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# In 1946, there was a mutiny of Indian naval ratings in

# Which commission recommended the Famine Code for India?

# What proposal was made in the ‘August Offers’ of 1940?

# Who had made English language as a medium of education?

# In 1946 AD, the Interim Government was headed by

# What was established by Indian Association to increase national spirit thereby playing an important role?

# Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the editor of

# Satya Sodhak Samaj was fouded by

# During the British rule, According to which Act, there was permission to arrest without fair trial?

# Who had led the Santhal Revolt?

# The author, who described the Revolt of 1857 as the First War of Independence, was

# The leaders of the Home Rule Movement borrowed the term ‘Home Rule’ from a similar movement in

# Rabindranath Tagore gave up his Knighthood because of

# Who was the founder of Anusheelan Samiti in Bengal?

# who was the first woman president of Indian National Congress?

# Who was the author of Economic History of India (1901)?

# Who had presided over the first All India Trade Union Congress session?

# Who was the founder of Hindu College at Calcutta?

# Where did Mahatma Gandhi first used his principle of Satyagraha?

# Who was the founder of India’s first cotton cloth mill?

# Who was the famous painter in the court of Akbar?

# The Asiatic Society of Bengal was founded by

# The famous Fergusson College of Pune was started in 1885 by

# Who started the Journal ‘Bahiskrit Bharat’?

# In Buddhist terminology, the word ‘Dharmachakra Pravartana’ indicates the

# Which one of the following sculptures does not belong to the Mauryan period?

# Squinch system in architecture for supporting the dome was used for the first time in

# Samudragupta’s victories are mentioned in which records?

# Who was the author of Abhigyans Shakuntalam?

# The Third Buddhist Council was summoned by

# During the Sangam age the Mahabharat in Tamil was composed by

# The Delhi Sultan, who established a minister of agricultural development, was

# The Vijayanagar Emperor, who made the greatest contribution to Telugu and Sanskrit literature, was

# Yahiya Sirhindi the author of Tarikh-i-Mubarakshahi lived during the period of

# The Satnamis who rebelled in the time of Aurangzeb and occupied the town of Narmaul were the followers of

# Dandakaranya receives maximum rain through

# Small rills or clefts found in lower Ganga delta are called

# Which river is called the ‘Hope of Gujarat’?

# Which is the oldest drainage system ?

# Which of the following oil refineries of India has the maximum capacity?

# What is the number of the longest national highway in India that passes through Jabalpur?

# What is the total length of Kaveri river?

# Amarkantak, source place of Son, Narmada and Mahanadi rivers is situated at

# Through which of the following districts of Madhya Pradesh Indian Standard Time Line passes?

# On which river Bhakhra dam is situated?

# Average height of Kosi plain from mean sea level is

# Through which State Tropic of Cancer passes?

# In which State Lumding is situated?

# Which State of India experiences maximum marine erosion?

# Which is the glacial lakeof India?

# Who is known as the Father of international Green Revolution?

# Which of the following days is celebrated as the world Earth Day?

# Who is the present Director General of Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR)?

# The present President of NASSCOM is

# Which of the following represents the number of the member countries of ‘Euro Zone’?

# Who among the following personalities won the Nobel Prize in Literature for the year 2012?

# Who among the following is the President of the International Paralympics Committee?

# Which of the following Five-Year Plans was called the Rolling Plans?

# 16th Non-Aligned Movement Summit was held at

# Liaoning’ is the first aircraft carrier of

# Who among the following is the brand ambassador of the ‘Nirmal Bharat Yatra’?

# Who is the current head of IMF?

# Which of the following services has been recently launched by the Indian Railways to find out the location of 6500 trains on real time basis on Google Map?

# The California-based firm ‘Apple’ has lost a case against mobile maker HTC in the UK over the same technology. HTC belongs to

# Who won Women’s Singles Family Circle Cup in 2013?

# Who won the 12th Asian Billiards Championship in Indore?

# The Chairman of the Expert Committee on GAAR (General Anit Avoidance Rules) is

# Aam Admi Bima Yojana’ is an insurance scheme for rural landless households introduced by

# Dans is Harem de Kadhafi is a book written by

# Where would you find the headquarters of Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO)?

# Which of the following statements is wrong?

# From the visible light, chiorophyll can absorb which color combination maximum?

# Which of the following is an omnivorous animal?

# The digested food is absorbed by the wall of

# Which accessory digestive gland is present in human being?

# Which reaction occurs during photophosphorylation?

# Which rays strikes on the earth due to depletion of ozone layer?

# The length of one helix in DNA is

# The average size of a human gene is

# Which of the following carbohydrates would be most abundant in the diet of strict vegetarians?

# What will be the measure of refractive angle when incident angle becomes critical angle?

# Which color is deviated maximum in the spectrum obtained from a prism?

# The unit of electric potential is

# The magnetic field is maximum in solenold

# Which form is considered as an optional source of energy?

# Which State of India uses geothermal energy?

# Which energy source is not connected to the sun?

# Due to which process, stars are self-luminous?

# Which system is employed for manufacture of NH3 by Haber’s process?

# When does the rate of reaction increases?

# What is brine?

# Which substance is used as a fire extinguisher?

# … called dead burnt plaster.

# Which type of glass is used for the preparation of laboratory glass?

# Which elements are present in stainless steel?

# Which compound of the following is not an oxidizing agent?

# Which metel is obtained in liquid state?

# Which is the less reactive metal?

# Which enzyme is used to convert glucose to ethanol?

# A music teacher committing sexual intercourse with a minor girl having obtained her consent on the pretext that the same is required to improve her voice, was held guilty of rape in

