Enviro Legal Defence Firm Internship 2024 Application, Experience

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In this article, we will talk about LLB Internship at Enviro Legal Defence Firm for the year 2024, the application process, selection criteria and the various practice areas you may get to experience at the firm.

This article is part of the 'Best Law Firms for Internship’ series, where we look at the top and notable firms from across various areas of practice. This series is partly based on how the firms are positioned in various legal rankings, industry awards and recognitions.

Internships are an excellent opportunity to get a first-hand experience on how a law firm operates. They can also offer a working overview of the various practice areas and sectors. You can see that the practice of law goes much beyond text-books and case laws.

Students should also make use of their time at the firm to delve into the 'nuts-and-bolts' of legal practice; such as drafting documents, various types of filings, summarizing cases, preparing briefs and legal research.

Year of Establishment and Office Locations

Established in the year 1999,  the legal firm Enviro Legal Defence Firm operates from or has their offices in :

Normally, established law firms have working associations, referral relationships and 'best friend' agreements with other firms; which enables them to render services on a pan-India basis.

LawMint Note : In general, law firms may offer internship opportunities at all their office locations. However, bigger locations may see a higher demand for internship. Your flexibility, in terms of location preference, may increase the probability of your selection.

'Best Law Firms for Internship' categories in 2024

Enviro Legal Defence Firm features in the list of the Top Law Firms for Internship in the following practice areas listed below, for the year 2024.

While we have specifically highlighted Enviro Legal Defence Firm law firm's expertise in the below mentioned practice areas, they may offer a wider range of legal services, as mentioned further down in this article.

Practice areas where the firm is recognized as one of the best places for internship :

Normally, law firms the applicants to mention their area of interest in the cover letter or the application form. Before expressing interest in any of the practice areas, students should have a basic understanding and awareness of the topics and the underlying laws.

Check out the LawMint Internship Basics online courses and the videos on our YouTube channel for an overview of the various specialized practice areas.

About Enviro Legal Defence Firm

Enviro Legal Defence Firm (ELDF) is probably India’s first dedicated environmental law firm. ELDF aims at mainstreaming the discipline of environment and development law, resolving conflicts over natural resources and strengthen environmental jurisprudence.

ELDF follows a three-pronged service delivery strategy – Legal Interventions including Legal Opinion, Consultancy including Research and Field based environment and development law training. ELDF provides consultancy-based research and legal opinions on environment and development law that can be used by others to protect both urban and rural environment.

The firm analyses International Instruments, Policies, Laws and Regulations and also provides assistance in formulating them. With increasing social consciousness on balancing the needs of the population with the environment; the field of Environmental Law is becoming more popular with law students every year.

Practice Areas, Focus Sectors & Expertise

Enviro Legal Defence Firm law firm's website or brochures mention that the firm's legal services and expertise extend to the following practice areas :

  • Biodiversity including Medicinal Plants
  • Decentralization and Self-Governance
  • Disaster Management
  • Energy. Environment and Climate Change
  • Environment Protection
  • Forestry Sector
  • Governance
  • Land
  • Oceans and Coasts
  • Tribes and Scheduled Areas
  • Urban and Infrastructure Development
  • Water and Watersheds
  • Wildlife and Protected Area

In general, Law firms cannot be clearly demarcated in terms of areas of practice.

Due to the overlaps in many specializations; and the need to provide comprehensive legal solutions to their clients, almost all medium and large law practices tend to be 'full-service' firms.

However, they may choose to identify themselves with one or more areas of specializations.

Official website of the firm

Pursuant to BCI rules, the firm's website may have limited information. However, internship applicants should invariably read through the website and brochures as part of the essential research and groundwork before applying.

Very often, an overview of the firm, it's partners and associates can give you a good idea about the working structure and organizational hierarchy of Enviro Legal Defence Firm.

The firm's official website is accessible at this link : https://eldfindia.com

Career opportunities and internship openings at Enviro Legal Defence Firm may also be periodically published in the careers section of their website. Refer to the specific careers / opportunities web-page link mentioned further down in this article.

