Madhya Pradesh Higher Judicial Services Exam MP HJS 2014

Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Preliminary 2024 and 2025 - 175 Mock Tests & Previous Papers

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Madhya Pradesh Judicial Service Civil Judge Exam Syllabus & overview

Note : This is not the complete question paper. This post contains only the question headers for reference. The complete papers, with the official answer keys are available for our registered users of online practice packs for the Judicial Services Exam preparation.

# ‘Ab invito’, means –

# ‘Aclio non datur non damnificato’, means –

# ‘Salus populi suprema lex’, means –

# ‘dura lex sed lex’, means –

# ‘Sic Utere tuo ut alienum non laedas’. means –

# Does section 397 of the I.P.C create a distinct substantive offence ?

# if it appears to the Magistrate that the offence complained of is triable exclusively by the Court of Session , he under Section 202 Cr.P.C. postponing the issue of process against the accused –

# If the Sessions Judge is of the opinion that there is ground for presuming that the accused has committed an offence, which is not exclusively triable by the Court of Session, he may . order to transfer the case for trial by the C.J.M. or any other J.M.F.C. –

# A dying declaration recorded by the police officer in the form of FIR before the death of author without obtaining certificate as to his mental fitness –

# Abetment of an offence is –

# Offence of ‘Voyeurism’ is punishable under section –

# Besides section 209 CrPC, which other section also provides for committal of cases to the Sessions Court ?

# Testimony of an accomplice before it is accepted and acted upon –

# Confession of an accused is admissible against Co-accused –

# The ‘protection against double jeopardy ‘

# Not being armed with any deadly weapon and not expressing any intention to kill, A tied B to an electric pole with ropes and assaulted him as a result of which B died, A committed offence punishable under Section –

# The inquiry or trial relating to offences under section 376 to 376 D of Penal Court shall as for as possible be completed within a period of 2 months from the date of –

# A non -confessional statement recorded under section 164 of Cr PC

# Period of thirty years under section 90 of Evidence Act is to be reckoned from –

# In a suit after the examination and cross-examination of a witness, the plaint was returned for presentation to the Court of competent jurisdiction. Before proceedings started in the Court, the witness died. His deposition is –

# A is a warehouse-keeper. Z going on a journey, entrusts his furniture to A, under a contract that it shall be returned on payment of a stipulated sum for warehouse room. A dishonestly sells the goods. A has committed –

# The facts which form part of the same transaction are relevant –

# Where the Court has dispensed with the personal attendance of the accused in Summons case, the Court may –

# Which statement is wrong –

# In which the following cases, secondary evidence of the content of the document cannot be given –

# Which of the following is a deemed decree –

# Which of the following provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure precludes a plaintiff from instituting a fresh suit ?

# Res judicata may operate between –

# Section 14 of C.P.C. enacts that the court shall presume, upon the production of a certified copy of a foreign judgment that such judgment was pronounced by a court of competent jurisdiction. This presumption is –

# The distinction between benami and sham transactions is that –

# In Execution of a decree other than a decree of maintenance, salary of a person can be attached to the extent of-

# A owes B Rs10,000. A enters into an arrangement with B and gives B a mortgage of his (A’s) estate for 5.000 rupees in place of the debt of Rs10,000. This is a –

# If minor is supplied with necessaries then-

# A contingent contract dependent on the happening of uncertain event in the future can be enforced when the event-

# The juridical basis of quasi-contractual obligation can be explained through the theory of –

# In the absence of contract or local laws or usage, a lease of immovable property for manufacturing purposes shall be deemed to be-

# A decree-holder, under section 2(3) of CPC is –

# The court is required to appoint a guardian ad-litem :

# A suit filed on behalf of a minor by Next friend can be –

# Compensatory costs under section 35A of CPC can be imposed to the extent of –

# Suits for declaration and injunction in respect of public nuisances under section 91 of CPC can be instituted by –

# In which transaction no interest in the property is created-

# Under Section 74 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 the court cannot award damages-

# The damages under section 73 of Indian Contract Act are –

# When mortgagor or such other person has tendered or deposited in court under section 83 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 the amount remaining due on the mortgage interest on the principal money –

# In a suit for Specific Performances of agreement to sale of a immovable property the plaintiff can also claim –

# Contract of Marriage –

# In case of specific performance of contract, the rights of the parties are governed by the principles of –

# In which of the following cases would rescission of a contract be adjudged by the Court?

# In which of the following cases, the Court can not order rectification of instrument –

# Under N.D.P.S. Act the preparation and attempt of commission of offences relating to commercial quantity of Narcotic drug and psychotropic substances are –

# Under N.D.P.S. Act which offender can be released on probation –

# Section 50 of NDPS Act will not apply –

# Principle that Section 50 of the N.D.P.S. Act does not apply to search of baggage has been laid down in –

# The defendant may be allowed to raise the point of limitation –

# Which of the following statements are correct –

# Which of the following sections of the Limitation Act, 1963 deals with the ‘Effect of substituting or adding new plaintiff or defendant’ ?

