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# Recently, which Indian cricketer set a record by scoring the highest runs in Test Cricket?

# In the last Olympics at Beijing, who won the first ever individual Gold Medal for India?

# Till date, who is the only Indian to have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?

# Which State of India has bagged two National Awards associated with tourism in 2008?

# What is the full name of the President of India?

# Who propounded the theory that ‘the earth moves round the sun’?

# Gerontology is a branch of study related to diseases associated with

# What is the title of the former US President Mr. Bill Clinton’s auto-biography?

# On which date of the year is ‘World Environment Day’ celebrated?

# Who was the first Indian Prime Minister to address the UN General Assembly in Hindi?

# From amongst the choices given, which one of the clauses correctly completes the following sentence? I shall have left this place by the time…

# Such words as are similar in sound but different in meaning are called

# Select the appropriate ‘article’ to be filled in the blank in the given sentence He is SP.

# Identify the ‘figure of speech’ that best defines the following sentence: The camel is the ship of the desert.

# Identify the ‘part of speech’ in which the word ’round’ has been used in the following sentence: The earth moves round the sun.

# Identify the type of the sentence given below: John proposed that we should sing together.

# Give one word for the following group of words: A person aged between 60 and 70

# Which one, from amongst the choices given, would mean the same as the following sentence? I feel an aching void.

# A plaint is liable to be returned, when

# The expression, ‘Each party shall bear his own costs’ implies that

# Which of the following questions is not to be determined by an executing court?

# In which of the following cases the Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of the Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Acts of 1999 and 2002?

# Which one of the following is a true statement In relation to Section 80 of Civil Procedure Code?

# In execution of a decree for the maintenance, salary of a person can be attached to the extent of

# Order XVIII, Rule 4(1) of C.P.C., the examination in chief of a witness shall be recorded

# When a party is called upon by notice to admit facts by the other party, under Order XII, Rule 4 of C.P.C., the party on whom the notice has been served has to admit the facts within

# Where a decree is passed against the Union of India or a State for the act done in the official capacity of the officer concerned, under Section 82 C.P.C., execution shall not be issued on any such decree unless the decree remains unsatisfied for a period

# Which one of the following suits is not of a civil nature?

# Which of the following is not a sufficient cause for granting adjournment?

# Where a plaintiff sues upon a document in his power or possession, he must produce it or a copy thereof

# Voluntary amendment is provided for under

# There shall be no appeal by a convicted person where a Chief Judicial Magistrate imposes only a sentence of fine not exceeding

# ‘Too many appeals and revisions are a bane of the Indian Judicial System, involving as It does sterile expense and delay and fruitless chase of perfection.’ Justice Krishna Iyer made this observation in

# In a case the Supreme Court observed thus – ‘We are unable to find any magic or charm in the ritual of a charge. It is the substance of these provisions (relating to charge) that count and not their outform.To hold otherwise is only to provide avenues or e

# Which of the following offences is triable summarily? 300

# The period of limitation prescribed for taking cognizance of the offence punishable with imprisonment up to 3 years is

# In which of the following cases the constitutional validity of Section 433-A, Cr.RC. was upheld?

# Which of the following is an interlocutory order for the purposes of revisional powers of the High Court or a Sessions Court?

# A is only charged with theft and it appears that he committed the offence of criminal breach of trust. In this context, which one of the following is correct?

# Which of the following courts can set aside or modify the conditions imposed by a Magistrate when granting bail?

# An offence of bigamy punishable under Section 494, I.P.C. was committed by A in Patna.The place where A resided with his first wife B was Gaya and the place where his first wife took up a permanent residence after the commission of the offence is Bhagalpu

# A Magistrate has power to deal with urgent cases of apprehended danger or nuisance under

# Reasons for non-applicability of some of the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code to the State of Nagaland have been stated by the Supreme Court in –

# Who can appoint a police officer as an assistant public prosecutor for courts of Magistrates?

# Who among the following can be arrested without warrant by any Magistrate?

# Husband and wife

# Question is, whether A was robbed. The fact that he said, he had been robbed without making any complaint

# A is accused of receiving stolen goods while knowing them to be stolen. He offers to prove that he refused to sell them below their value. He may

# Which one of the following statements is correct?

# Which one of the following is the true statement in relation to the relevancy of character?

# When the court has to form an opinion as to the digital signature of any person, the opinion of which of the following is relevant?

# In which of the following cases the Supreme Court raised doubts regarding the applicability of the doctrine of equital estoppel beyond Section 115, Evidence Act?

# No revenue officer shall be compelled to say whence he got any information as to the commission of any offence against the public revenue. This provision is contained in

# No confession made to a police officer shall be proved as against a person accused of any offence. The rationale of this rule is stated in

# Where a bill of exchange is drawn in a set of five, how many of them need to be proved?

# The court shall take judicial notice of

# Which of the following is an example of ‘may presume’?

# Section 58 of the Evidence Act deals with

# The principle of agency of necessity is

# A gives woolen cloth to B, a tailor, for making a suit. The tailor’s charges are settled at Rs. 500. After the suit is ready, A tenders Rs. 500 for the charges but the tailor refuses to deliver the suit till A pays an old due. In such case

# Which of the following is correct?

# Promissory estoppel is sometimes spoken of as a substitute for

# X, a trader, leaves goods at Y’s house by mistake. If Y uses the goods, then which one of the following is correct when X demands the price of goods and Y refuses to pay?

# X contracted with a tent house for erecting a shamiana for performing the marriage of his daughter. On the day of marriage, a curfew was clamped in the area preventing the celebration of the marriage. The shamiana owner claims the charges agreed to be pai

# In which of the following instances has the discharge of agreement not been effected?

# Which one of the following is a contract?

# Which one of the following is not provided in Sections 4 and 5 of the Contract Act?

# Which one of the following does not amount to fraud?

# A stipulation for increased interest from the date of default is known as

Judicial Service (Judge) Exam - Online Practice Pack - Mock Tests & Previous Papers

We are shortly launching our Online Practice Packs for various State Judicial (Judge) Exams.

We will notify you as soon as we release the Practice Packs. Enter your name & email in the form below.

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