Enviro Legal Defence Firm Internship in 2024 for LLB Students

With a view to providing a forum to encourage young lawyers to contribute to the discipline of natural resources law, ELDF conducts Internship Programmes for both national and international law students.

The internship programmes are often a mix of field and theory, where law students and fresh professionals from various Law schools undergo a rigorous training under senior staff of ELDF for periods ranging from six to twelve weeks.

The students from various National Universities namely University of Delhi, Faculty of Law, NALSAR, Hyderabad, NLSIU, Bangalore, Symbiosis Law College, Pune, NLIU, Bhopal, Amity Law School, Indraprastha Law College, New Delhi, Lucknow University, Faculty of Law, Government Law College, Mumbai, Banaras Hindu University, GNLU, Gandhinagar, Faculty of Law, Government Law College under Guwahati University, National Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi, Kerala, and; International Universities namely Louis & Clarke Law School, College of Law, London, Vermont Law School, USA, Michigan Law School, U.S.A, Harvard Law School, U.S.A, UC Berkeley, USA, University of Manchester, UK have participated in this program.

The Internship Programs will continue to be an important component of ELDF’s work in the future. Prospective applicants for the internship program may apply to admin, at admin@eldfindia.com with a brief Statement of Purpose (Cover letter) and an updated CV.

Ensure that your application stands out of the crowd both in presentation and content. Considering the niche and specialized practice area of the firm, your SOP and resume should clearly support your suitability and commitment to the ELDF internship program.

Enviro Legal Defence Firm Careers & Opportunities web page

Refer to the following website / page link for further information about the current opportunities, internship openings and other details : https://eldfindia.com/career.php

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How to land your dream LLB internship in a top law firm Video series

How to Land Your Dream LLB Internship in a Top Law Firm

Practical and comprehensive course, with real examples and step-by-step analysis of the complete internship application process. Check out LawMint's YouTube channel now!

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Law Internship FAQs

How can I get internship at Enviro Legal Defence Firm?

Enviro Legal Defence Firm offers internship opportunities based on their requirements. Refer to the LawMint.com article for details on the eligibility, application process and selection criteria for Enviro Legal Defence Firm internship.

Is internship compulsory for law students in India?

As per the Bar Council of India rules, Law students have to complete a minimum of 12 weeks internship, in total, for a Three Year LLB and 20 weeks in total, for a Five Year LLB.

What are the best internships for law students?

Law students can complete internship with Law firms, NGOs, Trial and Appellate Advocates, Judiciary, Legal Regulatory authorities, Legislatures and Parliament, Other Legal Functionaries, Market Institutions, Law Firms, Companies, Local Self Government and other such bodies as the University may stipulate.

Do law interns get paid in India?

Internships may be paid or unpaid, depending on the duration and type of internship, and as per the policies and discretion of the law firm. Typically, bigger law firms offer a stipend to their interns. Some firms may offer meal allowances and reimbursements. Small firms may have only unpaid internships.

How do I intern at a law firm?

Read the articles on LawMint for details on how to apply, when to apply, how to create your resume, how to prepare for interviews and how to get selected for internship with top law firms in India.

How do big law firms give internships?

Big Law firms may offer internships directly to interested LLB students, or through college placement committees. Some firms may have a structured selection and interview process for evaluating and shortlisting interns best suited for their practices.

What law firms look for in interns?

Law firms look for good written and verbal communication skills, interest in the practice areas of the firm, relevant extra curriculars, good academic credentials and an aptitude to learn. Bigger law firm evaluate all applicants through the their resume, cover letter, writing sample, interview performance and other criteria.

Free Full Course Available on LawMint's YouTube Channel

How to land your dream LLB internship in a top law firm Video series

How to Land Your Dream LLB Internship in a Top Law Firm

Practical and comprehensive course, with real examples and step-by-step analysis of the complete internship application process. Check out LawMint's YouTube channel now!

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