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Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Prelims 175 Mock Tests & Previous Papers

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Note : This is not the complete question paper. This post contains only the question headers for reference. The complete papers, with the official answer keys are available for our registered users of online practice packs for the Judicial Services Exam preparation.

# Which of the following is not a Constitutional body ?

# Under Indian Constitution, Fundamental duties enshrined under Article 51 A does not includes the duty-

# Constitution of India :- The right of vote in India is –

# Which of the following is true and correct regarding Art. 14 of the Constitution of India ?

# Which of the following Article of the Constitution of India recognizes the ‘Doctrine of Double Jeopardy’?

# Constitution of Panchayats is given in……of Constitution of India

# Constitution of India :- Protection and Improvement of Environment and safeguarding forest and wild life is :-

# Which among the following is not a fundamental right according ro Constitution of India- (a) Right of equality (b) Right to freedom of religion (c ) Right to constitutional remedies (d) Equal justice and free legal aid

# Constitution of India :- Which one of the folllowing’ is not a Directive Principle of State Policy ?

# In preamble of the Constitution of India, the people of India have resolved to Constitute India into :-

# Civil Procedure code :- A decree for injunction if not obeyed –

# Civil Procedure Code :- A decree for restitution of conjugal right is executable –

# Which one of the following statement is incorrect regarding the compromise under order 23 Rule 3 of Civil Procedure Code ?

# Where a suit is dismissed under Rule 8 of Order 9 of the Civil Procedure Code in respect of same cause of action, the plaintiff-

# Civil Procedure Code :- A decision or finding given by Court without jurisdiction –

# Civil Procedure Code :- A suit for partition of properties situated in different cities :-

# Under Section 148 of Civil Procedure Code the Court can enlarge the time not exceeding in total :-

# Civil Procedure Code – A suit may be defeated due to –

# Civil Procedure Code :- Suit against Government shall not be instituted until the expiration of-

# Civil Procedure Code :- Principle of res judicata does not apply –

# Civil Procedure Code :- Which of the following is a right of civil nature –

# According to order 20 Rule 7 of Civil Procedure Code the decree shall bear the date of

# Where a suit is abated or dismissed under Order 22 of Civil Procedure Code on the same cause of action

# Civil Procedure Code :- The provision in respect of summary procedure has been laid down under –

# Which Provision (Order) of Civil Procedure Code deals with production, impounding and return of documents ?

# Transfer of Property Act :- Which one of the following statement is incorrect regarding transfer of immovable property by gift?

# Transfer of Property Act:- The attestation of document means :-

# Transfer of property Act :- ‘Transfer of Property’ does not include ?

# Transfer of Property Act :- The gift of future property is :-

# Which of the following section of the Transfer of Property Act deals with ‘effect of holding over a lease’?

# Transfer of Property Act :- The doctrine of ‘lis pendens’ is explained in famous case of :-

# Under Transfer of Property Act, if the donor dies before acceptance of the gift by donee ?

# Indian Contract Act :- Which contract is specifically enforceable ?

# Indian Contract Act :- Inadequacy of consideration is relevant in determining the question of –

# If only a part of the consideration or object is unlawful, the contract under sec. 24 of the Indian contract, shall be-

# Indian Contract Act :- Two parties entered into contract. They later realized that there was a mistake in their understanding of law as applicable in India. This make their contract –

# Frustration of contract is provided by which Section of the Indian Contract Act ?

# Indian Contract Act :- Goods displayed in showcase of a shop with price tag is :-

# Indian Contract Act :- ‘A’ enters into a contract with ‘B’ to sell him 100 bales of cotton and afterwards discovers that ‘B’ was acting as agent for ‘C’. For the price of the cotton ‘A’ may sue –

# Under Indian Contract Act, when does an agreement becomes a contract ?

# Specific Relief Act :- Where in any suit for specific performance of contract or any part thereof is dismissed, then suit for breach for compensation –

# Consider following facts regarding effect of declaration made under Section 34 of Specific Relief Act :- 1. Declaration is binding on the parties to the suit and persons claiming through them respectively. 2. Declaration binds all those persons who have knowledge of the suit and knowingly they do not become parties.

# Specific Relief Act :- An injunction can not be granted –

# Specific Relief Act :- Plaintiff, without having any tittle, filed a suit, for permanent injunction against dispossession, based on long possession:-

# Specific Relief Act :- An injunction can be granted –

# Under Specific Relief Act, 1963, Specific Relief may be granted :-

# Limitation Act :- The period of limitation for a suit to compensation for a malicious prosecution is :-

# Section 5 of the Limitation Act, 1963 does not apply to :-

# Limiataion Act :- The period of limitation for preferring an appeal from a decree passed by a court subordinate to the High Court to a High Court from the date of the decree is :-

# Section 5 of the Limitation Act, 1963 applies to –

# M.P. Accommodation Control Act:- Which one of the following option is correct regarding notice of increase of arrear of rent ? Notice must be given orally or in writing by landlord or on behalf of the landlord. 2. Notice may be given to tenant personally or to be one his adult member of family or to his servant.

