mock Tests & Previous Papers

We are shortly launching our Online Practice Packs for various State Judicial (Judge) Exams.

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