# The doctrine of vicarious liabilities is applied when threr is relationship between

# For the tort of ‘false imprisonment’, there should be

# Tort of defamation is divided into libel and slander in

# Nuisance’ as a tort was defined as ‘unlawful interference with a person’s use or enjoyment of land, or some right over, or in connection with it” by

# Tort of defamationcan be in respect of a

# Which one of the following can be described as malicious prosecution?

# The Liability for malicious prosecution arises when the proceedings are instituted before

# The doctrine of res ipsa loquitur was applied by the Supreme Court in

# The maxim res ipsa loquitur is a

# Case of Kasturilal v. State of UP is related to

# Goods’ within the meaning of Section 2(7) of the Sale of Goods Act is

# Under Section 2(6) of the Sale of Goods Act, 1930, ‘Future Goods’ mean

# The Sale of Goods Act, 1930 came into force on

# The meaning of the term ‘caveat emptor’ is

# Which of the following are goods within the meaning of Section 2(7) of the Sale of Goods Act, 1930?

# The mode of determining the existence of partnership has been laid down in

# If a partner chooses to use any assets of the partnership firm for his own purpose, it gives rise to

# The term ‘goodwill’ is a thing easy to describe but very difficult to define, is stated by

# Where a partner is authorised to recover dues of the partnership and spend the same for the business of the partnership, and if he does not deposit the money so collected in the bank, the partner is

# A dormant partner is one who is

# The term ‘negotiable instrument’ is defined in the Negotiable Instrument Act, under

# Relation of Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 is with

# A person who receives a negotiable instrument in good faith for valuable consideration is known as

# All cheques are bill of exchange, but all bills of exchange are not cheques

# In determinig reasonable time for the purpose of a negotiable instrument

# A shareholder of a company can enter into a contract with the company’ was held in the case of

# Liability of directors of a public company is towards

# Which of the following is most essential for a company?

# How many meetings of the shareholders of a company in a year is essential?

# How much amount out of the profits of a company can be distributed as dividend amongst its shareholders?

# Evidence means and includes

# Any disputed handwriting can be proved

# Question is this, whether A was raped and murdered? The fact that she said, without making complaint, that she was raped

# The Indian Evidence Act was drafted by

# Relevancy and admissibility under the Evidence Act are

# Under the law of evidence, the relevant fact

# Confession of an accused is admissible against the other coaccused

# A dying declaration to be admissible

# The ‘fact in issue’ means

# Defence of alibi is governed by

# Which of the following is a right of civil nature?

# Principle of res judicata applies-

# Validity of a foreign judgement can be challenged under Section 13 of the CPC

# A dies leaving behing a son X and a married daugher Y. A suit filed by A, after his death can be continued by

# Principle of constructive res judicata is contained in

# Which one of the following is an incorrect statement?

# After the arbitral award is made, each party shall be delivered

# In a bailable offence, the bail is granted as a matter of right

# The power to direct investigation under Section 156(3) of CrPC can be exercised by

# The investigating police officer has power to summon the attendance of a person acquainted with the facts and circumstances of the case under

# Which of the following Articles of the Indian Constitution empowers the Parliament to form new States, change in the area of present States, change in the territories and name of the States?

# Which of the following Articles of the constitution of India empowers the Parliament to make law on the subject mentioned in the State List?

# In which of the following cases the traditional concept of equity was not accepted by the Supreme Court and a new concept of equity was adopted by the Supreme Court?

# By which of the following Amendment Acts of the Indian Constitution, Right to Education was made a Fundamental Right?

# By which of the following Articles of the Constitution, constitutional safeguard has been provided to public servants?

# If the positions of President and Vice President are vacant, who among the following offciates as the President of India?

# If were asked to name any particular Article in this Constitution as the most importan-an Article without which this Constitution would be a nullity, I could not refer to any other Article except this is the very soul of the Constitution and the v

# In which of the following cases it was held by the Supreme Court that right to trade on pavements is a Fundamental Rights?

# By which of the following Amendment Acts of the Constitution, Chapter of Fundamental Duties have been added as Chapter IV-A in the Constitution?

# Which of the following is the sequence number of Ms. Patil as President of the Republic of India?

# According to our Constitution, Rajya Sabha is

# In the case of Golaknath v. State of Punjab, it was remarked that our ”Preamble contains in a nutshell its ideals and inspirations.’

