Chhattisgarh Civil Judge Exam CHG PCS J 2003

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# Whether the pendency of a suit in a foreign court will preclude the courts in India from trying a suit founded on the same cause of action?

# The provisions of Res Judicata also apply to the execution proceedings of a decree:

# In the case of a public nuisance a suit for declaration and injunction may be instituted by:

# In which of the following cases can C set off the claim?

# Where the defendant is confined in a prison, the summons shall be served:

# Whether the appeal or revisional court can return the plaint under Order 7 Rule 10 CPC after set side the decree:

# The plaint shall be rejected in the following ground also:

# Where the defendant appears and the plaintiff does not appear when the suit is called for hearing and where a part of the claim is admitted the court shall:

# Where the appellant has withdrawn the appeal preferred against a decree passed exparte the application under Order 9 Rule 13 shall be:

# If sufficient cause is shown by the parties for adjorn the hearing of the case the court shall not adjourn the case more than:

# In every case the examination in Chief Shall be:

# Where a suit abates or dismissed under Order 22 of CPC on the same cause of action:

# Whether a minor on attaining majority may, if a sole plaintiff, apply that a suit instituted in his name by his next friend be dismissed on the ground that it was unreasonable or improper:

# Where any injunction is passed without giving notice to opposite party the court will try to decide the application within:

# Immovable property does not include timber:

# Under Section 5 of T.P. Act ‘Living Person’ does include company also:

# Where writing is not expressly required by law a transfer of property may be made orally:

# A lets a farm to B on condition that he shall walk hundred miles in an hour:

# Transferee of the part performance has right to protect his possession:

# Which of the following is usufrutuary mortgage:

# Termination of lease of immovable property shall be in the following manner:

# A lease of immovable property from year to year or exceeding one year can be made:

# Gift comprising of future property is valid:

# Universal donee is:

# Transfer of actionable claim has exaction under section of 130 T.P. Act:

# Whether furniture provided by landlord is defined as accommodation under section 2 of A.C. Act:

# Accommodation which is the property of the Government Accommodation Control Act shall not apply:

# Pagree means (as defined in Section 6 of A.C. Act)

# Member of the family:

# If any eviction decree is obtained on the basis of compromise than on execution:

# If not specific place is agreed regarding payment of rent between landlord and tenant then the tenant will pay the rent:

# Planitiff lives in another city but casually when he comes lives in the suit house with his family:

# Tenant cannot sue against sub-tenant why:

# If stairs of the house is dismantied as unsafe whether tenant can get any relief under section 38 of the Accommodation Control Act:

# Who can take cognizance of the offence mentioned under section 44 of the Accommodation Control Act:

# Agriculture includes betel leaves and water nuts produce:

# Rent means as defined in Section 2(1) in C.G. Land Revenue Code:

# Within how many period a person who lawfully acquired the right in land shall report to the revenue department:

# At the end of which month the village patel shall direct the holder of the land to rectify the defective survey mark:

# Who can correct the errors in record of rights which the parties admit:

# When a transfer of land is done by a tribe then who can file application under section 170A of land revenue Code:

# In a partition proceeding before Tahsildar under section 178 land revenue code if question of title is raised before Tahsildar for how many period Tahsildar shall stay the proceeding to file civil suit and get stay:

# Whether transfer of trees standing on the land is valid :

# The following land includes in Nistar Patrak:

# Whether civil court can decide regarding reinstatements of a Bhumiswami improperly dispossessed u/s 250 of Land Revenue Code:

# Every promise and every set of promises, forming the consideration for each other:

# When, during partition in a family or it is agreed as family arrangement to maintain the mother then his contract is:

# As per Indian law a person attains majority:

# A patient in a lunatic asylum who is at intervals of sound mind:

# A sells, by auction, to B, a horse which A knows to be unsound, A says nothing to B about the horse’s unsoundness:

# A agrees to let her daughter to hire to B for concubinage. The agreement is:

# A agrees with B to discover treasure by magic:

# A gives a recognizance binding him in a penalty of Rs. 500 to appear in Court on a certain day. He forfeits his recognizance. He is liable:

# A sells and delivers goods to B, C afterwards without consideration, agreed to pay for them in default to B:

# A hires a carriage of B. The carriage is unsafe though B is not aware of it and A is injured:

# In how many year a sentences of imprisonment for life can be commuted by the Govt.

# The term for which the court directs the offender to be imprisoned in default of payment of a fine shall not exceed:

# A is beating Z, Y interferes and A intentionally strikes Y here as the blow given to Y is not a part of the act where by A voluntarily causes hurt to Z, A is liable to one punishment for voluntarily causing hurt to Z and to another for the blow given to Y

