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# Following Irregularities done by a Magistrate, do not vitiate proceedings: 94

# Stoppage of proceedings in a criminal case has the effect of:

# Under Section 64 of the Indian Penal Code, a sentence of imprisonment for non-payment of fine shall;

# In case of an offence punishable with fine only, imprisonment for non-payment of fine

# Insanity as a defence means that a person at the time of doing an act, by reason of unsaundness of mind is incapable of knowing:

# Culpable homicide is causing death:

# For rioting, which of the following is correct;

# In cases of dishonest misappropriation the Initial possession of property is:

# Circumstantial evidence must satisfy the following test:

# Due execution of a document more than thirty years old coming from proper custody, is a:

# Fact in issue mans the fact, existence or non- existence of which is:

# Section 14 of the Evidence Act makes relevant the facts which show the existence of:

# A legal representative under the Code or Civil Procedure means:

# Where the execution is applied within _____ years of the decree, issuance of notice of the application for execution of a decree, to the judgment debtor, is not necessary.

# Under Order IX, Rule 7 of the Code of Civil Procedure, an application can be made:

# Contract is said to have 3 essentials, which one among the following is not an essential element in the formation of contract:

# ‘The question of the title is irrelevant in a suit under Section 6 of the Specific Relief Act, 1963.’ This statement is:

# Decisions regarding disqualification of members of Lok Sabha are taken by

# Whether a mortgagee under a simple mortgage can take possession of the mortgaged property?

# When a writ is issued to an inferior court or tribunal on grounds of exceeding its jurisdiction or acting contrary to the rules of natural justice, it is called a writ of:

# ______ is the ‘heart and soul of the Constitution.’

# Right to appeal is:

# A suit through next friend can be filed:

# Mesne profit means;

# Total number of languages recognized in the Constitution of India are:

# In a case in which time had not been fixed for performance of the agreement, the court refused to grant the relief of specific performance to the plaintiff on the ground that suit was not filed within a reasonable time. The order Is:

# The authority empowered to transfer a judge from one High Court to another High Court is the:

# Illegality renders a contract:

# Right to seek advisory opinion of the Supreme Court on any question of law belongs to the:

# ‘The jurisdiction lo decree specific performance is discretionary and the court is not bound to grant such relief merely because it is lawful to do so.’ This statement is:

# ‘A’, executed an agreement with ‘B’ who was a minor aged 17 years at the time of execution of the agreement. After attaining majority, the erstwhile minor:

# A ‘holder in due course’ is person:

# Withdrawal of complaint, results in the:

# The question is, whether a horse sold by A to B is sound; A says to B – ‘go and ask C, C knows all about it.’ C’s statement is:

# A suit to set aside a compromise decree:

# An arrest warrant before judgment against a defendant can be issued if the defendant:

# The list of witnesses, after settlement of issues, must be filed within:

# Where a judgment-debtor dies before the decree has been fully satisfied:

# Section 115 of the Code of Civil Procedure applies to:

# Newly inserted Chapter XXI-A of the Code of Criminal Procedure deals with:

# Offences other than those mentioned under Section 320 of Cr.P.C.:

# Attachment of the property of the person absconding, can be:

# An accused having been called to examine himself on a request in writing:

# When several persons do a Criminal act in furtherance to the common intention:

# Right of private defence is:

# The following are exceptions to defamation:

# Abetment is complete as soon as:

# ‘S’ knows that ‘R’ is suffering from the disease of heart ailment and also knows that one hit on R’s chest can cause cardiac arrest the cause death. S hits R once on chesl and R dies. S is:

# A intentionally deceived B into a belief that A has performed A’s part of a contract which he has nol performed, and thereby dishonestly induces B 1o pay money. A has committed:

# A document required by law to be arrested can be proved under Section 68 of the Evidence Act only by calling:

# Section 92 of the Evidence Act is applicable to disputes between:

# The right to cross-examine on an answer to court question is available to:

# Section 27 of the Evidence Act applies to discovery of some fact which:

# Under Section 32 of the Evidence Act. a statement of a person who is dead, to be admissible:

# Period of thirty years under Section 90 of the Evidence Act is to be reckoned from the date on which the document:

# Section 114 of the Evidence Act provides for certain:

# During re-examination of a witness:

# Properties that can be attached arc:

# After withdrawal of a suit, the plaintiff:

# ‘A’ executed a demand promissory note in favour of ‘B’ for an ascertained sum. Though the parties had agreed upon payment of interest, they failed to specify the rate of interest in the instrument. Later ‘B’ unilaterally added 18% as the rate of intere

