TS SET Law Previous Question Paper III 2013

TS SET LAW 2013 Paper III Telangana State Eligibility Test Previous Question paper and Online Mock Test

51. A 30 yr. old man wanted to adopt a girl child. Whom can he adopt amongst the girl children aged as mentioned below ?
(A) 10 year old
(B) 11 year old
(C) 12 year old
(D) 8 year old

52. Natural guardian to illegitimate child is
(A) Father alone
(B) Mother alone
(C) Both father and mother
(D) Nobody

53. Landmark decision of Supreme Court which applied S. 125 Cr. P.C. for granting maintenance to Muslim wife
(A) Shahbanu case
(B) Mudgal case
(C) Fatima Biwi case
(D) Hussainara Khatoon case

54. Under Special Marriage Act non consummation of marriage due to impotency is a ground for
(A) Annulment
(B) Divorce
(C) Restitution of Conjugal Right
(D) None of the above

55. Earliest Greek writers on Natural Rights
(A) Acquinas
(B) Aristotle
(C) Finnis
(D) Kant

56. Which of the following is third generation Human Rights ?
(A) Right against arbitrary arrest
(B) Right against discrimination
(C) Right to self determination
(D) Right to livelihood

57. Identify the odd man out with regard to UNO’s efforts for protection of women
(B) Vienna Conference
(C) Beijing conference
(D) Nairobi conference

58. Arrange the chronological order in which the following Commissions are established
(I) National Commission for Human Rights
(II) National Commission for Child Rights
(III) National Commission for Women
(IV) National Commission for Scheduled Castes
Code :
(A) (I) (III) (IV) (II)
(B) (III) (I) (IV) (II)
(C) (I) (IV) (III) (II)
(D) (I) (II) (III) (IV)

59. Identify the year of adoption of Convention on the Rights of the Child
(A) 1996
(B) 1979
(C) 1989
(D) 1986

60. In which year the UN adopted the Convention relating to status of refugees ?
(A) 1968
(B) 1980
(C) 1960
(D) 1951

61. Which one of the following acted as chair person of NHRC ?
(A) Girija Vyas
(B) K.G. Balakrishnan
(C) Justice Chandrachud
(D) Veena Mishra

62. Two statements are given below. One is Assertion (A) and the other is Reason (R). Examine these two statements carefully and select the answers to these items using the codes given below.
Assertion (A) : A person who moves to a place nearer the place of nuisance, can complain of nuisance.
Reason (R) : Plaintiffs coming to the place of nuisance is a good defence.
(A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A)
(B) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)
(C) (A) is true but (R) is false
(D) (A) is false but (R) is true

63. Which of the following are essential elements of defence of fair comment in the tort of defamation ? The matter commented on must be
1) of public interest
2) an assertion of fact
3) an expression of opinion
4) fair
(A) 1 and 2
(B) 1, 3 and 4
(C) 3 and 4
(D) 2, 3 and 4

64. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists :
List I
A. Inevitable Accident
B. Act of God
C. Justification by truth
D. Act of third party

List II
1. Richards V Lothian
2. Alexander V North Eastern Railway
3. Nichols V Marsland
4. Stanley V Powell

Code : A B C D
(A) 4 3 2 1
(B) 1 3 2 4
(C) 4 2 3 1
(D) 1 2 3 4

65. The standard of care generally used in cases of negligence is
(A) The skill and care of a professional person
(B) Care taken by an intelligent and prudent man
(C) Foresight of a prudent man
(D) Skill and foresight of an ordinary person of prudent and competence

66. Which of the following remedies are available in an action in tort of nuisance ?
1) Abatement
2) Injunction
3) Specific restitution
4) Action for damages
Select the correct answer using the code given below
(A) 1, 2 and 4
(B) 1 and 3
(C) 2 and 4
(D) 1, 2, 3 and 4

67. In which one of the following cases, has the Supreme Court of India laid down that the enterprise which is engaged in hazardous or inherently dangerous activities and harm results to any one on account of accident, the enterprise is strictly liable to compensate all those who are affected by such accident ?
(A) Union Carbide Corporation V Union of India
(B) M.C. Mehta V Union of India
(C) Charan Lal Sahu V Union of India
(D) Pondyal V Union of India

68. Mr. Krishna filed a complaint against the vendor who sold a mobile phone to him when he failed to rectify the defect. The District Forum gave favourable order in favour of Mr. Krishna. The vendor preferred an appeal and the State Commission dismissed the appeal. The vendor prefers an appeal to National Commission.
(A) The appeal is maintainable
(B) The appeal is not maintainable
(C) In exceptional case only maintainable
(D) None of the above

69. When a minor is a partner in a firm
(A) his liability is unlimited
(B) his liability is joint and several
(C) his share (in the business) only is liable
(D) he is not liable at all

70. The main test of Partnership is
(A) Sharing profits of the business
(B) Sharing losses of the business
(C) Mutual agency
(D) All the above

71. A contract of sale includes
(A) Sale only
(B) An agreement to sell only
(C) Both sale and agreement to sell
(D) None of the above

72. In case of an agreement to sell goods action against a third party for damaging the goods can be taken by
(A) The seller
(B) The buyer
(C) Both
(D) All the above

73. U/S 15 of Negotiable Instrument Act Endorsement is
(A) A mode of negotiation of Negotiable Instrument
(B) A number of Assignment of Negotiable Instrument
(C) Selling of a Negotiable Instrument
(D) None of the above

74. A Minor
(A) may draw, indorse, deliver a Negotiable Instrument
(B) may not draw, indorse, deliver a Negotiable Instrument
(C) must not draw, indorse, deliver a Negotiable Instrument
(D) all the above

75. The Directors of the company
(A) are the organs of the company
(B) are the agents of the company
(C) are the trustees of the company
(D) all the above

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