Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Exam MP PCSJ 2013

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Madhya Pradesh Judicial Service Civil Judge Exam Syllabus & overview

Note : This is not the complete question paper. This post contains only the question headers for reference. The complete papers, with the official answer keys are available for our registered users of online practice packs for the Judicial Services Exam preparation.

# Under Indian Constitution in performance of his duties. Attorney General for India, shall have right of audience

# Under Indian Constitution, Fundamental duties enshrined under Article 51A does not includes the duty.

# Which Article of Indian Constitution provides for reservation in matters of promotion in services under the state in favour of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Trimes

# Under Indian Constitution, the Supreme Court may make rules of regulating the practice and procedure of the Court with the approval of

# ‘Indian National Anthem is a reflection of the real India as a country- a confidence of many religious, races, communities and geographical entitles. It is a message of unity in diversity’

# Right to vote is a-

# Section 41 of the T.P.A. 1882 is the statutory application of the law of

# Under Transfer of Property Act, in the absence of a Contract or Local Law, monthly lease is terminable

# Under Transfer of Property Act, which of the following is not transferable

# Under Transfer of Property Act, in which of the following matter, the doctrine of lis pendens does not apply.

# According to Section 54 of Transfer of Property Act, a contract for the sale of immovable property

# Under Section 151 of Civil Procedure Code, inherent powers can be exercised by the

# Under C.P.C.1908, on death of either parties to the suit after conclusion of hearing and pronouncement of judgment, the suit

# Under CPC 1908, if the court finds at any stage that it has no pacuniary jurisdiction with respect to the subject matter of the suit, it will

# Under C.P.C, which of following is not a decree?

# According to Order 20 Rule 7 of civil procedure code the decree shall bear the date of

# In a summary suit presented under order 37 civil procedure code it is necessary for the defendant to appear before the court within how many days of the service of the summon of appearance

# Under C.P.C., which of the following is not a suit of a civil nature

# Under CPC, a plaint can be rejected, where the suit is instituted in a Court having

# Under Indian Contract Act, when does an agreement becomes a contract?

# ‘A’ agree with ‘B’ to discover treasure by magic. Under Indian Contract Act, the agreement is-

# A sent his servant B to trace his lost nephew. When the servant had left ‘A’ announced a reward of Rs.501/-to any one who traces the boy. B found the boy and brought him home. Then he came to know about the reward. Under Indian Contract Act, can he claim the reward?

# A hires a carriage of B. The carriage is unsafe, though B is not aware of it, and A is injured. Under Indian Contract Act, B is

# Under Specific Relief Act, 1963, Specific Relief may be granted

# The declaration given under Section 34 of the Specific Relief Act is binding on whom?

# Which of the following contract can not be specifically enforced as per the provisions of Section 14 of the specific relief Act?

# An order or decree passed in a suit presented under Section 6 of the Specific Relief Act is

# Under Limitation Act 1963,in computing the period of limitation for any suit, the day from which such period is to be reckoned

# As per Section 5 of Limitation Act 1963, prescribed period of limitation may not be extended in case of

# Under Limitation Act, 1963, the prescribed period of limitation for suit for compensation for a malicious prosecution is

# Law of Limitation ordinarily bars a remedy, but does not extinguish a right. Which of the following Section of the Limitation Act, 1963, provides for exception to the said rule

# Under M.P. Accommodation Council Act, 1961, when the defence against eviction of the tenant can be struck out?

# Under which provision of M.P. Accommodation Control Act, 1961, penalties can be imposed for a land lord and tenant?

# The Provisions of M.P. Accommodation Control Act applies to

# Under M.P. Accommodation Council Act, 1961, what is the maximum period for which standard rent shall be fixed for a tenancy?

# Which of the following is not a ”member of the family” for the purpose of M.P.Accommodation Control Act, 1961

# Under M.P. Accommodation Control Act, 1961, where a landlord has acquired any accommodation by transfer, no suit for the eviction of tenant shall be maintainable on the ground of bonafide need for residence, unless a period of…has elapsed from the date of acquisition.

