Best Law Firms for Shipping & Maritime Law Internship in 2021

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What is Shipping and Maritime law practice?

Maritime law or shipping law is an overarching branch of the law which covers carriage of goods by sea; marine insurance; laws of ownership and registration of ships; ship sale and building contracts, ship financing, ship mortgages; manning of ships; the law of collisions, limitation of liability, salvage, towage and pilotage; maritime liens, claims and priority of the same; the law of marine pollution, as well as the Customs and Port laws.

Shipping in India is centrally regulated by the government of India. The government regulates shipping through the Ministry of Shipping and the Directorate General of Shipping.

The Indian Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 deals with all matters pertaining to shipping policy and legislation, implementation of various international conventions and other mandatory regulations of the International Maritime Organization – of which India is a member country.

Shipping and Maritime Law involves dealing with clients and stakeholders such as organizations in the international shipping industry, forwarding companies, ship owners, charterers, ship builders and repairers, storage, manufacturing companies, Port and Customs authorities, Port Operators, Ministry of Shipping, and Director General of Shipping.

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The normal activities in this area pertain to Bills of Lading and charter parties, collision, salvage and oil pollution, maritime fraud; international sale of goods and related disputes, property and ship insurance and re-insurance, loan agreement and bank guarantees and handling cases concerning letters of credit.

In addition, Shipping and Maritime law firms support their clients in the following:

  • legal proceedings for arrest and release of marine vessels,
  • attachment of bunkers,
  • exercise of maritime lien,
  • enforcement of maritime claims,
  • interpretation of maritime conventions,
  • disputes pertaining to Charter Parties, conditions of delivery of cargo,
  • damages, demurrage, with holding and detention of marine containers,
  • Bill of Lading disputes,
  • Import and Export procedure,
  • interpreting Charter Party provisions,
  • local agent’s obligation towards inbound vessels.


Best Law Firms for Shipping and Maritime Law Practice Internship in 2021 for LLB Students

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Best Law Firms for Shipping and Maritime Law Practice Internship LLB Students