# Who among the following judges was Chairman of the National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution?

# Which of the following island is situated in Arabian sea?

# Which o( the following contracts is not specifically enforceable?

# Opinion of an expert under Section 45 of the Evidence Act:

# The defendant wants to file an application under Section 152 CPC to contract an accidental slip in a judgment. It should be filed:

# In a warrant trial, after the charge is framed, the Magistrate can:

# Which of the following statements Is wrong:

# A phrase which does not find a place in Section 304, IPC is:

# Sexual intercourse with the consent of a girl amounts to rape if she is under:

# Where the serving officer delivers or tenders P copy of the summons to the’ defendant personally or to his agent, he must required such a person to sign an acknowledgement of service to be endorsed on the original summons. Then:

# Who among the following can move the court for plea bargaining?

# Section 438 of Cr.P.C. can be invoked:

# While passing an order for disposal of property:

# Dishonestly inducing any person in delivering property is:

# The fact that any person was born during the continuance of a valid marriage between his mother and any man, or within two hundred and eighty days of its dissolution, the mother remaining unmarried, shall not be conclusive proof that he is the legitimate

# The court shall permit leading questions as to matters which are introductory or undisputed or which have, in its opinion, been already sufficiently proved. The statement Is:

# Classification of summons case and warrant case

# In a summons case triable by a Magistrate, continuation of investigation, beyond the period of six months, from the date of arrest of the accused, without the previous permission of the Magistrate, shall:

# The Government of India Act, 1935 provided for:

# When a FIR is given by the accused, the same can be used:

# A person who is not qualified to be appointed to a public post is appointed to occupy the said post. This is challenged before the High Court invoking the Writ Jurisdiction. Which of the following are the most appropriate Writs to be Invoked.

# Which of the following are grounds for eviction of a tenant under Section 27 of the Karnataka Rent Act:

# It shall not be a defence in a prosecution for an offence under Section 138 that the drawer had no reason to believe when he issued the cheque that the cheuqe may be dishonoured of presentment for the reasons stated in the Section. This statement is:

# When two persons mutually transfer the ownership of one thing for the ownership of another, neither things or both things being money only, the transaction is called:

# The Mortgagee has a right to sue for the mortgage money in the following cases namely …

# Proviso to Section 34 of the Specific Relief Act relates to suits for:

# Under Section 5 of the Karnataka Rent Act, 1999, who, out of the following would have the first priority in inheriting tenancy in the event of a death of a tenant:

# ‘A’ entered into an agreement with ‘B’ to sell immovable property of the former for consideration and ‘B’ was put in possession of the property. Both parties had signed the agreement. The agreement had not been registered under the Indian Registration Act.

# A executed a gift deed in favour of B with respect to an immovable property worth Rs. 90/-. The deed was duly attested but was not registered. B, in a suit, claimed title by virtue of the above gift deed. Is his claim maintainable?

# Which of the following instruments is not a valid promissory note?

# Claim for necessaries of life supplied to a lunatic under Section 68 of Indian Contract Act, can be enforced against:

# Who was known as ‘Grand Old Man of India’?

# The currency of Greece is:

# If time is the essence of contract and the promisor fails to perform the contract by the specified time, the contract:

# To apply the Doctrine of Part Performance laid down in Section 53A of the Transfer of Property Act:

# Where an immovable property of one person is by an act of parties or operation of law made security for the payment of money to another and the transaction does not amount to a mortgage, the latter person:

# Communication of acceptance is complete as against the acceptor only:

# Novation of a contract under Indian Contract Act, means:

# Under Section 34 of the Specific Relief Act, a declaration can be sought by:

# Choose the correct statement:


Judicial Service (Judge) Exam - Online Practice Pack - Mock Tests & Previous Papers

We are shortly launching our Online Practice Packs for various State Judicial (Judge) Exams.

We will notify you as soon as we release the Practice Packs. Enter your name & email in the form below.

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