# Under M.P. Accommodation Control Act, 1961, in a suit for eviction, the tenant shall deposit in the Court or pay to the landlord the arrears of rent within which period from the service of writ of summons

# Under M.P. Accommodation Control Act, 1961, where shall the tenant file a complaint when the landlord with holds the essential supply?

# Under M.P. L.R.C. 1959, on all lands on which the assessment has not been made, the assessment of land revenue shall be made by

# Under M.P.L.R.C. 1959, within how many days can the non tribal Bhumiswami may apply for restoration of possession of his land from where he has been illegally dispossessed?

# Any dispute between the state government and any person in respect of any right under Section 57(1) of the M.P. Land Revenue Code shall be decided by the

# The offence under Secion 250B of the M.P. Land Revenue Code is

# Under M.P.L.R.C. 1959, which of the following Revenue Officer is empowered, after the closure of the revenue surveys and during the term of settlement, to correct any errors in the area of any holding due to mistake of arithmetical miscalculation.

# A person who, at the time of coming into force of the M.P. Land Revenue Code, 1959,held a land as a pattedar tenant in the Vindhya Pradesh region, shall be called

# Under M.P.L.R.C., 1959,which of the following matter is not in exclusive jurisdiction of revenue authorities?

# Under which Section of MP. L.R.C. occupancy tenants defined?

# Any right lawfully acquired by a person in any land shall be reported by the person under Section 109 of the M.P.Land Revenue Code to

# Under Indian Evidence Act, the evidence given by dog squad is

# If an accused voluntarily consents for brain mapping and harco-anylysis, then such information is relevant under which Section of Evidence Act?

# An, accused of murder, alleges that, by grave and sudden provocation, he was deprived of the power of self-control under Indian Evidence Act, the burden of proof is on

# A prosecutes, B for adultery with C, A’s wife, B deines that C is A’s wife, but the court convicts B of adultery. Afterwards, C is prosecuted for bigamy in marrying B during A’s lifetime. C says that she never was A’s wife. Under Indian Evidence Act, the judgment against B is

# A, agrees in writing, to sell a horse to B for ‘Rs. 1,000 or Rs. 1,500. To show which price was to be given, under Indian Evidence Act-

# A sues B for Rs. 1000 and shows entries in his account-books showing B to be indebted to him to this amount. Under Indian Evidence Act

# The term ‘Court’, as defined in the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, does not include

# Which section of IPC is based on the maxim ‘de minimis nor curate lex” (the law takes no account of trifles)?

# Under which provision of the IPC appropriate Government may commute the punishment of imprisonment for life?

# Accoding to Indian Penal Code, taking property dishonestly from the dead body

# According to Indian Penal Code, any man who monitors the use by a woman of the internet, email or any other form of electronic communication commits the offence of

# Under Indian Penal Code, the imprisonment, which the Court imposes in default of payment of fine, may be of the following description-

# A holds B down and fraudulently takes B’s cell phone from B’s trouser without his consent. Under Indian Penal Code. A commits the offence of

# A obtains a decree against B for a sum not due. It may be an offence under I.P.C. if ‘A’ has done so

# Under I.P.C., sexual intercourse by a man with a woman who is not his wife with her consent is a rape,if she is below the age of

# Under Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, who empowers the Judicial Magistrate First Class for summary trails?

# Under Criminal Procedure Code 1973, who shall record the information of rape being given by a rape victim?

# Who cah record statement and confession under Section 164 of the Cr.P.C.

# Under Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, a magistrate can commit a case to Court of Session which is not exclusively triable by the Court of Session if it appears to him that the case is such that

# Under Criminal Procedure Code, when the Inquiry or trial relates to an offence under Section 376 to 376D of the Indian Penal Code within which period the inquiry or trial shall as far as possible be completed from the date of filling of the charge sheet?