# Which defence may not be allowed in the proceedings u/s 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 –

# In order to rebut the presumptions under section 139 and 118 of Nl Act, accused –

# Which option is correct, where a complaint under section 133 Nl Act is filed at premature stage i.e before the expiry of period prescribed in demand notice of 15 days ?

# Presumption in respect of entries made under chapter 9 of the code in respect of entries in the land records is –

# Which of the following is not defined in the Code-

# Any land comprised in holding for agriculture purpose cannot be given on ease continuously for more than one year during any consecutive period of three years by a Bhumi-swami who –

# With reference to an application for partition of holding, if any, question of title is raised the Tehsildar –

# Failure to vacate land in favour of allottee of land would be an offence punishable under section –

# Which of the following Revenue Authority does not confer with the revisional powers under the M. P Land Revenue Code, 1959 –

# Who will decide the disputes relating to demarcation and maintenance of boundary lines ?

# Which of the following Section of the Code exempts uneconomic holdings from land revenue ?

# When a Bhumiswami is deemed to abandoned his rights –

# If a Bhumiswami belonging to aboriginal tribe is dispossessed of his land otherwise than in due course of law during year 2005. he can make application for restoration of –

# Which of the following is not a member of family as defined under the act –

# The period within which a person who has been alloted an accommodation by virtue of his office shall vacate such accommodation termination of tenancy

# After receiving benefit under sub-section 3 of section 12 of the Act, the tenant can afford to commit default in payment of rent –

# In case of composite tenancy of residential and non-residential purpose, landlord can seek eviction of tenant –

# If the court is satisfied that a dispute as to the person to whom the rent is payable has been raised by a tenant for reasons which are false or frivolous, the court:

# In order to get benefit of protection against eviction in any appeal by a tenant against any decree for his eviction –

# No Court Shall take cognizance of an offence punishable under ‘The Accommodation Control Act’, unless the Complaint in respect of the offence has been made within –

# Revision against the order passed by Rent Control Authority shall lie before-

# When defence of tenant against eviction is struck down under section 13 (6) of the act then tenant will have –

# If any eviction decree is obtained against tenant on the basis of compromise, then on execution –

# Which of the following bone of the human body is generally used in ‘Diatom’ test –

# ‘PIPE’ Test is a test to evaluate –

# For the purpose of personal identification Gallon System’ is related to –

# The object of postmortem is to ascertain –

# What is not found in ante-mortern lacerated wounds –

# In which of the following writs the doctrine of res judicata is not applicable-

# The office of Deputy Prime Minister:

# Constitution amendment bills are initiated in

# In which of the following cases it is field by supreme court that Article 21 is controlled by Article 19 –

# The statement ‘What cannot be done directly cannot be done indirectly’ relates to the doctrine of –

# Which one of the following statements is more correct –

# Which one of the following Fundamental Rights was described by Dr. B.R. Ambedhar as the ‘heart and soul of the Constitution’ –

# The Constitution of India borrowed the concepts of directive principles of state policy from the Constitution of-

# Under Article 3 of Constitution the Parliament may by law form a new state. The Bill for the purpose shall be introduce in parliament except on recommendation of –

# The first constitutional amendment relates to-

# Section 15 of Hindu succession Act, 1956 group the heirs of a female Hindu dying intestate into –

# A marriage solemnized between two Hindu would not be regarded as void under section 11 of Act, If –

# Section 27 of the Act is attracted only when the property presented at or about the time of marriage is alleged to belong :

# Remedies under section 24 of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and under section 125 of Cr.P.C are –

# A Hindu Male of 30 years of age adopts a female child of 15 years of age. The adoption is

# When a Hindu inherits the property from his father under Section B of the Act, he takes it as –

# A female cannot be a Karta of a joint family, has been held by the Supreme Court in

# Section 6 of Hindu Succession Act 1956 (As Amended by Act of 2005) giving rights to daughters in coparcenary property is applicable from-

# In a petition for divorce on the ground of adultery filed Under Section 13(1)(i) of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 by wife against husband, the person with whom the adultery was committed by husband is –

