Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Exam MP PCSJ 2014

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Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Prelims 175 Mock Tests & Previous Papers

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Note : This is not the complete question paper. This post contains only the question headers for reference. The complete papers, with the official answer keys are available for our registered users of online practice packs for the Judicial Services Exam preparation.

# Which one of the following is not a Directive Principle of State Policy?

# When a writ is issued to an inferior court or tribunal on the grounds of exceeding its jurisdiction or acting countrary to the rules of natural justice. It is called a writ of

# Which article of the Constitution of India confers power to grant pardons on the Governor of a State?

# In preamble of the constitution, the people of India have resolved to constitute India into

# Article 24 of the constitution prohibits employment of children in any factory or mine or in any hazardous employment below the age of…..

# The power to grant pardons, reprieves,respites or remissions of punishment etc. under Article 72 of Constitution is exercised by the President of India

# Under T.P. Act, a mortgage by deposit of title deeds is called

# According to Section 122 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 property includes

# Under T.P. Act, which of the following property has not been recognized by any Statute but by Courts as immovable property?

# Under Section 3 of the T.P. Act, 1882, ‘Attested’ in relation to an instrument means attested by at least…..witness

# Under T.P. Act, which of the following mortgage with value of Rs. 100/- or above is not compulsory registrable?

# Civil Procedure Code at the first hearing of the suit, the Court must-

# App;ication under Order 9, Rule 7 of CPC to set aside the orde of ex-parte proceeding may be filed

# Under C.P.C. money deposited in execution of Money decree if less than decree if less than decretal amount

# The court may compel the attendance of any person to whom a summons has been issued under section 30 of CPC and for that purpose may

# Under order 7 Rule 11 of the CPC 1908. The plaint shall not be rejected

# Civil Procedure Code Pleading does not include

# Civil Procedure Code on death of either parties to the suit after conclusion of hearing and before pronouncement of Judgment the suit

# Civil Procedure Code Who shall furnish the affidavit which is filed in support of the plaint?

# A makes a contract with B to buy his house for Rs. 50,000 if he is able to secure a bank loan for that amount. The contract is

# Under Indian Contract Act, where both parties are under mistake as to matter of fact, the agreement is

# Which one of the following statements is correct in regard to a contract for sale of immovable property?

# Indian Contract Act ‘A’ agreed to pay ‘B’ rupees 500 for giving false evidence in his favour and afterwards refused to pay

# Under Specific Relief Act, whether Planitiff in possession of property as watchman can file a Suit for permanent injunction against his dispossession by real owner of suit property

# Plaintiff, without having any little, filled a Suit, for permanent injunction against dispossession, based on long possession

# Which section of the Specific Relief Act, 1963 provides about specific performance of a Contract which cannot be specifically enforced?

# In which condition an injunction can be granted under Specific Relief Act, 1963?

# In order to attract the applicability of Section 14 of the Limitation Act, which Condition is not required to be satisfied?

# Suit filed by plaintiff bassed on agreement to sell, which was executed on 03.09.2001 with a stipulation that sale deed will be executed within six months. Stay order passed in another appeal by which owner was restrained from alienating this property w.e

# Land was granted by State Government by way of allotment with a limitation on enjoyment for 15 years. Transfer did not involved absolute ownership of land. Period of limitation of claim adverse possession in such cases would be

# Appeal against a decree can be filed in High Court within

# Who is the landlord for the purpose of Section 23J of M.P. Accommodation Control Act?

# Defendant was a watchman, authorized to remain in possession of the premises by plaintiff. Whether eviction suit under Section 12 of Accommodation Control Act, 1961 is maintainable against him?

# As per Section 13 of M.P. Accommodation Control Act the rent may be deposited in the court. Whether Section 13 is applicable to execution proceedings of decree for eviction?

# Defendant was in arrears of rent for the period from April-may, 1980. Notice was served on defendant on 14.08.1980. Suit was filed for eviction on 04.03.1985. Summons were served on the defendant on 03.04.1985 defendant not deposited the arrears of rent w

# Which one is not correct-Under Section 2(a) of the MP Accommodation control Act, ”accommodation” means any building or part of a building and includes

# Which one of the following proposition is correct about Section 14 of the M.P. Accommodation Control Act, 1961?

# M.P. Accommodation Control Act does not apply to

# Under which one of the following section of M.P. Accommodation Control Act, powers of Civil Court have been provided to the Rent Control Authority?

# Tahsildar passed the order under M.P. L.R.C. granting easement of right of way or right to take water, through the land of a owner. Whether the jurisdiction of the civil court to entertain a suit for declaration or injunction is barred?

# Under Section 113 of M.P. Land Revenue Code, cierical errors which have been made in the record of rights may at any time be corrected by the

# Under Section248 of M.P. Land Revenue Code, the powers to fine a person for unauthorisedly taking possession of land has been given to

# Which of the following is incorrect regarding Service Land under M.P. L.R.C.

# The revisional authority mentioned in Section 50 of the M.P. Land Revenue Code may exercise suo motu power of revision

# Under M.P. Land Revenue Code, who has power to alter, create or abolish Divisions, District, Sub-divisions and Tahsils?