# Under Cr.P.C., a Magistrate First Class may order to make a monthly allowance for the maintence at the monthly rate of

# Inherent power under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 can be exercised by

# When may an accomplice be tendered pardon under Section 306 of Criminal Procedure Code?

# To constitute an offence under Section 138, Negotiable Instrument Act, within how many days the cheque should be presented to the bank from the date on which it is drawn?

# Under Section 118 of Negotiable instrument Act, 1881,what presumption shall not be made?

# The maximum amount of fine which can be imposed under Section 138 of Negoitable instrument Act is

# Under Negotiable Instrument Act 1881, how many times, a holder of a cheque can present it before a bank during the period of its validity?

# UN Security Council by a resolution decided to destroy the chemical weapons of which country?

# First women Chairperson of the State Bank of India is

# Name of scientists who discovered ‘God Praticle’ and were awarede Nobel Prize for this in 2013 are:

# Khajuraho Festival is a culturally enriched show of

# Bhimbetka is known for

# Name of India’s first defence satelite, launched on 30 August, 2013 is

# Daman and Diu comes under the jurisdiction of which of the following High Court?

# The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant is established in

# Who is the Chairperson of Unique identification Authority of India?

# Kshipra is the tributary of which River

# ‘Chand Ka Muh Teda Hai’- is the work of

# Mid-Day Meal Scheme presently covers students up to class

# In addition to India Nepal and Pakistan, following countries are also included in Indian Sub continent?

# The gas which traps the heat of the suit and prevents it from going back into space is?

# In which district of Madhya Pradesh ‘Bori wild life’ is situated?

# A Storage system for email amount of date is?

# A Stand-alone system which produces one page of printout at a time is?

# Which of the following is not a type of touch screen technology

# What is true about Ubuntu

# www’ stands for

# Anyonyms for ‘MARVELLOUS’ is

# Synonym of ‘BLEMISH’ is

# Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of ‘veracity’

# Monkey are able to move quickly they are very…..(which is most appropriate word to complete the sentence)

# (Select the appropriate word to complete the sentence) …. most important event in India’s history was the revolution of 1857 ?

# Under Indian Constitution to whom the president addresses his resignation?

# Under Indian Constitution, what is not included in freedom to manage religious affairs?

# Can fundamental rights, under Indian constitution, be waived by a person?

# Sixth schedule of the Indian constitution contains provisions with regard to administration of tribal areas of some states which of the following state is not included in it?

# President’s Rule under Article 356 of Constitution remains valid in the State for the maximum period of?

# Which writ can be issued when appointment is contrary to the statutory provisions?

# Section 9 of the Transfer, of Property Act, 1882 Provides that-

# In respect of transfer of property, under Transfer of Property Act, which of the following statements is not true?

# Within the meaning of Section 3 of the Transfer of Property Act, the immovable property does not include?

# Under Section 104 of Transfer of Property Act on whom the power of making Rules is conferred?

# Section 44 of the Transfer of Property Act deals with-

# Under section 148 of C.P.C., the Court can enlarge the time not exceeding in total-

# Where a Caveat has been lodged under section 148A of C.P.C., what is the period after expiry of which such Caveat shall not remain in force?

# Under Civil Procedure Code, in which of the following cases the Court cannot reject the plaint?

# Under Civil Procedure Code, which of the following statements are true regarding a decree?

# Under Civil Precedure Code, defendant can ask for temporary injunction against the plaintiff if-

# Under Civil Procedure Code, when application for review is dismissed-

# An order passed without jurisdiction, attains finality in favour of some parties. Whether principle of res judicata, under C.P.C., would apply to such an order, between same parties?