# M.P. Accommodation Control Act:- A Revision against a final order passed by the Rent Controlling authority on an application submitted by a retired government servant for eviction of his tenant, on the ground of bona fide requiement, shall be to-

# M.P. Accommodation Control Act :- Member of the family do not includes ?

# M.P. Accommodation Control Act :- After a notice of demand arrears of rent has been served on tenant, he should pay or tender the arrears of rent, to save himself from eviction :

# Under which provision of M.P. Accommodation Control Act, 1961, penalties can be imposed on a land lord and tenant ?

# M.P. Land Revenue Code :- Who would decide the disputes regarding boundaries between villages, survey number and plot numbers ?

# Where a Bhumiswami has been dispossessed unauthorisedly, he will make an application for restitution of possession under Section 250 of M.P. Land Revenue Code, before –

# M.P. Land Revenue Code :- An application by party interested will be presented to Tehsildar for Demarcation of boundary of a survey number or of a sub division or of a plot Number and Construction of boundary mark thereon.

# The offence under Section 250-B of the M.P. Land Revenue Code, is –

# Under M.P.L.R.C., 1959, which of the following matter is not in exclusive juristiction of revenue authorities ?

# Indian Evidence Act :- Extra judicial confession means a confession made ?

# If an accused voluntarily consents for brain mapping and narco-analysis, then such information is relevant under which section of evidence Act?

# Indian Evidence Act :- Indentification of a suspect by photo is :-

# There is a charge upon ‘A’ committing murder at Kolkata on a certain day. He takes plea that on that on that day he was at Mumbai. This statement of ‘A’ is relevant under which section of the Evidence Act ?

# A dying declaration is relevant evidence under Section 32 of the Evidence Act notwithstanding it being hearsay evidence, because –

# Indian Evidence Act :- The burden of proof in case of ‘Plea of alibi’ is –

# Indian Evidence Act :- Defence of alibi is governed by-

# Indian Evidence Act :- A witness may while under examination, refresh his memory by referring to any writing made by himself at the time of the transaction or soon afterwards. This provision is provided under –

# In the evidence Act, the conditions in respect of computer output to be deemed and admissible in evidence as document is contained in –

# Indian Evidence Act :- which of the following is not a competent Witness ?

# Under Section 45 of evidence Act Opinion of expert witness is-

# Under Indian Evidence Act, 1872 which one of the following is not essential condition for admissibility of dying declaration ?

# Under Section 27 of the Evidence Act the ‘Fact discovered’ means….

# Under Indian Evidence Act, 1872, for raising presumption in respect of an electronic record that electronic signature on the record which purports to be that of any particular person was so affixed by him, the record shall be –

# Test identification parade conducted during investigation of a case is admissible in evidence under which of the Section of the Evidence Act ?

# Under Section 34 of Indian Penal Code –

# Indian Penal Code :- Which one of the following option is incorrect ?

# Indian Penal Code :- A lady wishing to get a railway ticket finding a crowd at ticket window at Stataion asked ‘B’ who was near Window to get a ticket for her and handed him over money for some. ‘B’ took money and instead of getting ticket ran away with money. What offence has been committed by ‘B’ ?

# Indiaqn Penal Code :- A finds Rs. 2000/- note on public place. He has no idea as to whom the Rs. 2000/- note belongs. He picks up the note. A has committed-

# Indian Penal Code :- Uttering obscene words near a public place-

# To convict a person for offence under sec. 306 I.P.C.-

# In which one of the following sections of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 punishment for wrongful confinement is provided ?

# Indian Penal Code :- X intended to kill A but instead killed B whom he had no intendon to kill under which doctrine is X liable for the murder of B

# Which Section of the Indian Penal Code deals with those conditions, when consent is said to be, not free consent ?

# Indian Penal Code :- For an offence of Kidnapping from lawful guardianship the age of a girl must be –

# Indian Penal Code :- The right of private defence of the body –

# Indian Penal Code :- which one of the following statement is correct ?

# Under India Penal Code, which of the following amounts to defamation :-

# Whoever kidnaps or abducts any child with intention of taking dishonestly any movable property from the person of such child, shall be punished under Section 369 of I.P.C. if the child is under ?

# According to Indian Penal Code, Any man who monitors the use by a woman of the internet, email or any other form of electronic communication commits the offence of

# Under what Section of Criminal Procedure Code a Magistrate may direct local investigation ?

# Criminal Procedure Code :- How much punishment may be awarded to an accused who is found guilty under a summary trial ?

