Nishith Desai Associates Internship 2024 Application, Experience

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In this article, we will talk about LLB Internship at Nishith Desai Associates for the year 2024, the application process, selection criteria and the various practice areas you may get to experience at the firm.

This article is part of the 'Best Law Firms for Internship’ series, where we look at the top and notable firms from across various areas of practice. This series is partly based on how the firms are positioned in various legal rankings, industry awards and recognitions.

Internships are an excellent opportunity to get a first-hand experience on how a law firm operates. They can also offer a working overview of the various practice areas and sectors. You can see that the practice of law goes much beyond text-books and case laws.

Students should also make use of their time at the firm to delve into the 'nuts-and-bolts' of legal practice; such as drafting documents, various types of filings, summarizing cases, preparing briefs and legal research.

Year of Establishment and Office Locations

Established in the year 1989,  the legal firm Nishith Desai Associates operates from or has their offices in :

Normally, established law firms have working associations, referral relationships and 'best friend' agreements with other firms; which enables them to render services on a pan-India basis.

LawMint Note : In general, law firms may offer internship opportunities at all their office locations. However, bigger locations may see a higher demand for internship. Your flexibility, in terms of location preference, may increase the probability of your selection.

'Best Law Firms for Internship' categories in 2024

Nishith Desai Associates features in the list of the Top Law Firms for Internship in the following practice areas listed below, for the year 2024.

While we have specifically highlighted Nishith Desai Associates law firm's expertise in the below mentioned practice areas, they may offer a wider range of legal services, as mentioned further down in this article.

Practice areas where the firm is recognized as one of the best places for internship :

Normally, law firms the applicants to mention their area of interest in the cover letter or the application form. Before expressing interest in any of the practice areas, students should have a basic understanding and awareness of the topics and the underlying laws.

Check out the LawMint Internship Basics online courses and the videos on our YouTube channel for an overview of the various specialized practice areas.

About Nishith Desai Associates

Nishith Desai Associates (NDA) is a Tier 1 Law Firm has earned the reputation of being one of Asia’s most Innovative legal practices. Nishith Desai Associates is also a progressive organization that has adopted an open leave policy, allowing its entire staff to take whatever amount of leave they deem appropriate without needing formal approval.

Apart from the traditional practice areas, NDA also serves in high-technology and niche areas like Blockchain and virtual currencies, Internet of Things (IOT), Aviation, Artificial Intelligence, Privatization of Outer Space, Drones, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Ed-Tech, Med-Tech & Medical Devices and Nanotechnology.

NDA’s client list is a veritable directory of Fortune 500 companies, leading Indian conglomerates, Government agencies, Start-ups and NGOs.

Practice Areas, Focus Sectors & Expertise

Nishith Desai Associates law firm's website or brochures mention that the firm's legal services and expertise extend to the following practice areas :

  • International Tax
  • International Tax Litigation
  • Competition Law
  • Human Resources Law (Employment and Labour)
  • International Dispute Resolution and Investigations Practice
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private Equity Investment
  • Joint Ventures
  • Capital Markets
  • Private Client
  • Fund Formation
  • Technology Law
  • Intellectual Property

In general, Law firms cannot be clearly demarcated in terms of areas of practice.

Due to the overlaps in many specializations; and the need to provide comprehensive legal solutions to their clients, almost all medium and large law practices tend to be 'full-service' firms.

However, they may choose to identify themselves with one or more areas of specializations.

Official website of the firm

Pursuant to BCI rules, the firm's website may have limited information. However, internship applicants should invariably read through the website and brochures as part of the essential research and groundwork before applying.

Very often, an overview of the firm, it's partners and associates can give you a good idea about the working structure and organizational hierarchy of Nishith Desai Associates.

The firm's official website is accessible at this link :

Career opportunities and internship openings at Nishith Desai Associates may also be periodically published in the careers section of their website. Refer to the specific careers / opportunities web-page link mentioned further down in this article.

Nishith Desai Associates Internship in 2024 for LLB Students

Nishith Desai Associates has a very structured and process driven internship program. They offer regular internship opportunities and other programs such as the virtual Vol-Intern program and International Student Internships.

In this article, we will briefly cover the regular internship and the virtual ‘Vol-Intern’ programs.

Criteria used for Nishith Desai Associates internship selections

Applicants should be in 5th or 4th year LL.B. or 3rd year of the 3 year course or equivalent at the least to be eligible.

The criteria that are used to shortlist applicants are :

  • Institute of study
  • Academic record
  • Past Internship experience and exposure – quality, range, rigor and relevance
  • Moot courts’ participation as speaker/researcher – quality and quantity
  • Papers/articles/research work – quality and quantity
  • Extra-curricular activities – evidence of initiative, leadership, talent and personality attributes
  • Orientation for social commitment
  • Previous internship at NDA – if yes, the candidate should be highly recommended with performance rating in top 15 percentile, with likely potential for hiring


If the candidacy is taken forward, there would be a virtual interview by a panel. NDA will evaluate and assess credentials, information and accomplishments presented in CV including in academics, extra-curricular activities, moots, research papers, previous internships etc.

During the virtual interview, the Nishith Desai Associates panel seeks to gauge the following :

  • Strong conceptual grasp and knowledge of essential law school curricula, ability to interpret, and potential for high technical proficiency
  • Above average to outstanding communication and articulation skills and ability to present with impact
  • Matching of goals and aspirations with firm’s requirements
  • A well-rounded, well-aware, self-driven individual who tends to share firm’s values (preferably with potential for long term culture fit).
  • Interest and aptitude for learning, research, and/or business development, as required


At every stage of the intern selection process, there is formal communication that may be expected from the firm.