# The object of oral examination under Order 10 R. 2 of CP.C. is-

# Under Indian Contract Act, which of the following contracts is not a valid contract?

# A consigns goods to B for sale and gives him instructions not to sell under a fixed price. C, being ignorant of instructions, given to B, enters into a contract with B to buy the goods at a price lower than the reserved price-

# Under Indian Contract Act Publication of notice inviting tender is-

# Under Indian Contract Act, Contract of betting is-

# Proviso to section 34 of Specific Relief Act, 1963, relates to-

# Under Section 37 of Specific Relief Act, 1963 a temporary injunction can be granted-

# A is minor, who poses himself as major and executes a mortgage before B for Rs. 10000/-. B files a suit for recovery of loan. A takes a defence that he was not competent to contract when he took loan. In such a situation which of the following statement i

# When, due to fraud played by the parties, a contract in writing does not express its real intention, then appropriate remedy would be a suit for-

# Section 6 of Limitation Act does apply in case of?

# Any suit for which no period of limitation is provided elsewhere in the Schedule of the Limitation Act, the limitation would be-

# Under Limitation Act, the period of limitation for any suit or application shall be deemed to be extended for a maximum period of… From the death of the person affected by disability-

# Under section 21 of Limitation Act, 1963 when the suit shall be deemed to have been Instituted as against the newly impleaded defendant-

# Where decree is passed against a tenant on the ground of bona fide need under Sec.12(I)(e) of M.P. Accommodation Control Act, the landlord would get possession of the premises after….of the date of order-

# To whom appeal lies, against an order passed by Rent Controlling Authority under section 23-A of the M.P. Accommodation Control Act?

# Under M.P. Accommodation Control Act, landlord can institute a suit for eviction against tenant for accommodation let for non-residential purpose if required bonafide by the landlord-

# Under M.P. Accommodation Control Act, the ground for eviction that the tenant has built accommodation suitable for his purpose is available only where the purpose of letting is-

# Under Sec. 13(2) of M.P. Accommodation Control Act, the fixing of provisional rent is necessary where the disputs relates to-

# A retired servant of a… covered within the meaning of landlord as defined under Section 23-J (II) of the M.P. Accommodation Control Act-

# Under the provisions of M.P. Accommodation Control Act, with respect to fixation of standard rent, exclusive jurisdiction has been conferred on-

# Unde Section 12(1)(f) of M.P. Accommodation Control Act, for whose need, Landlord cannot obtain decree of eviction against a tenant?

# Under M.P. Land Revenue Code, in respect of Government lessee, which statement is correct?

# Under M.P. Land Revenue Code, a bhumiswami can transfer his land on lease only for a period……

# Under M.P. Land Revenue Code, who is the owner of all lands of the State?

# Under which Section of M.P. Land Revenue Code, appointment of Kotwars and their duties are prescribed?

# Under Section 113 of the M.P. Land Revenue Code, clerical errors made in the record of rights may, at any time, be corrected or caused, to be corrected by the-

# Under M.P. Land Revenue Code, how many adjournments may be granted by the Revenue Officer to each party for the hearing of a case or proceedings before him?

# Under M.P. Land Revenue Code, Collector can not review an order, which has not been passed by himself, without prior permission of?

# Under M.P. Land Revenue Code, Tahsildar can rectify wrong entry made in khasra if application is filed within-

# Under M.P. Land Revenue Code, after publication of ‘Wajib-ul-Arz’ within which period it can be challenged in a Civil Court?

# Ram is charged with travelling on a railway without a ticket. Under Evidence Act the burden of proving that Ram had a ticket is on?

# Evidence Act- An estate called ‘the Rampore tea estate’ is sold by a deed which contains a map of the property sold. The fact that land not included in the map had always been regarded as part of the estate and was meant to pass by the deed, this fact-

# Statement of an injured person is recorded as dying declaration, however he survives. His Statement is admissible under which section of the Evidence Act?

# Under Evidence Act, confession of one accused is admissible in evidence against co-accused-

# Under S. 68 of Evidence Act, for proving execution of a registered will it is-

# Under Evidence Act, which of the following facts need not be proved?

# A dying declaration under Section 32 of the Evidence Act is admissible in evidence-

# In which of the following sets of sections of the I.P.C. even death can be caused in exercise of right of private defence of person and property?