# A record of right prepared and maintained under Section 108 of the M.P. Land Revenue Code, contains following particulars

# Which Section of the M.P. L.R.C. provides for appointment of kotwars and their duties?

# Under M.P. Land Revenue Code, ‘Agriculture Year’ means the year commencing on the First Day of……?

# Under Indian Evidence Act, 1872 for proving execution of a registered will

# Under Indian Evidence Act,1872 what number of witnesses will be required for the proof of any fact?

# Under Indian Evidence Act, 1872 reports published in Newspaper are

# Under Indian Evidence Act 1872 for raising presumption in respect of an electronic presumption in respect of an electronic record that electronic signature on the record which purports to be that of any particular person was so affixed by him, the record

# Test identification parade conducted during investigation of a case is admissible in evidence under which of the Section of the Evidence Act?

# Under Indian Evidence Act, 1872 the statement of hostile witness

# The opinion of examiner of electronic evidence is a relevant fact under which provision of the Indian Evidence Act?

# Whoever kidnaps or abducts any child with intention of taking dishonestly any movable property from the person of such child, shall be punished under Section 369 of IPC if the child is under

# To constitute an offence of criminal conspiracy under I.P.C. what is the necessary condition to be proved?

# Removal of ornaments dishonestly from the body of deceased person is

# ‘A’ declares that she wants to commit suicide and runs towards a well but is caught and stopped by ‘B’ from jumping into the well. ‘A’ is guilty of which offence under Indian penal Code?

# Indian Penal Code ‘A’ with the intention of causing the death of a child of tender age, exposes it in deserted place, but death or the child does not ensue ‘A’ has committed an offence of

# Even after clear indication of disinterest shown by a woman to man, if such man follows her, then under which circumstance it would not constitute offence of stalking?

# Which of the following Section of Indian Penal Code is related to the offence of ‘Voyeurism’?

# After the amendment by Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013, to the Indian Penal Code the offence of Gang-rape is punishable under Section

# When the person who would otherwise be competent to compound an offence under Section 320 of Cr.P.C. is dead, then–

# Under Cr.P.C. after committal of the case Sessions Court found that another person against whom a prima facle case is made out from the materials contained in the case papers have not been included then

# In relation to FIR lodged under Section 154 of Cr.P.C. which of the following statement is not correct?

# Under Section 125 of Cr.P.C.

# Under Section 2(L) of Cr.P.C. the ‘Non-cognizable Case/Offence’ means a case in which

# Under Cr.P.C., Police Officer may arrest any person without an order from a Magistrate and without a warrant

# Under Section 357A(2) of Criminal Procedure Code which of the Authority is authorised to decide quantum of compensation?

# Under Section 143 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, trial shall be concluded within……months from the date of filling of the complaint

# The cognizance of offence under Section 138 of N.I. Act can be taken by the JMFC having territorial jurisdiction at the

# ‘A’ signs instruments in the following terms, which instruments are promissory note under Section 4 of the N.I.Act 1881?

# Which Section provides that the offences under the Negotiable instruments Act are compoundable?

# Offences under the Negotiable instruments Act are triable by

# According to W.H.O….was first discovered in 1976, that spread among the human population via direct contract with blood or bodly fluids from infected person.

# Which two Rivers are originated from Amarkantak.

# India’s Mars Ordibter Spacecraft (Mangalyan) successfully entered into orbit around planet Mars on

# The largest number of Tiger reserves are located in

# In the recently concluded Asian games what was the position of Indian in final medal tally?

# Madhubani’ a style of folk painting is popular in which of the following states in India?

# Who is the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India?

# ‘Forge your Future’ written by

# Recently which Indian citizen received ‘Nobel Prize for peace’ of 2014?

# United Nations announces ‘International Day of Yoga’ on

# How many countries are members of South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation?

# Who propounded the theory that ‘the earth moves around the sun’?

# How many lanjuages are there in the Eighth Schedule of the Condtitution of India?

# First Indian President of International Court of Justice was

# On whose 139th Birth anniversary ‘Run for Unity’ was organised?

# Which is not the application software

# As per classification which cannot be called ‘Computer’

# The acronyn HTML stands for

# Who invented Computer?

# Which of the following can be used to select documents?

# which word is nearest in the meaning to the ‘Esoteric’

# One who does not believe in God is called

# If you smuggle goods into the country, those may be…. by the custom authority

# He preferred Cricket…..any other sport.

# For the given capitalized word, pick the option that is closest in meaning FORCE

Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Prelims 175 Mock Tests & Previous Papers

  • 100 Full Length Mock Tests - with unlimited practice
  • 75 Topic wise Mock Tests covering all the topics in the syllabus
  • Previous Question Papers - with official answer keys
  • Downloadable PDF copies of all bare acts as per syllabus
  • Database of over 15000+ MCQs
  • Mock Tests designed as per latest syllabus and pattern
  • Access valid for one year from date of purchase
  • Questions & Answer Choices randomly shuffled in every attempt for better practice
  • Accessible 24 x 7 via Smart-Phone browsers, Laptops, Desktops and Tablets

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