# In which of the following cases the Supreme Court held that the Preamble is not a part of the Constitution?

# Right to life does not include Right to die was held in

# Petitions to the Supreme Court under Article 32 are subject to the rule of res judicata, except

# Which among the following is not Fundamental Right?

# The Right to Property was dropped from the List of Fundamental Rights by the

# The protection and improvement of environment including forests and wildlife of the country are in

# By which of the following Constitutional Amendment Acts the voting age was reduced from 21 years to 18 years?

# Under the Government of India Act, 1935, the Federal Court had

# Which one of the following made the Indian Legislature bicameral?

# Which one of the following aimed at providing a federal structure for India?

# When was Magna Carta granted in England?

# ‘The British Constitution is the mother of Constitutions. The British Parliament is the mother of Parliaments.’

# Which of the following statements is incorrect?

# Which of the following is/are the main source of the British Constitution?

# ‘There are many subtle distinctions in the vernacular of the British Constitution but none more vital than the distinction between the King and the Crown.’

# The two Houses of the British Parliament are

# In the constitutional history of England, veto power was lastly used by the King in

# In England,the government is called the

# The mother of British Cabinet is

# ‘Cabinet is the solar orbital around which other bodies revolve and that it is a threefold hinge that connects together for action– the King, the Lords and the Commons.’

# Which of the following statements is not correct?

# It is convention in Britain that

# The highest court in the British Constitution is called

# Delegatus non potest delegare means

# During the operation of martial law

# In Britain, who among the following make Shadow Cabinet?

# In England, the doctrine of ‘Rule of Law’ was propounded by

# Writ of Habeas corpus means

# Under Hindu Law, marriage is a

# Law relating to marriages amongst Hindus has been codified under the

# If parties to a Hindu Marriage are ‘Sapinda’ to each other, the marriage is

# A Hindu dies intestate leaving behind two sons, one daughter, and widow.His property shall devolve to

# Under Section30 of the Hindu Succession Act, 1956, a Hindu can dispose of his interest in a Mitakshara Coparcenary Property by

# ‘A person is not disqualified from succeeding to any property on the ground of any disease, defect or deformity’ is provided under

# Under which of the following Section of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, husband and wife may file a petition of divorce by mutul consent?

# Consent theory of divorce was introduced in the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 in the year

# Under the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956, who among the following is not entitled to adopt?

# A Hindu male of 28 yaars of age adopts a female child of 13 years of age. The adoption

# Which of the following is the secondary source of muslim Law?

# Which of the following modifies the application of Muslim Law?

# Who applied Qiyas for the first time as source of Muslim Law?

# Which of the following is absolute incapacity for marriage?

# A Muslim can marry any number of wives not exceeding four. If a Muslim marries a fifth wife such a marriage shall be

# After divorce, a Muslim woman

# How many witness are necessary in Shia muslim marriage

# Which of the following is the wife’s right when her husband does not pay dower?

# Which of the following is the right of preemption?

# Custody of illegitimate children belongs to

# Which one of the following Sections of the T.P. Act defines ‘Transfer of Property’?

# The T.P. Act came into force on

# The gift of future property is

# In case of gift, if the donee dies before acceptance,then

# An unborn person acquires vested interest on transfer

# Which one of the following mortgages does not require writing and registration?

# The ‘rule against perpetuity’ is provided in the T.P. Act under

# The principle of lis pendens embodied in Section 52 of the T.P. Act pertaints to

# According to Section 5 of the T.P. Act, living person includes

# The term ‘sale’, in the Transfer of Property Act, is defined in

# The primary source of equity is

# English rules of equity have

# In case of conflict between equity on one hand and the text of law on the other, the court shall

# Which of the following statements is correct?

# The concept of ‘trusts’ originated in

# The person not necessary for the creation of trust is

# A trust created by the will of the testator may be revoked by him at his pleasure

# A trust is not extinguished

# Under Section 10 of the Specific Performance Act, the specific performance cannot be granted,if

# Specific performance of contract means

# A proposal when accepted becomes

# An agreement enforceable at the instance of one party and not of the other is called

# A contract made by a minor is void ab initio. It was laid down in

# Agreement, the meaning of which is not certain or not capable of certainty, is

# Goods displayed in showcase of a shop with price tag is

# An agreement in connection with horse racing under Section 30 is

# An agreement to remain unmarried is

# A contract, the performance of which becomes unlawful or impossible, is

# The age of majority for the purpose of the Contract Act is

# A sum fixed beforehand as amount of compensation payable in the event of breach of contract is called

# A agrees to pay Rs. 1,000 to B without consideration. This agreement is

# When the consent to the contract is caused by coercion, the contract under Section 19 is

# When both the parties to agreement are at mistake regarding facts, the agreement will

# A agrees with B to trace out secret money for him by the way of magic.This agreement is

# A enters into contract with B. In this, B is guilty of fraud. A can now

# ‘Tort is a civil wrong for which the remedy is common law action for unliquidated damages and which is not exclusively the breach of trust or other mere equitable obligation.’

# The duty under the law of tort is towards

# To constitute a tort

# An Inevitable accident means

Judicial Service (Judge) Exam - Online Practice Pack - Mock Tests & Previous Papers

We are shortly launching our Online Practice Packs for various State Judicial (Judge) Exams.

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Bihar Judicial Services Exam PCS J 2013