# A, a blacksmith is seized by a gang of dacoits and forced, by threat of instant death to take his tools and to open the door of B’s house. The docoits ten in number, loot B’s money and jewels and kill B’s son A:

# A is at work with a hatchet, the head flies off and kills a man who is standing by. No want of proper caution on the part of A. His act is:

# Right of private defence of the body extends to voluntarily causing death if the offence, which occasions the exercise of right:

# In Rex v. Govinda the points of distinction between the provisions of the following sections of the IPC were explained:

# A instigates B to murder C. B refuses to do so:

# A, by putting Z in fear of grievous hurt, dishonestly induces Z to sign and affix his seal to a blank paper and deliver it to A. Z signs and deliver the paper to A. A is guilty:

# A Chief Judicial Magistrate may pass a sentence of:

# A has sexual intercourse with his own wife aged about 14 years with her consent. A committed:

# A finds a ring lying on the high road. By taking it a commits:

# The appeal against an order of acquittal passed by the court of Judicial Magistrate first class shall lie to:

# A voluntarily confession is admissible in evidence when made to:

# ‘A’ is not a servant in Income-tax department but showing himself as Income-tax officer putting raid in ‘B’ business centre and gets valuable articles thus ‘A’ commits:

# A is magistrate is making report to superior officer about B’s character imputation made in good faith and for public good. A commits:

# Non cognizable offence means:

# Which statement is true:

# On an application made by a person apprehending arrest on an accusation of having committed a non-bailable offence the High Court or the Court of Sessions may under Section 438 CrPC give the direction that:

# Who can make rules or give special orders from time to time consistent with Cr.PC as to the distribution of business among the subordinate Judicial Magistrate:

# For appointment of a special public prosecutor how many years experience is required as an practising advocate:

# A is a magistrate in his presence one murder took place during his morning walk, whether he can arrest the culprit himself:

# Where court has no knowledge about the document or thing to be in the possession of any person? Whether the court can issue search warrant in such condition:

# Whether any criminal court can impound any document produced before it:

# Only one statement in true amongst the following:

# The Maximum term of imprisonment awardable in a summary trial is:

# On receipt of first information report for commission of an offence the officer incharge of the police station will sent the copy to concern Magistrate under which provision:

# Whether a person can send fine amount through postal department. Without appearing in the court in some petty offences, if yes under what provision:

# A is prosecuted for robbery and in doing so voluntarily causes hurt to B. Whether he may be charged under section 323, 392 and 394 of IPC:

# In every criminal trial when the magistrate finds the accused guilty he shall pass the sentence after hearing the accused:

# A, B and C are charged for robbery and after trial convicted by 1st class Magistrate, thereafter whether for the same fact they can be charged and tried for dacoity:

# The composition of an offence under section 320 Cr.P.C. shall have the effect of:

# Whether any condition imposed by a magistrate when releasing any person on bail can be setaside or modified? If yes, by whom under which provision:

# Offences against other laws (except IPC) if punishable with imprisonment for 3 years and upwards but not more than 7 years then:

# An inscription on a metal plate or stone is a document:

# A is tried for the murder of B by pois0n. The fact that before the death of B, A procured pois0n similar to that which was administered to B is:

# In which section of Indian Evidence Act special provision is mentioned regarding evidence relating the electronic record:

# A sells B a horse and verbally warrants him sound. A gives B a paper in these words ‘Bought of A a horse for Rs. 500’ Whether B can prove the verbal warranty:

# A prosecutes B for theft and wishes the court to believe that B admitted the theft to C who must prove the admission:

# Under which Provision of Indian Evidence Act court shall presume regarding dowry death:

# Dumb witness may give his evidence by writing or signs in open court such evidence shall be deemed to be:

# In a trial of Murder, Rape and Dacoity No. of witnesses required 10, 8 and 6 respectively:

# If any advocate ask questions without reasonable ground the procedure court should adopt:

# Under which provision a witness can refresh his memory:

# A, a sculptor, agree to sell to B ‘all my mods’. A has both models and tools. Whether evidence can be adduced to show his intention:

Judicial Service (Judge) Exam - Online Practice Pack - Mock Tests & Previous Papers

We are shortly launching our Online Practice Packs for various State Judicial (Judge) Exams.

We will notify you as soon as we release the Practice Packs. Enter your name & email in the form below.

Chhattisgarh Civil Judge Exam CHG PCS J 2003