# Whether a daughter can file a suit for partition of her share in parental house of family against her brothers-

# Power to inspect Banker’s Books in relation to accounts of any person, under section 18 of PC Act can –

# Which section of PC Act impose certain restrictions on powers of revisional court to call for the records of the proceedings in respect of revision application made by a party to such proceedings –

# The statutory presumption under section 20 where public servant accepts gratification other than legal remuneration is applicable :-

# The statutory presumption under Section 20(1) of the Act is not available in respect of offence under ………… of the Act

# Cognizance of an offence under the Electricity Act cannot be taken –

# A review petition can be entertained by the Special Court against its order passed under Section 154 of Electricity Act. 2003 on the grounds that –

# The Provision for compounding of the offences under Electricity Act 2003 is given in

# Section 3 (a) and (b) of the act provides for presumptions, presumption-

# What is the condition precedent to take Preventive actions as contemplated under section 17 of the act –

# Whether for constituting the offence under section 3 (1) (X) S.C and S.T ( Prevention of atrocities) Act 1989 ;-

# The amount of compensation that can be awarded in case of death of any person resulting from a hit and run motor accident under section 161 of the act

# Which of the following statements is correct ?

# Neither the transferor ‘A’ nor the transferee B’ took any step to change the name of owner in the certificate of registration of vehicle- Insurance Co is also not informed of transfer of vehicle. The name of ‘A’ remains continue in record of tha Registering Authority. In event of accident by Driver employed by ‘B’ who are liable to pay compensation under Motor Vehicle Act to third party

# An unregistered agreement for sale of immovable property in state of MP

# Doctrine of relation back is contained in-

# During the course of final arguments if it is brought to the notice of the court that a document has been admitted in evidence is insufficiently stamped then the court may

# The Indian Stamp Act 1899 prescribes expiry date for use of stamp paper from date of purchase of stamp paper

# To obtain a declaratory decree, for computation of amount of fee payable, the plaintiff shall state the amount at which he values the relief sought, where –

# Stamp Duty payable on agreement to sale when possession of the property is agreed to be delivered without executing the conveyance is —–

# Within which period a person can deliver the unused stamps purchased by him to collector under section 54 of Indian Stamp Act for getting repayment of value of such stamps

# Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word -‘Apathy’.

# Give the antonym of – ‘ Awkward’.

# Select Synonym for the word -‘Hollow’.

# Choose the most appropriate word and fill in the blank -While on a routine flight, the air craft was hit by missile and into flames –

# Improve the sentence by substituting the underlined Words and mark ‘no improvement’ if the sentence is correct if you would have seen the movie, you would have enjoyed it.

# Choose the word or phrase which conveys nearest meaning to the word ‘Paramount’

# Choose the word or phrase which conveys nearest opposite meaning to the word ‘Militant’

# Choose the most appropriate word and fill in the blank -There was some confusion the agreement.

# Choose the one word that can be substitute for ‘To examine one’s own thoughts and feelings’.

# Choose the most appropriate words and fill in the blank -Wait here …..

# The number of function Keys in a keyboard is –

# Which of following is not an input device?

# ‘Device drivers’ means –

# A word on a web page which opens other documents when clicks on it is a ………

# A …………… is composed of several computers connected together to share resources and data.

# Full form of ‘TRIPS’ is

# What is the old name of Mahabharat the largest Mahakavya in the world.

# ‘Wandering in many worlds’ is the autobiography of

# The ‘Narco Analysis Technique’ involves the intravenous administration of :-

# Where is the headquarter of Intellectual property Appellate Board located ?

# In which district the Bagh Caves are situated

# Which is the district having lowest literacy rate in M P.

# Telangana is …….. new State of India.

# Who was the first Chief Justice of India after Independence ?

# On which date National Legal Service Day is ceiebrated-

Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Preliminary 2024 and 2025 - 175 Mock Tests & Previous Papers

  • 100 Full Length Mock Tests - with unlimited practice
  • 75 Topic wise Mock Tests covering all the topics in the syllabus
  • Previous Question Papers - with official answer keys
  • Downloadable PDF copies of all bare acts as per syllabus
  • Database of over 15000+ MCQs
  • Mock Tests designed as per latest syllabus and pattern
  • Access valid for one year from date of purchase
  • Questions & Answer Choices randomly shuffled in every attempt for better practice
  • Accessible 24 x 7 via Smart-Phone browsers, Laptops, Desktops and Tablets

Madhya Pradesh Judicial Service Civil Judge Exam Syllabus & overview

Madhya Pradesh Higher Judicial Services Exam MP HJS 2014