Chhattisgarh Civil Judge Exam CHG PCS J 2004

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# Decree shall be deemed to include the rejection of a plaint and the determination of any question within Section 144 of C.P.C.-

# Whether an issue heard finally decided by a competent court of limited jurisdiction, shall operate as res-judicata in a subsequent suit that the aforesaid court was not competent to try?

# Under section 34 of C.P.C. court can award interest from the date of decree to the date of payment or such earlier date as the court thinks fit. Rate of such interest shall not exceed… per annum.

# Caveat shall not remain in force after expiry of-

# Where the plaint has been rejected the plaintiff on the same cause of action-

# Where decree is for the partition of an undivided estate assessed to the payment of revenue to the government, the partition of the estate, in accordance with the law for the time being in force, shall be made by-

# During the proceeding of execution of a decree, a question arises as to whether any person is or not the representative of a party, such question shall be determined by-

# In a suit, which relates to a railway, the authority to be named as plaintiff or defendant shall be-

# During service of summons defendant was found absent from his residence and within reasonable time no chance to get back at his residence, service of the summons may be made on-

# In which condition the officer-in-charge of the prison may refuse to produce the prisoner for evidence despite court’s order-

# A Suit may be dismissed where, after a summons has been issued to the defendant and returned unserved, plaintiff fails the apply for fresh summons for the period of-

# Where any party dies after conclusion and before pronouncing Judgment-

# After the passing of decree for payment of money, on the application of the judgement debtor court shall not order that payment of amount of decree shall be made by installments-

# Where an indigent person succeeds, the court fee shall be recovered-

# Appointment of receivers of any property can be made when-

# Right of private defence of the body extends to voluntarily causing death if the offence which occasions the exercise of right-

# Which of the following punishment cannot be awarded under the Indian Penal Code-

# Nothing is an offence which is done by a child below the age of –

# What is not correct about’Rape’?

# ‘A’ instigates ‘B’ to instigate ‘C’ to murder ‘Z’. ‘B’ accordingly instigate ‘C’ to murder ‘Z’ and ‘C’ commits that offence in consequence of ‘B’s instigation. ‘A’ is-

# What is the offence, where preparation of offence is also punishable?

# Z’ stikes ‘B’. B is by this provocation excited to violent rage. ‘A’ a by stander, intending to take advantage of ‘B’s rage and to cause him to kill ‘Z’ puts a knife in to ‘B’s hand for that purpose. ‘B’ kills ‘Z’ with knife. What offence ‘A’ is guilty of

# What punishment may be awarded to the person whose act is covered under general exceptions?

# ‘A’ finds the key to ‘Y’s house door, which ‘V had lost and commits home trespass by entering ‘Y’s house having opened the door with that key.What offence has ‘A’committed?

# Which is not trie stolen property?

# Any hurt is ‘grevious’ if it causes the sufferer to be in severe bodily pain or unable to follow his ordinary pursuits during the space to-

# Under Section 498 A cruelty means mental and physical torture-

# Whoever kidnaps or abducts any child with intention of taking dishonestly any movable propety from the person of such child, shall b& punished under Section 369 of l.P.C. if the child is under-

# ‘A’ makes an attempt to pick the pocket of ‘B1 by trusting his hand into ‘B’s pocket. A fails in attempt in consequence of ‘B’s having nothing in his pocket. A is guilty of-

# Warrant case means a case 2 years

# In a first information an offence is cognizable and other is non cognizable the whole case shall be deemed to be-

# The court magistrate 1st class may pass a sentence of imprisonment for a term not exceeding-

# The maximum term of imprisonment awardable in a summary trial is-

# Whenever a Magistrate is of opinion, after hearing the evidence for prosecution and the accused, that the accused is guilty and that he ought to receive a severe punishment, than such Magistrate is empowerd to inflict, the magistrate may forward the case

# Inherent powers, under Section 482 Cr.P.C. can be exercised by-

# When the person who would otherwise be competent to compound an offence under Section 320 of Cr.P.C. is dead, then-

# When will proceeding be vitiated if the Magistrate is not empowered to do so?

# No wife shall be entitled to receive maintenance from her husband U/S 125 of Cr.P.C

# If a person in lawful custody escapes, the person from whose custody, he-escaped may, immediately pursue and arrest him-

