Negotiable Instruments Act 15 Of Bills in Sets

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Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

Chapter – NIA 01 Preliminary
Chapter – NIA 02 Of Notes Bills and Cheques
Chapter – NIA 03 Parties to Notes Bills and Cheques
Chapter – NIA 04 Of Negotiation
Chapter – NIA 05 Of Presentment
Chapter – NIA 06 Of Payment and Interest
Chapter – NIA 07 Of Discharge from Liability on Notes Bills and Cheques
Chapter – NIA 08 Of Notice of Dishonour
Chapter – NIA 09 Of Noting and Protest
Chapter – NIA 10 Of Reasonable Time
Chapter – NIA 11 Of Acceptance and Payment for Honour and Reference in Case of Need
Chapter – NIA 12 Of Compensation
Chapter – NIA 13 Special Rules of Evidence
Chapter – NIA 14 Of Crossed Cheques
Chapter – NIA 15 Of Bills in Sets
Chapter – NIA 16 Of International Law
Chapter – NIA 17 Of Penalties in Case of Dishonour of Certain Cheques for Insufficiency of Funds in the Accounts

Chapter XV – Of Bills in Sets

Section 132 – Set of bills

Bills of exchange may be drawn in parts, each part being numbered and containing a provision that it shall continue payable only so long as the others remain unpaid. All the parts together make a set; but the whole set constitutes only one bill, and is extinguished when one of the parts, if a separate bill, would be extinguished.


When a person accepts or indorses different parts of the bill in favour of different persons, he and the subsequent indorsers of each part are liable on such part as if it were a separate bill.

Section 133 – Holder of first acquired part entitled to all

As between holders in due course of different parts of the same set, he who first acquired title to his part is entitled to the other parts and the money represented by the bill.

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Negotiable Instruments Act Chapter 15 Of Bills in Sets Bare Act