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# Which of the following is not true about the Attorney General of India ?

# Which of the following statements are true regarding a decree of declaration ? I. It creates no new rights.

# A bought a horse from B. A wanted to enter the horse in a race. Turns out the horse was not capable of running a race on account of being lame. But A did not inform B of his intentions. So B will not be responsible for the defects of the horse.

# If a partner withdraws from a firm by dissolving it, then

# According to Section 44 of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932, the Court may dissolve a firm on the suit of a partner on any of the following grounds :

# The age of consent for sexual intercourse between a husband and wife has been made…..from…..years by the Supreme Court of India.

# Which one of the following statements is NOT correct ?

# The maximum period of solitary confinement provided under Section 73 of I.P.C. is

# It is mandatory that transfer of an actionable claim can be effected only by an instrument in writing but it does not have effect on

# Which of the following statements are true ?

# In case of specific performance of part of contract the purchaser

# Contract in restraint of trade is

# Novation amounts to

# Which of the following won the 2018 UNESCO Asia-Pacific award for Cultural Heritage conservation ?

# Which among the following is not a constitutional body in India ?

# Who authored the award-winning book Fault lines : How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World ?

# The voting age for elections to House of peoples and to the Legislative Assemblies was lowered from 21 years to 18 years by

# The liability by holding out, in case of retiring partner, continues up to the

# …….won the ‘first justice prize’ from India who is also named as the ‘Living Legend of Law’ by the International Bar Association ?

# Which one of the following decided to set up a website, which will compare the World’s Constitutions by themes online ‘to arm drafters with a better tool for Constitution design and writing’ ?

# In deciding the question of negligence by professionals, the classical statement of law which has been widely accepted both by professionals generally and by medical practitioners in particular is popularly called

# Which one of the following disputes cannot be raised before the Consumer Forum ?

# Law of contract creates

# Void agreements include

# A minor is

# Which is the first country to allow voting through mobile phones ?

# Who said that ‘The people have a right, an inalienable, indisputable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge- I mean, of the character and conduct of their rulers.’ ?

# Goods are deemed to be in course of transit from the time when they are delivered to a carrier or other bailee for the purpose of transmission to the buyer,

# In the case of……it was held that lottery tickets are goods and not actionable claims. Thus, sale of lottery tickets is sale of goods.

# Documents of which registration is optional……

# Identify the correct proposition

# The calling of at least one attesting witness to prove a document under Section 68 of the Indian Evidence Act is not necessary

# Which statement is true in relation to a child witness ?

# Under section 145 of Evidence Act, a witness may be contradicted as to previous statement in writing

# The Nacro-Analysis technique involves the intravenous administration of

# The evidence unearthed by the sniffer dog falls under

# Under section 1(3) of the Haryana Urban (Control of Rent and Eviction Act, 1973, an exemption for a period of….from the operation of the Act is allowed to buildings, the construction of which commenced or was completed on or after the date of commencement of the Act

# The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights of Marriages) Ordinance 2018 provides for :

# A Muslim gift is

# If husband swears that he will not have sexual intercourse with his wife for four months or more it amounts to a form of divorce known as

# Payment and delivery under sale of Goods Act, 1930 is

# A non-testamentary document is one

# What is the effect of opinion of the experts upon the court

# Use of violence by a member of unlawful assembly, in furtherance of their common object will constitute offence of

# A is arrested by police and accused of murder of B. During investigation A voluntarily agrees to undergo nacro analysis and therein he confesses to have murdered B.

# The general rule is that leading questions cannot be asked during examination in chief. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, Choose the exceptions :

# Delay in filing the suit…

# Section 3 and Section 14 of Limitation Act are –

# Indentify the correct statement

# Limitation period prescribed in filing a suit by a mortgagor to recover possession of immoveable property mortgaged

# When can the landlord convert a residential building into a non-residential building under section 11 of the Haryana Urban (Control of Rent and Eviction) Act, 1973 :

# Secondary evidence of a document is admissible in evidence as a substitute for….

# As per the Evidence Act, admissions….

# In criminal trials, the accused has to establish his plea for the mitigation or justification of an offence

# All statements which the court permits or requires to be made before it by witness in relation to matters of fact under inquiry is/are….

# Under Sec. 116 of the Evidence Act, the tenant is estopped from denying

# Rehabilitation scheme for victim compensation is prepared on the recommendation of the court…..shall decide the quantum of compensation

# As per the provisions of the Cr. P.C., offences can be compounded under Sec. 320 by the legal guardian of a person

# AS per provisions of Sec. 315 of the Cr.P.C., an accused

# As per the provisions of Sec. 437 of the Cr. P.C. the jurisdiction to cancel the bail vests with

# As per the provisions of the Cr.P.C., surety can be sentenced to civil imprisonment in default of payment of penalty under the surety bond for a maximum period of

# The test of ascertaining the burden of proof lies on the person who would fail if that part is not proved is contained in Section…..of Evidence Act.

# Section 124 of the Evidence Act provides for privilege in respect of

# In execution of a decree for the maintenance, salary of a person can be attached to the extent of

# The Commissioner appointed for the purposes of recording evidence (cross-examination) is obliged to submit his report to the court appointing the commission within

# Where a mortgagee obtains a decree for payment of a money in satisfaction of claim arising under the mortgage

# Chapter XXI A of Cr.P.C. dealing with plea Bargaining has been inserted by

# Section 167 of the Cr.P.C. provides that, the nature of custody can be altered from judicial custody to police custody and vice versa. This alteration can be done during the period of first.