# What is true about Court of sessions?

# In relation to F.I.R., which of the following statements is not correct?

# If in a criminal appeal an accused dies and his near relatives wish to continue, wilhin how much time they must apply?

# Three year period of limination is prescribed for taking cognizance of the offence punishable with imprisonment for a term not exceeding-

# In relation to expressions defined in S. 3 of the Indian Evidence Act which of the following statement is not correct?

# A voluntarily confession is admissible in evidence-

# For proving execution of aregistered will-

# Unless non-access is proved, the presumption as to legitimacy of any child born during the continuance of a valid marriage between his mother and any man is-

# Admissions are-

# ‘A’ document is said to be in the handwriting of’A’.That document is produced from proper custody. If the document is purporting or proved to be-

# What number of witnessess will be required for the proof of any fact?

# Leading question-

# Which of the following statements is correct?

# The question is, whether ‘A’ committed a crime at Kolkata on a certain day.The fact that, on that day ‘A’ was at Chennai is relevant-

# A person summoned to produce a document when produces the document then-

# The examination, after the cross-examination of a witness by the party who has called him, is called-

# Which of the following is not an ‘accommodation’ as defined in 2 of the G.G.A.C. Act-

# Who is not a land lord for the purpose of Section 23(0) of G.G.A.C. Act-

# Where an order for the eviction of tenant is made on the ground that the residence for himself, the landlord shall not be entitled to obtain possession thereof before the expiration of period of-

# No Court shall take cognizance of an offence punishable under Accommodation Control Act, unless the complaint in respect of the offence has been made within- ‘

# After the service of notice of demand, no suit for eviction of a tenant on the ground of default in payment of arrears of rent shall be instituted until the expiration of-

# The rent controlling Authority should not below the rankof-

# A landlord making false the frivolous application U/S 23A of A.C. Act may be saddled with compensatory costs not exceeding-

# Essential supply enjoyed by a tenant In respect of the accommodation let to him Is cut off by the landlord. Who will make an order to restore such supply?

# On the complaint of tenant if he is satisfied that the landlord without any reasonable cause refused to accept rent he may levy on the landlord a fine who is he?

# No court shall take cognizance of ah offence punishable under the Accommodation Control Act, unless the complaint in respect of the offence has been made within-

# which is not the immovable property?

# In which of the following cases, a transfer of immovable property can be made without writing-

# the doctrine of Lispendese applies where-

# What kind of property is transferable?

# Attested’ in relation to an instrument means and shall be deemed always to have mean attested by at least-

# Whether a transfer can be made in favour of an unborn person?

# A mortgage by deposit of title deeds is called-

# A lease of immovable property from year to year is terminable, on the part of either lessor or leasee, by

# Which of the following transfer is valid?

# In which of the follwoing cases, a lease of immovable property doesn’t determine?

# What is not required in Gift?

# What will be effect of mistake of the law in force in India on the agreement?

# ‘A’ promises for no consideration to give to ‘B’ Rs. 1000 {one thousand rupees) agree¬ ment is-

# which of the following is not a quasi-contract?

# Where no application is made and no time is specified for performance of promise, there the agreement be performed within-

# A proposal when accepted-

# Every agreement in restraint of the manage on any person other than a minor-

# ‘X’ hires a carriage of ‘Y’. The carriage is unsafe, though ‘Y’ is not aware of it and ‘X’ is injured. For the injury to ‘X’. ‘Y’ is-

# Which of the following statement is correct in relation to sub-agent?

# ‘A’ gives authority to ‘B’ to sell ‘A’s land and to pay himself out of the proceeds. The debts due to him from A. In the absence of an express contra ct-

# The jurisidiction to decide any dispute to which the state Govt. is not a party relating to any right which is recorded in the record of rights is concerned on-

# Agriculture does not tnclude-

# Who is not a Revenue Officer?

# Land revenue fordifferent lands will be assessed by-

# Which one of the following shall not be taken into account in estimating the cost of cultivation?

# No usufructuary mortgage of any land by a Bhumiswami shall be valid if it is for a period exceeding

# Where Bumiswami desires to take his land back possession whereof was taken by ‘ Tahsildar U/S176 of the land reserve code he should apply within-

Judicial Service (Judge) Exam - Online Practice Pack - Mock Tests & Previous Papers

We are shortly launching our Online Practice Packs for various State Judicial (Judge) Exams.

We will notify you as soon as we release the Practice Packs. Enter your name & email in the form below.

Chhattisgarh Civil Judge Exam CHG PCS J 2004