UGC NET December 2018 Paper 1 Question Paper


The UGC NET exam for December 2018 was conducted in an ‘online’ mode by the NTA. The exam was conducted over a period of several days between 09.12.2018 to 23.12.2018 in a subject-wise manner, in two shifts per day.

Since the questions are pulled up from a database, there could be a minimum of 30 different versions of UGC NET Paper 1 (1 per shift x 2 shifts per day x 15 days) or if the question papers were randomly generated per candidate, there could have been as many versions as the number of candidates. This is one version of the UGC NET Paper I from Dec 2018. 

This is not the complete question paper. This post contains only the question headers for reference purposes.

The complete questions + the official answer keys are available for registered users of our Online Practice Packs.

December 2018 – NTA UGC NET Paper I :

1. If you are to calculate Spearman’s rho, what kind of data you would enter ?

2. As a teacher you wish to predict the capacity and potential success in your subject. Your main purpose is to predict, or to identify individuals who have greatest potential for development along special lines or who are likely to profit most by special training. Which test you would apply to accomplish that ?

3. The purpose of review of literature includes :
(a) To understand the subject background
(b) To formulate research questions
(c) To find out relevant methodology
(d) To debate the ethical aspects of research
(e) To carry out meta analysis of bibliography
(f) To identify the data sources Code :

4. Empirical research in social sciences is associated with :

5. Who among the following proposed theory of Multiple Intelligencies ?

6. Which among the following is a cognitive characteristic of learner ?

7. A variable that measures the effect of a manipulated variable, is known as :

8. According to Jean Piaget, there are stages of cognitive development.

9. Reasoning from a specific case to a general conclusion is known as :

10. John Dewey explained school as a/an institution, and education as a ________ process.

Read the following passage carefully and answer questions from 11 to 15.
It has to be noted that, although certain overall results had been obtained in the matter of economic growth in the developing countries regarded as a group, little progress had been made towards the establishment of the new international economic order within the framework of negotiations among nations for the purpose of applying the principles adopted in 1974 by the United Nations General Assembly. The situation appeared to be marked by a slowing down at world level in the effort to find a solution to most of the major problems, due to certain inability to control the evolution of societies and economies, and a fairly widespread feeling of uncertainty as to the future. The changes which have occurred between 1978 and 1980 have only magnified the difficulties, so that today there is much talk of a deterioration in the international situation. This is immediately apparent in regard to inequalities between human beings, whether considered as individuals or groups or nations. Overall economic disparities have not been attenuated, hi many countries, per capita gross national product remains less than $ 300, while in others it is situated at levels ten, twenty or even thirty times higher than this amount, hi some rich countries, the average income is a hundred tunes higher than in the poorest countries. Particularly drastic is the state of penury, destitution and, all too often, homelessness of those populations that may be regarded as history’s most recent rejects: the disinherited masses of the poorest countries, hi these countries, whose economic situation is particularly critical, the problems of hunger, disease and ignorance experienced by a large part of the population seem to all but paralyse efforts made to cope with them.

11. What is apparent due to the changes occurred between 1978 and 1980 ?

12. How economic disparities are reflected ?

13. Whom do you call as history’s recent rejects ?

14. What is the consequence due to the little progress made by nations during negotiations ?

15. What was the purpose of principles adopted by the United Nations General Assembly ?

16. In classroom communication, analogies are considered :

17. Computer – assisted language learning is called :

18. The word ‘haptics’ denotes :

19. The next term in the letter series KB, JH, 1M, HQ, GT, is.

20. Assertion (A) : Empathy is essential for effective communication between the communicator and the communicatee.
Reason (R) : Empathy links the teacher and students.

21. Choose the word which is different from the rest ?

22. If DICE is coded as PLGJ, then the code for BITE will be :

23. Social media platforms have created a :

24. Pointing to a man, Abhijit said “His grand daughter is the only daughter of my brother”. How is the man related to Abhijit ?

25. The next term in the series 7, 11, 19, 35, 67, is.

26. In which year, the expenditure of taxes and ‘Interest on loans’, was less than the expenditure on fuel etc. ? (Question based on interpretation of data given in a table)

27. The average yearly expenditure on “Interest on Loans” during the period 2008-2012 was approximately. (Question based on interpretation of data given in a table)

28. In which years, the percentage (%) growth of expenditure on salary (as compared to the previous year), was more than 10% ? (Question based on interpretation of data given in a table)

29. In which year, was the total expenditure (over the five heads of expenditure listed in the table above) the least ? (Question based on interpretation of data given in a table)

30. Bonus as a percentage (%) of salary was highest in the year ? (Question based on interpretation of data given in a table)

31. Identify the argument which involves a leap from the known to the unknown.

32. Two propositions are contradictory when,

33. The argument which claims that its conclusion is supported by its premises conclusively is :

34. In terms of year of establishment, which open university’ is the youngest among the following (established most recently) :

35. if the binary equivalent of the decimal number 53 is 110101, then the binary equivalent of the decimal number 50 is given by :

36. Assertion (A) : Hydropower is an exhaustible energy resource.
Reason (R) : The power of falling water would neither diminish nor get exhausted.

37. Recently in Brazil, a bacterium showed the antibiotic resistance, which was not reported previously :

38. Match the following :
Set – I
(a) Swayam Prabha
(b) GIAN (Global institute of Academic Network)
(c) Gyan Vani
(d) Gyan darshan
(e) Gyandhara

Set – II
(i) FM education radio network
(ii) Internet audio counselling service
(iii) Free DTH channel for education
(iv) Talent pool of scientists and entrepreneurs for engagement with Indian higher education institution
(v) Educational Television Channel

39. In the scheme of life, soil is an essential resource of life, as it plays the following roles.

40. Which among the following was launched on 2 October 1978 (the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi) ?

41. The institutions of eminence tag granted by the union government in public sector are :

42. RFID is an acronym for :

43. Bluetooth is an example of :

44. One of the following has a positive human influence on the environment :

45. Assertion (A) : The environmental impact of soil erosion can best be mitigated by removing vegetative cover only from the specific site on which construction is to take place.
Reason (R) : The environmental impact of soil erosion can also be mitigated by disturbing the vegetation in adjacent areas as little as possible.

46. Which one of the following is not part of suite of products of Microsoft Office ?

47. Among the following identify two statements which are in such a relation that the truth of one implies the truth of the other, but not conversely.
Statements :
(a) All plastics are synthetic.
(b) Some plastics are synthetic.
(c) Some plastics are not synthetic.
(d) No plastics are synthetic.

48. Given below are two premises (A and B). Four conclusions are drawn from them. Select the code that states validly drawn Conclusion(s) (taking the premises individually or jointly). Premises :
(A) No non-literates are graduates.
(B) All non-graduates are non-teachers.

49. The Internet began with the development of :

50. On the recommendations of which commission, 10 + 2 + 3 structure was incorporated in the statement of National Policy on Education, 1968 ?

This post contains only the question headers for reference purposes.

The complete questions + the official answer keys are available for registered users of our Online Practice Packs.

UGC NET December 2018 Paper 1 Question Paper
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