# A prepares a marksheet with an intention to use it as original to secure a job. Under I.P.C., he is said to have committed offence of-

# A throws acid on B and causes grievous hurts to him. Under I.P.C., A is liable for minimum punishment of?

# A who was previously convicted under section 376 I.P.C. and is again convicted under same section for life imprisonment. Here imprisonment for life means-

# Where no sum is expressed to which a fine may extend, under I.P.C. in such a case, the amount of fine to which the offender is liable is:-

# Under I.P.C., deceit is ingredient of-

# ‘A’ makes an attempt to steal some jewels by breaking open a box, and finds after so opening the box, that there is no jewel in it. Under I.P.C., ‘A’ has committed-

# ‘A’ incites a dog to spring upon Z, without Z’s consent, intending to cause injury fear or annoyance to Z, ‘A’ has, under I.P.C. committed-

# In case of non-bailable offence under section 437 Cr.P.C. the Magistrate can release the person produced before him on bail-

# If person, identifying the person arrested is mentally and physically disabled, who will supervise the process of identification, under Cr. P.C.?

# If any woman against whom an offence under section 326A IPC is alleged to has been committed gives information, under Cr.P.C. such information should be recorded by-

# Under Cr.P.C., for which offence it is mandatory for all Government and private hospitals to provide first aid to the victim and inform the police of such incident-

# Under Cr.P.C., application for plea bargaining can be filed by-

# Which of the following persons cannot claim maintenance under Section 125, Cr.P.C.

# An offence is committed outside India by a citizen of India such offence shall be inquired or tried in India with the previous sanction of-

# Can a person discharged under sec. 258 of Cr.P.C. be tried again for the same offence?

# Which of the following circumstances will attract the provisions of Section 138 of Negotiable instruments Act?

# What is the presumption under Section 139 of the Negotiable Instruments Act?

# Under Negotiable Instruments Act, how many days after service of notice of demand on drawer, the Cause of Action arises against drawer, if he fails to make payment?

# Under Negotiable Instruments Act, for filling a complaint under sec. 138 of the Act essential condition is-

# Which foreign musician performed in Kashmir for peace?

# With which game Jwala Gutta is associated-

# Which country agreed to cooperate India in its mission of sending unmanned space crafts to Moon and Mars?

# In M.P. which national park would get lions from Gujarat?

# Who is the authour of the book ‘A Passage to India’?

# India’s newly constructed longest rail tunnel is-

# Which is the largest state of India area wise?

# Which of the following was the capital city of Raja Bhoj?

# In India Tropical deciduous forests are found in-

# Which of the following sections of the Representation of People Act was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in a recent judgement?

# Shakuntala devi who died recently was famous for?

# Which of the following effect is not caused by the rotation of Earth around its axis?

# Parkinson’s disease related to-

# In which State ‘Khap Panchayat’ is more prevlent?

# To whom amongst the following, Man Booker Prize for year 2013 was conferred?

# In Computer CD-Raw is-

# The correcting errors in a programme of Computer is called-

# Which of the following is not a type of computer virus=

# Amongst following, which is the smallest unit of storage-

# Android is an operating system based on-

# What is the antonym of the word optimist-

# Make the correct answer choice for the blank in the following sentence- ‘The cat has….the bird’-

# Give the meaning of the word Ecstatic-

# A phrase generally used for the words ‘to care for somebody or oneself’ is-

# Pragmatic means-


Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Preliminary 2024 and 2025 - 175 Mock Tests & Previous Papers

  • 100 Full Length Mock Tests - with unlimited practice
  • 75 Topic wise Mock Tests covering all the topics in the syllabus
  • Previous Question Papers - with official answer keys
  • Downloadable PDF copies of all bare acts as per syllabus
  • Database of over 15000+ MCQs
  • Mock Tests designed as per latest syllabus and pattern
  • Access valid for one year from date of purchase
  • Questions & Answer Choices randomly shuffled in every attempt for better practice
  • Accessible 24 x 7 via Smart-Phone browsers, Laptops, Desktops and Tablets

Madhya Pradesh Judicial Service Civil Judge Exam Syllabus & overview

Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Exam MP PCSJ 2013