# The maximum number offences of the same kind that can be tried together is

# As per the provisions of the Cr.P.C. as amended in 2005, a surety has to declare the number of accused for whom he is a surety under Section…..

# Evidence shall be taken down by the Magistrate either himself or by dictation in open court. Which amended provision of the Cr.P.C. permits audio-video electronic means in the presence of Advocate of the accused

# O. 6, R. 16, CPC empowers the court, at any stage of the pleadings, to strike out any matter contained in it :

# Mark the correct statement :

# An agreement entered into or compromise, on behalf of a minor without the leave of the court, under Order 32, Rule 7 of CPC is

# On dismissal of the suit for non-compliance with an order for discovery under Order XI, Rule 21 of CPC

# Order XVII, Rule 2 and Order XVII, Rule 3 of CPC are

# A partition of Joint family property has to be done

# Under section 173 of the Cr.P.C. as amended in 2018, the investigation into the offence of rape shall be completed within a span of :

# A person can be arrested without warrant :

# A warrant of arrest is command and should be :

# Who among the following is not entitled to claim maintenance under Section 125, Cr.P.C. :

# Arrest & detention of a person in civil imprisonment in execution of the decree

# In cases of withdrawal of suit by the plaintiff, under Order XXIII, Rule 1A of CPC

# The land for the beneficial enjoyment of which the easementary right exists is called

# Under section 34(2) of the CPC, 1908, where a decree is silent with respect to the payment of further interest on the principal sum from the date of the decree to the date of the payment or other earlier date,

# During the execution proceedings, if a question arises as to whether any person is a representative of a party, such question shall be determined by

# A married B and subsequently married C during the life time of B. One Mr. D petitions to the court for declaring A’s marriage with C as void. Examine the maintainability.

# Adoption does not deprive the adoptive father or mother of the power to dispose of his or her property by transfer inter vivos or by will.- Which Section of the Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act provides for the same.

# Agnates are the heirs

# Any property possessed by a female Hindu whether acquired before or after the commencement of the Hindu Succession Act shall be held by her

# Sapinda relationship for the purpose of Hindu Marriage Act includes

# Private alienation of property, by the judgment debtor after attachment under section 64 (1) of CPC is

# Under Order 39, Rule 2A, CPC a person guilty of disobedience or breach can be penalized by

# Under the provision of Civil Procedure Code plea of adverse possession is a defence available

# Preliminary decree can be passed in a suit

# Which of the following is not a decree?

# A Hindu female propositus died leaving behind a sister, two sons, one daughter, mother and father. Find the share of the daughter.

# In the debate on the custody, guardianship or adoption of the child, the courts in India is governed by which of the following principle :

# Order of permanent alimoney under Section 25 of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 can be varied, modified or rescinded :

# Find out the correct statement (s) from the following : I. A void marriage remains valid until a decree annulling it has been passed by a competent Court. II. A void marriage is never a valid marriage and there is no necessity of a decree annulling it. III. A voidable marriage is regarded as a valid subsisting marriage until a decree annulling it has been passed by a competent Court.

# Under Hindu law, after passing of a decree for judicial separation, if one of the spouse dies intestate, the other spouse :

# Under….redemption of mortgage can be sought by any one of the legal representatives after death of mortgagor.

# In which of the following writs, the doctrine of res judicata is not applicable ?

# If the election of the President of India is declared void by the Supreme Court, the acts performed by the President incumbent before the date of such decision of court are

# Whifch of the following sentence(s) is/are correct ? I. The President can commute death sentence to the life imprisonment. II. The Government cannot commute death sentence to the life imprisonment. III. The Prisedent’s power to pardon extends to the punishment or sentence by court martial.

# In 2017, the Supreme Courts held that right to privacy is protected under Article 21 of the Constitution of India in the context of….

# Which of the following statements is true about malice-in-law and malice-in-fact?

# The term ‘pari-passu’ means

# In 2016, the Supreme Court has clarified that the ‘Third Gender’ will include (s)…….

# Qui facit per alium, facit per se means

# Who has no right to partition under Hindu Law ?

# The Constitution of India empowers the Supreme Court of India to adjudicate disputes between the Centre and the States through :

# Doctrine of legitimate expectation and wednesbury principles were read by Supreme Court into

# If the act is a lawful one and not a criminal act and if in the course of such act any one of the person’s jointly doing that act commits an offence, then

# Right to private defence is

# Punjab State Reorganisation Act was enacted in the year…..

# A child who doesn’t understand or distinguish between the right and the wrong is called as dolyincapax. This is defined under which section of the IPC, 1860.

# Section 396 IPC deals with

# Reference by the President of India under Article 143(1) of the Constitution (Keshav Singh’s case AIR 1965 SC 745) relates to

# Extended period of limitation for institution of a suit for specific performance of a contract cannot stretch beyond…..from the cessation of the disability.

# Under Section 6 of the Specific Relief Act, the suit can be brought by

# By virtue of Section 6 of the Specific Relief Act, a suit for possession of an immovable property can be filed within a period of……of dispossession.

Judicial Service (Judge) Exam - Online Practice Pack - Mock Tests & Previous Papers

We are shortly launching our Online Practice Packs for various State Judicial (Judge) Exams.

We will notify you as soon as we release the Practice Packs. Enter your name & email in the form below.

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