# A confessional statement u/s 164 of Criminal Procedure Code can be recorded?

# Criminal Procedure Code :- In M.P. offence under section 363 IPC is triable by which Court?

# Criminal Procedure code :- If a offence under section 376 IPC is committed the information shall be recorded by woman police officer under section?

# Criminal Procedure Code :- The Magistrate of first class may pass a sentence :-

# Criminal Procedure Code :- Imprisonment in default of payment of fine can be awarded –

# Procedure of Arrest and Duties of officer making Arrest is provided in Section…of Criminal Procedure Code.

# Criminal Procedure Code :- Court may alter charge –

# Executive Magistrate may require Security for good behaviour from habitual offender under section……..of Criminal Procedure Code.

# Criminal Procedure Code :- Magistrate may take cognizance of an offence on complaint if in his opinion :-

# Victim is defined in Section..of Criminal Procedure Code.

# Under provision to section 372 Criminal Procedure Code, victim have no right to prefer an appeal against any order passed by the court-

# Under Criminal Procedure Code, the period of limitation for taking cognizance of any offence shall be three years-

# When the person who would otherwise be competent to compound an offence under Section 320 of Criminal Procedure Code is dead. then-

# Which of the following section of Negotiable Instruments Act is related with presumption ?

# Negotiable Intruments Act :- Whether a minor may draw, indorse, deliver and negotiate any instrument ?

# Negotiable Instruments Act :- when the cause of action accrue, if the cheque issued by the drawer is dishonour ?

# Supreme court has laid down certain directions to criminal courts for speedy and expeditious disposal of cases falling under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 in the case of :-

# Negotiable Instruments Act :- In a recent case Supreme Court has held that where the cheque amount with interest and cost as assessed by the Court is paid by a specified date, the Court is entitled to close the proceedings in exercise of its powers under section 143 of the Act read with Section 258 Cr.P.C. That case is

# An artificial satellite stays in the orbit around the earth because –

# Venus is considered as ‘Earth’s Twin’ because :

# which among the following city of Madhya Pradesh is not included in the Smart City Project ?

# Laxmibai National Institute of Physical Education is situated in :-

# AB Blood group is also known as Universal Acceptor group because –

# Bhopal Gas Tragedy occurred on-

# Pangong Tso (Lake) is Situated in which state ?

# Davis Cup is related to which sport ?

# How many times Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee was Prime Minister of India ?

# Who was runner-up of FIFA world cup 2018 ?

# If you want to see Crocodiles in their naturaal habitat then in which one place is best to visit ?

# In which District of Madhya Prades PATALKOT is located ?

# Which Country is not a permanent member of United Nations security Council ?

# Which of the following Countries is not in the continent of Asia ?

# who has become the oldest Indian woman to complete an Ironman Triatlon ?

# In March 1939, Indian National Congress met at annual session at ‘Tripuri’ near….

# ‘Kalidas Award’ of M.P. Govt is not awarded in the field of-

# Who has been the first person who deliverd his speech in Hindi in U.N.O.?

# Who constructed the Sanchi Stupa ?

# who was/were awarded the Bharat Ratna 2015?

# Which of the following is not an operating system ?

# One petabyte is equal to

# Which of the following devices cannot be shared on a computer network ?

# In computers and digital technology 1GB is:

# Which of the following methods cannot be used for Data Transfer between two computers ?

# TFT stands for ?

# What is called the procedure for transfer of system file to Memory RAM in computer ?

# which is not a secondary storage device ?

# Full form of URL is-

# IC chips used in computers are made of-

# I shall Go and….Down.

# Choose the word opposite in meaning to ‘CORDIAL’

# Microscopes make small things appear larger than…

# Find the correct spelt word ?

# Fill in the blank with correct proposition – I have no sympathy..this man.

# Word…expresses the opposite meaning of ‘SUSCEPTIBLE’

# Allowance due to a wife from husband on separation.

# Find out the correct Antonym for the word ‘Veracity’-

# …the cover of darkness, the enemy crept…..

# Select the word which is most nearly opposite in meaning as the word ‘FORBID’

Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Prelims 175 Mock Tests & Previous Papers

  • 100 Full Length Mock Tests - with unlimited practice
  • 75 Topic wise Mock Tests covering all the topics in the syllabus
  • Previous Question Papers - with official answer keys
  • Downloadable PDF copies of all bare acts as per syllabus
  • Database of over 15000+ MCQs
  • Mock Tests designed as per latest syllabus and pattern
  • Access valid for one year from date of purchase
  • Questions & Answer Choices randomly shuffled in every attempt for better practice
  • Accessible 24 x 7 via Smart-Phone browsers, Laptops, Desktops and Tablets

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