How and when to apply for Nishith Desai Associates internship program ?

The firm receives Internship applications either directly from students or as coordinated by their Institutes. Often, Institutes themselves pre-screen on the basis of NDA’s criteria and send them a shortlist of recommended candidates. The firm reserves the right to choose a candidate on its own perception of merit and other criteria.

NDA typically offer four weeks of internship – extending or reducing the duration on exceptional need basis.

If you believe the above criteria work for you, then NDA invites you to submit your application three to six months before the dates for internship you have in mind. If you have greater flexibility to adjust your internship slot with the firm’s availability, it works better.

Applications for internships are typically considered for review three months before the requested or available slot for internship. Only in cases of exceptional talent qualifications or where the intern has necessary flexibility for scheduling of internship slot, can there be an advance follow through for the application.

The applicant should submit his or her curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages), samples of written work or projects (if any), academic credentials, along with a brief covering letter. These should be mailed to: along with a completed Intern Application Form.

The Nishith Desai Associates internship form is available through the careers page of their website. In addition to the essential personal and academic details, the form asks you about :

  • Research Papers, Articles or Blogs you have written
  • Why would you like to intern at NDA?
  • Your area of interest from among the various fields of law
  • Major extra-mural activities (i.e. Extracurricular activities)
  • How have you helped any social cause?
  • What does happiness mean to you?
The NDA Virtual Vol-Intern program

An integral part of the culture at Nishith Desai Associates is to lead initiatives that enhance the quality of legal education. Despite their desire to accommodate many more legal interns and paralegals, they are bound by space and geographic constraints. NDA’s virtual Vol-intern program is an initiative that allows the firm to reach out to larger and dispersed student community, the only initiative of its kind available to law students across India.

The term Vol-intern is derived from the root words "voluntary" and "internship." Vol-intern is a virtual internship for law students with a voluntary zeal, seeking practical training in essential legal skills such as research, analysis, drafting, procedural and effective communication. The Vol-interns will engage in legal projects and assignments in their spare time, under the mentorship of NDA’s professional/s.

The intention of the program is to empower future legal eagles with a wealth of knowledge as well as experience, without distracting them from their studies. The Vol-interns will be introduced to the concept of "virtual organizations" – where their physical presence in the workplace is not required. The program will be conducted primarily through email, phone and even video conferencing.

Through the Vol-intern program, NDA offers all law students, from the first to the final year, exposure to the practical application of law.

Some benefits of the Vol-intern program include:

Opportunities for research into various aspects of law including case studies.

  • Involvement in select professional work
  • Opportunities to extend legal assistance to NGOs
  • Invitations to attend select in house training programs
  • Invitations to attend talks by visiting foreign legal professionals
  • Inclusion on the mailing list of NDA’s "Hotlines". (These are articles circulated online which report legal, tax and regulatory news updates as they occur)
  • A Certificate of Participation following a satisfactory performance when Vol-interns exit the program


If you wish to obtain more information about the Vol-intern program, reach out to them at

Nishith Desai Associates Careers & Opportunities web page

Refer to the following website / page link for further information about the current opportunities, internship openings and other details :

How to land your dream internship !

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How to land your dream LLB internship in a top law firm Video series

How to Land Your Dream LLB Internship in a Top Law Firm

Practical and comprehensive course, with real examples and step-by-step analysis of the complete internship application process. Check out LawMint's YouTube channel now!

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Law Internship FAQs

How can I get internship at Nishith Desai Associates?

Nishith Desai Associates offers internship opportunities based on their requirements. Refer to the article for details on the eligibility, application process and selection criteria for Nishith Desai Associates internship.

Is internship compulsory for law students in India?

As per the Bar Council of India rules, Law students have to complete a minimum of 12 weeks internship, in total, for a Three Year LLB and 20 weeks in total, for a Five Year LLB.

What are the best internships for law students?

Law students can complete internship with Law firms, NGOs, Trial and Appellate Advocates, Judiciary, Legal Regulatory authorities, Legislatures and Parliament, Other Legal Functionaries, Market Institutions, Law Firms, Companies, Local Self Government and other such bodies as the University may stipulate.

Do law interns get paid in India?

Internships may be paid or unpaid, depending on the duration and type of internship, and as per the policies and discretion of the law firm. Typically, bigger law firms offer a stipend to their interns. Some firms may offer meal allowances and reimbursements. Small firms may have only unpaid internships.

How do I intern at a law firm?

Read the articles on LawMint for details on how to apply, when to apply, how to create your resume, how to prepare for interviews and how to get selected for internship with top law firms in India.

How do big law firms give internships?

Big Law firms may offer internships directly to interested LLB students, or through college placement committees. Some firms may have a structured selection and interview process for evaluating and shortlisting interns best suited for their practices.

What law firms look for in interns?

Law firms look for good written and verbal communication skills, interest in the practice areas of the firm, relevant extra curriculars, good academic credentials and an aptitude to learn. Bigger law firm evaluate all applicants through the their resume, cover letter, writing sample, interview performance and other criteria.

Free Full Course Available on LawMint's YouTube Channel

How to land your dream LLB internship in a top law firm Video series

How to Land Your Dream LLB Internship in a Top Law Firm

Practical and comprehensive course, with real examples and step-by-step analysis of the complete internship application process. Check out LawMint's YouTube channel now!

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